Shahrukh Khan in Dhoom 3

This is the biggest news, DHAMAKA..

Looks like SRK is changing gears at the best time. After DON, it seems he has apparently been chosen to play the villain in Dhoom III. Here is the complete article, thanks to Great news, I must say.

Yashraj films plan Dhoom 3 with SRK
By Ashok Anchan
15 October 2006, 11:48 PM

MUMBAI: Carry-on series in Hollywood are not a new phenomenon. We’ve seen it with the likes of the Rambo series, Carry On Doctor series and Police Academy series, amongst others.
The trend is now picking up in Bollywood too. First we saw N Chandra’s Style and Xcuse Me. Then came Sajid Nadiadwala’s Hera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri, Rakesh Roshan’s Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai and Krrish and then came Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Munnabhai M.B.B.S and Lage Raho Munnabhai.
The latest on this front is from Yash Raj Films. While Dhoom 2 (D:2) starring Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu and Uday Chopra is all set to release on 24 November; the makers are already readying the third film of the series. According to sources close to the development, the scripting and pre-production work and the casting for the film is currently underway.
While John Abraham played grey shades in the first part, one will get to see Hrithik Roshan in its sequel. What’s more, sources reveal that none other than Shah Rukh Khan will play the negative character in the third part. On the other hand, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will also be cast in the third part along with Aishwarya Rai and Ranbir Kapoor (son of Rishi Kapoor).Confirming the developments, a source from Yash Raj Films’ says, “The scripting of the film is nearing completion. But possibly Sanjay Gadvi, who has directed Dhoom 2, won’t be directing the film. The film will be launched shortly.”

Exciting times Ahead friends!

HT also confirms this news, here is the link:



200 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan in Dhoom 3

  1. Ankit says:

    Sahi hai bidu kya mast khabar nikala hai khoj ke..lage raho Dev bhai..:P

  2. rashad says:

    greatttttt with srk dhoom3 will break all the records. gr8888888 news

  3. rashad says:

    greatttttt. maza aa jayga srk k sath togr8888888 news

  4. lovesh jain says:

    this is so nice may this dhoom 3 will be d best from last 2 bcoz of sartaj shahrukh khan

  5. devesh21 says:

    I just hope this news is true!

  6. Shobhit says:

    i hope the inf. is true and may the king khan perform the ever best of his life . and in such a way that if dhoom 4 is made SRK to be taken again ….

  7. UMER says:


  8. devesh21 says:

    Even I hope the info is true, specially after SRK rocking in DON!

  9. KANK2 says:

    Rishi Kapoor’s Son?? OKAY

  10. dheeraj says:

    selecting SRK is d best idea bcoz his performance in don was great.

  11. Aare..kya News hai yaar..greaaaat, I m waiting for this film… Shahrukh bhai gajab ka qahar dhayenge is baar..

  12. Vikrant says:

    Don ka intezaar toh gyarah mulko ki police kar rahi thi magar phir bhi woh DON ko pakad nahi paye toh Abhishek aur Uday kis khet ki Mooli hai.HA HA HA HA HA HA

  13. Amit says:

    Yes Finally, Let’s see who is the real Don.
    Ps: Abhishek usie khet ki Mooli hai jaha se Don
    payda hoewata.
    Not blaming Sharukh but action is not his genre.

  14. Ajitesh Shukla says:

    with dhoom 3 shahrukh will once again show what he is capable of and what he can deliver.Negative roles gave him the rise but this time this role will give him the zenith what he was looking for a long time

  15. loveleen says:


  16. ashin says:

    hrithik rocks in the sequel. it will be great if
    king khan takes the lead in dhoom 3 REALLY!!!!

  17. Big Balla says:

    that would be ****** up to have mr khan be hte villin. he is a fob. we want john abraham back. john abraham is the bomb

  18. ali says:

    I think dhoom 2 is a best movie. i watched it like 3 times and dhoom3 will be the hit
    Those people who think it sucks are ****

  19. devesh21 says:

    sorry guys but no swearing here, i m moderating ur comments.

  20. riddhima says:

    amazin…….wid srk n ranbir kapoor da muviz sure to dhoom yet agn can v add hrithik 2????but othrwise its k 2….it rockzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  21. samira mohammed says:

    Yes D3 with King Khan will be a hit. i just can’t wait to see it.
    i LOVE Shahrukh Khan.

