My family is the most important to me, and I spend most of my time with them. I dont have a girl friend, and dont really feel the need for it.

There are times though, when I am by myself, alone, and feel an unexplainable loneliness. At that time, I want to run away from my family, but dont know to whom/where. I want to be alone, but then feel very lonely. During such time, even my otherwise faithful PC ditches me, and fails to make me happy. I am englufed in a cloud of darkness, a solitude, which I fail to explain to myself. All logic fails, all hell breaks loose, and I feel a crushing weight over myself. I dont even like talking to any of my friends then, I just shut myself up in my room, and play some soft music. Yes, music does not ditch me then!

This inexplicable madness occurs frequently nowadays. Does it happen with me only? Sometimes I think it is only because I dont have a girl friend, but I am sure even people with girl friends must have felt this at times. To make myself clear, let me add that it is not the reason of something bad at work, some fight with someone, or anything bad. It happens all of a sudden, out of a blue moon.

This has brought me to a realization, that whoever we are, whatever we do, however happy we may be, there is a moment of desperation, sadness, pain, loneliness, which appears illogical and is unexplainable, every now and then. The result of such a thing is still unclear though. Most of the times I just keep thinking, staring blankly, or humming along with the music. Then mom calls me for something, or some other work pops up, and I get on with it. Maybe its the time when we connect to God, or a time for introspection, whatever it is, it is strange, vague, and unexplainable.


5 thoughts on “Unexplainable

  1. Ankit says:

    I completely and honestly agree with you my friend! Thanks for sharing your views, because i also feel the same thing more often after i came here. I used to think so too that it is just me, but it seems i have company and it makes me feel that everyone must be feeling the same thing one time or another.

    But then I must say, evry action has a cause. So whatever happens in our life, whatever we feel or experience is somehow related to somthing. The only thing is to look beyond and realise, that is what motivators term optimism, or positivity!

    Keep it going brother!

  2. shashi says:

    “Sometimes I think it is only because I dont have a girl friend”
    Don’t dare to think in that way…You will find companian but then neither you can run away nor will be able to put your thoughts on this blog….:-)
    btw everyone once in life feel like this ….and we can’t explain why this happens

  3. devesh21 says:

    Haha.. well said Shashi

  4. Ankit says:

    I think you are right, dev. I did know about the full case, but i think after reading your blog, i agree writing on this topic was not a bad idea my friend. Thanks for bringing that to light.

  5. Preeti says:

    I whole heartedly agree with you devesh… There are times in everyones life when we actually feel really low and try to find out the reason behind this lonliness..

    The times when i have felt this way…i felt a sort of discontentment with life… i suddenly start having so many complains with my life..

    And during these times i just close my eyes and try remembering all the good things happened to me…i try to recollect all the good times shared with friends or family.. and try explaining my self that actually i have been really lucky having such wonderful people around me!!

    Sometimes it works …and sometimes it really doesnt help

    Do give it a try!!!

    and yes music too is a soothing option.. specially any all time favorite no.

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