Getting Bored

“Gosh! I have no time to get bored”. This is an often heard line. Well, I am happy for people who are so busy, always engaged something or the other. But I prefer getting bored at times. By getting bored, I mean indulging in your thoughts, immersing youself in ur your own little mind, and sleeping with eyes wide open. Thats the only time I feel like I am dead, and my soul is living. Sounds weird? Here is a quirky writeup.

When boredom knocks on the door,

It knocks you out.

It captures your senses,

Crosses all your defenses,

Causing nothing but grievances,

And faster than a bullet it advances.

It all starts with the joy of freedom,

Freedom from work, freedom to enjoy,

Freedom to play, freedom to rejoice,

Soon you become the slave of this freedom,

And then the freedom turns into boredom.

You try to simulate a work environment,

You try to put on a brave face,

Try to handle it with utmost grace,

Try to leave absolutely no trace,

But you cant escape its embrace.

There is a limit to what you cannot do,

But bigger is the limit to what you can do,

Options available are just a few,

All you manage is to search for a cue.

My friend, if you think this is not true,

You just have a very optimistic view.


One thought on “Getting Bored

  1. I love your verse
    i can’t do something for more than an hour or maybe less without wanting to do something else.

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