  22. glen says:

    dhoom was a great movie after that dhoom2 set even more standards with mr A [hrithik roashan]but aishwarya spoils the show except for her dance.

    dhoom3 will rock even with king khan his fan and after his brilliant performance as a villain in don we know that he will perform well in dhoom3.

  23. Geospi says:

    yeh kaisa MAZAAK hai?
    they r insulting other actors by casting SRK in D3.
    because after DON , D3 will also be a swashbuckler mega-blockbuster,
    i hope the other actors dont commit suicide after seeing ‘THE KING’S ‘ path-breaking performance in D3.
    there will be no space left for the other guys.. where will they go???????
    Hats off to SRK, always puts the other actors 2 shame.
    people are so crazy bout him, here in germany also..

  24. Sirish says:

    I think this just a rumour and SRk in D3 i don’t beleive this. if it is true then D3 will rock like crazy and small B and Ash in it. it’s going to be fun watching SRK in villain like look after don.

  25. Pamela says:

    I think no one alse can beat hrithik,If shahruk khans in the next Dhoom i will be disappointed i think hrithik needs to stay in dhoom, he has talent,looks amazing dancing skills and his action is brilliant, no way can shahruk do all that, on top of that he aint even got the greek god look like hrithik has!

  26. Manisha says:

    Errrr! Shahrukh Khan Aint No King Anymore.. Hrithik Is!.. Hrithiks Got The Looks And Hes A Good Dancer! Unlike Shahrukh Khan.. They Can Both Act Though But If Shahrukh Khan Is In The Next Dhoom It Will Be Crap!!!

  27. Rahul Sen says:

    Yes if SRK in DHOOM III with his supernatural action, vault, floor sliding, and electric energy DHOOM III will be the best bcoz no one can match the enegery and power action like SRK.

    Hritikh (5’11”) sucks. This flying and sketing actually shown by SRK in KUCH KUCH and MAI HOON NA everyones copies from this films actually. so SRK is the by far the best.

    HRITIKH looks mascular in movies. i was shocked to see him he is actually thin with small thin hands, thin forearm long neck ugly looking.
    He looks LIKE A LIZARD (CHIPKALI) where as SRK is a naturally strong 5’10” pathan.

  28. bobbie says:

    Hey Rahul, if u think hrithik looks like a lizard, sorry to say but shahruk khan looks like kingkong and i aint lying!

  29. Rahul Sen says:

    Yes Hritikh looks like a lizard which THIN neck, thin forearm, Draculla long teeth, long face. He looks muscular on screen but I was quite shocked to see him he is actually quite thin looking. His dances step are same and boring, he has no acting skills where as SRK is the best in everything. SRK is best natural dancer said by FARHA KHAN, JAVED JEFRRY, Ganesh Hedgre and They are all top choreographers in the country.

    Can Hritikh able to dance CHAIYA CHAIYA, yess boss, Ramjane songs and DDLj RUKh ja oo dil diwane. Can he put such energy FLoor slide, and vault like the REAL PATHAN SRK. No way.

    I have compared dance bcoz only dancing at least Hritikh can compete sorry only aspect SRK should be compared with Hritikh (if though). STILL SRK best. On other aspect Hritikh (5’11’’) does come near to the 5’10’’ Pathan.

  30. Esha says:

    Ahaha Rahul Yu Dont Knw Wot Yur Talkin Bout.. SRK Is A Old Man Now.. He Can Dance Like Hrithik.. No Way!.. SRK Needs To Quit Film Now.. He Can Even Dance.. Have Yu Seen Him Dance?.. SRK Does Borin Films.. Nothing Like Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish Or Dhoom 2.. Hav Yuu Seen SRK In Real Life?.. He Is A Monkey!.. Bobbies Right!.. Nothing Compaired To Hrithik.. Iv Seen Hrithink In Real Life.. My Mate Kissed Him And He Is 6 ft And Looks Better In Real Lyf Then He Does In Films!.. Anyone Can Do The Dances That SRK Does Even I can.. I Would Like To See SRK Do The Dances That Hrithik Does Bt That Will Neva Happen Coz He Jus Cant..

  31. pamela says:

    Hey, no one gets away with dissing hrithik, the guy`s perfect and the best in bollywood not only is he good looking he`s proved he`s the best actor by getting the best actor award twice and this year he will get another award for krrish,most definetely!srk can`t do wat hrithik does.Hrithik does his own stunts! `hrithik is the best looking guy in the world, i can say that coz i`ve seen him in person 5 times!

