Sourav Ganguly, We are Sorry!

Dear Ganguly,

Even though I hated you many times when you failed poorly, and got petrified of Shoaib’s whiskers, I completely support you now. At the same time, I feel sorry, that we, the ones who have made cricket a political battleground by being mad bunch of fans, by high voltage emotions, are responsible for your ouster. We, who brought all the moolah into the game by buying tickets at exorbitant prices, bunking offices to support our team, our idols, are extremely sorry for not being able to kick these selectors in their big foul butts.

What is the authority of these selectors? How many of them have played substantial international cricket other than Mr. More, who, by the way, was no great shakes either. Who has selected these selectors? Why don’t we get our former greats as selectors? Why cant we vote our selectors from a pool of nominees? Why isn’t this entire body public? People like Shastri, Manjrekar, Jadeja, Kapil, Gavaskar, Srinath, where are they? Cricket is a game, not a political battle, where Greg Chappell becomes the leader of the political party called BCCI, and dictates terms, intimates the captain, and brainwashes players into believing Ganguly is useless. It is a complete joke, this entire selection process. How else can you explain Kaif being selected despite his abysmal performance (worse than Sourav has ever had in his entire career), and that too, after “resting” him for the last three matches. Shouldn’t these selectors be responsible? Why aren’t they accountable to public? Who the hell are they to control without any set guidelines?

The treatment meted out to our cricketing greats has always been criticized and debated, but without any results. Sorry for that legends, but we are all too bothered with the wins we get, and powerless to do anything other than write, and express our discontent!

If anyone else feels the same about the issue, do contribute. It will help build an opinion somehow. Don’t think it would never make a difference, anyways it isn’t costing anything to you. Be true, and say it!

Sorry once again Sourav!


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