36 China Town Review

What happens when accomplished thriller makers attempt a different genre?
What results when you combine comedy with suspense?
What is the outcome when Subhash Ghai influences Abbas-Mustan?

The product, my friends, is 36 China Town. And it wont get worse than this!
Oh I forgot, what happens when Himesh Reshammiya sings more and more ?

Isha Kopikar (gorgeous guest appearance) is the owner of some casinos in China Town in Goa. I would love to go to a place like that, if it exists beyond Whistling Woods (watch the movie to understand what I am saying). Her son gets lost somehow, and ends up being found by our lead pair, Shahid and Kareena. Now this couple (well, they do become one later!) left their respective homes in search of greener pastures, but now find themselves in a lurch in need of money (might have just sold their designer clothes!). The child carries a reward of 25 lakhs, which our couple decides to… … share, and thus, they call up Isha and inform her they are coming to China Town to take the money (and of course, to return her son!).

Other than this, there are 3 parallel stories running. Johnly Lever is a wannabe gambler, who is also in China Town to make quick bucks along with his wife Tanaaz Currim. Paresh Rawal is the expert gambler turned no-gambler, who has supernatural powers pulling him back into gambling, and so he ends up gambling with Johny. Then there is Payal Rohtagi, Paresh’s wife, who tried to stop her husband, but ends up spending the crucial (murder time) time with Upen Patel. That leaves us with Upen Patel, who is a casanova, trying to woo every babe with his rose antiques.

Now, Isha gets murdered the same night that all these charcters happen to visit her for some crappy reasons (dont bother, all of them are silly). Enter Akshay Khanna, who saves the movie from being a complete disaster, with great support by Vivek Shauq. So the investigations follow, and some songs later, the culprits found.

36 China Town is one of the saddest movies by Abbas Mustan. Resting on a script of convenience, and a highly irritating screenplay (imagine a candlelit dinner in Jail by the lead couple when they are accused or murder), the movie gets on your nerves by the interval. I actually waited for the murder to happen, and finally when it does happens, I heaved a sigh of relief! That speaks a lot of the movie.

Plusses are some genuinely funnny moments, 2-3 zanny songs by Himesh (though forced in the narrative), and eye candy locales. Performances range from manageable to pathetic. Akshay Khanna is the saving grace, ably supported by Paresh Rawal and Vivek Shauq. Johny Lever is good in some scenes, irritates in most. Upen Patel does a decent job of casanova. The lesser said about the rest, better it is.

The worst part is the identity of the killer, it really makes you feel like tearing your hair and guts and whatever you can get your hands on. Thank god I had popcorn! You cant make a comic thriller AM, please stick to normal thrillers. If you do plan to make more of such movies in future, please rip it off from a Hollywood hit, so that you have a sound script.

I felt rather than going for that 12 night show, I should have slept at home.


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