  32. mr. khan is indeed a main protogonist in indian indusstry
    no films without sharuk can be hit
    we all expect sharuk in dhoom 3

  33. Akshay says:

    SRK will surely rock bollywood after the release of ‘DHOOM 3’
    He is a sexy dude $ will rmake the movie a grand success……………?????????????????///>>>>>>>>>>

  34. Bobbie says:

    I think dhoom 2 was an exellent movie, hrithik done a brilliant job, Shahruk won`t be able to pull it off the way hrithik has! Hrithik has the superstar quality which is lacking in Shahruk Khan. Shahrukh is only a good actor, but hrithik goes beyond that, he`s got the physique, dancing skills,he also does his own stunts, done challenging roles like in koi mil gaya, and on top of that looks like a greek god!

  35. kiran says:

    shahruk khan in dmoom 3.
    wo wo wo i can’t belive. if shahrukh khan will be than it will be in top for 3 years. i hope this news won’t be wrong. i like dhoom and dhoom 2 very much.

  36. Rishu says:

    I think the cast should be the same as Dhoom-2 and may be they can add some more they want but shahrukh would be the worst person in Dhoom-3 to be.He sucks!

  37. saha says:

    Shahrukh in D:3 is amazing. After his swashbuckling performance in DON he has answered all questions regarding his ability to act in a wide genre of films.

    Shahrukh in D:3 will bring a new dimension to the DHOOM series. With his popularity as an asset and the Yash Raj tag behind D:3 when released will be set to rewrite boxoffice records.

    Well! Shahrukh and Hritik cannot be compared at all. When Sharukh relies on his acting and charm, Hritik relies in his sex appeal and dance to carry most films. They do their parts exceptionally well. But history and the films that have been played in the past by these two actors tell that films with Shahrukh work better than those with Hritik(point to note)

    I do not think Ash will be the part of the next Dhoom venture when Hritik is’nt. I hope she does as it will be the film’s primary USP.

  38. Devesh says:

    Hmm… Myriad Reactions, to say the least!

    How about Hrithik, Abhishek, and Uday as heroes chasing SRK as the villain in Dhoom 3?

    We know that Hrithik became a good man by the end of Dhoom 2, so he should join Abhishek and Uday in the next Dhoom, and all should gang up against SRK, the ultimate Baddie!

    About SRK vs Hrithik vs Abhishek vs Blah Blah Blah, The others dont deserve to be talked about in the same breath as SRK, thats why I ahve nothing to say!

  39. Kumar says:

    Muje lagata hai ki dhoom-2 acha hai Hrithik roshan is very nice part this film dhoom-3 hrithik roashan rahega to acha hai

  40. Queen B says:

    I love Hrithik, i think he is the best and a complete entertainer, he was the only indian to be considerd to play James bond, but after seeing Dhoom 2 i think he would have been amazing as James Bond. That just proves he has the international apeal, so i think Shahruk should not be in dhoom 2 Hrithik needs to stay!

  41. Queen B says:

    I mean Dhoom 3!

  42. sonia says:

    No please SRK cannot do Dhoom 3 because there should only be great lookers with fantastic bodies as in Dhoom 1 and 2. SRK will do no justice to the film so plz do not have him in Dhoom 3. John and Hrithick were great and SRK will never be able to pull it off so please don’t even try and stick to your normal lovie dovie roles.

  43. monica says:

    What can i say about Dhoom2 it was the best film ever, it had amazing star cast, great stunts and faboulous dancing. Dhoom 2 rocked big time and its much better than Dhoom1. Hrithik is the most perfect actor, he has all the quality that a actor should have, Amazing body, acting ability and great dancing skills, he should defintly be in Dhoom3 because SRK doesnt have what hrithik has (Persona and Charisma). Love Dhoom 2

  44. anisha says:

    i just hope that the news of dhoom 3 is cause some says true and some say that it is just a lie and nothing more…..

  45. anisha says:

    and dhoom 2 it was a amazing movie and it was the best of all after tht wat to say about tht movie i really think this movie will go big hit and dhoom machale………….

  46. anisha says:

    i would say if king khan is there then the movie will rock!!!!!

  47. anisha says:

    i would fant if i could say about ali did any one understand uday chopra he is also a rocking star tht ways but it would be a nice fun to see the movie then every one plz watch the movie dhoom 2 dont miss it please who ever really come to this web side plz read my comment and watch this movie dhoom2 ok if any one read and watch for them thank you to read and watch…

  48. Akash says:

    i think SRK is the best and he will do better acting then JOHN and HRITIK. The bollyhood history says that SRK is the king and he is realy the King of bollyhood. Dhoom 2 was not a nice movie though the stunts were good but the story was not nice. I think that Dhoom 3 must be made with SRK.

  49. manu says:

    there is no srk in d3 .if any body wants to know the reality.u can mail me

  50. 123112 says:

    eey man your lying its worldwide news!!
    srk wil play the negative role in d3

  51. 123112 says:

    hritik is good and srk too no1 is bade otherwise there not acters!!!
    and who thinks that they sucks .
    go act and proof that yourr better than the other actors. :@

  52. Seema says:

    Hrithik does some mad stunts in D2, Shahrukh will no way be able to do his own stunts. He`s got to get a professional stunt man to do it for him, plus we want to see gorgeous looking guys in D3 not an old guy who aint even got a good physique!

  53. POPS says:


  54. ish says:

    I heard about this from a bench in my class :))

    Graffiti rules

  55. salim says:

    kya kah rahe ho abhi se sapne dikharahe ho

  56. ik wist dat dhoom 3 zal kommen 2.50 te koop
    vidotheek later

  57. dars says:

    yuckk!!sharuckhan in dhoom 3 oh my god what a disaster !!

  58. dars says:

    aish is hot in dhoom2 maybe she’ll get the front page along wth hritick n etcc!!!

  59. dars says:

    when i first saw the first song and dance of the film my mouth was widely open? i was like OH MY GOD WOHHHH.

  60. dars says:

    when i first saw the first song and dance of the film my mouth was widely open? i was like OH MY GOD WOHHHH.and hritick rocks

  61. Bobbie says:

    Someone thinks Sharuk khan`s`s sexy, wat a joke! hahaha

  62. ilyas says:

    i and our friends are your big fans. we like your style,moves,performence & acting in every movies. most of the songs from u r movies. from the k3g suraj huva madham i like very much congrats for the latest movie dhoom3 & kbc3 shahrukh bhai i think your favourate no is 3 shahrukh bhai we want 1 time you look this message thank you

  63. dars says:

    i think SONIA is right about Sharuckhan please do not put him in dhoom 3 hriticks is perfect continues on him i think he is doing great but not sharuckhan!!!

  64. Bobbie says:

    Hrithiks proved it agains that he`s the best actor, he`s just recevied an award for the best actor for Krrish! u know who the king is now Hrithik not Shahrukh!

  65. Ismial says:

    People who like Hrithik, i am sorry to say that Hrithik is no good, his acting dosent even impress, me his expressions arent good he is like any other crappy
    SRK is build for acting his you can tell by his expression in the film he can do comedy and villan and others you name it.

  66. kifa says:

    Hi!!! SRK am waiting 4 tat movi,common tell me when its going to come………..

  67. kifa says:

    u cant do as d2 SRK!!

  68. dhoom 3 it’s a dazling performance by srk
    i love srk(chuchi pie)
    and for me he is the best
    and i know he can be suited for any role wheather it is negative or positive

  69. Esha says:

    Excuse me Snehal, Dhoom 3 aint even made, so wat are u talking about?!

  70. Nelly says:

    Has anyone heard the rumours that in d3 SRK will be a criminal workin for a criminal master mind (Amitabh Bachen)?? Is there any truth to that?? ISnt this just blending the dons with the dhooms????

    SRK and AB senior are too old and not right for the roles!!!

    need some1 young and fresh like in the first 2!!!!

  71. aakash says:

    dhoom 3 will break all the records because shahrukh is playing the negative role in this movie.

  72. dorji says:

    gr8 news yaar! so all fans of srk do go for it for first show n who may prove to b his big fan……….

  73. raha says:

    srk is the one like him.i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu king khan .
    dhoom3 will rock even with king khan srk.I m his big fan and after his brilliant performance as a villain in DON we know that he will perform well in dhoom3.i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you SRK .

  74. ROHAN KERKAR says:

    srk is my favorite and i am very happy 2 hear da newz that he
    is playing da smart thief[rahul]or[MR R] IN DHOOM -3

  75. sahar says:

    hi dear shahrukh

  76. sara says:

    yall r some haters…………..hrithik was da beast in dhoom 2 and he was real hot…..srk is some bull and old

  77. Akshay says:

    Hrithik Rockz!

  78. Don says:

    Yes! My name is DON. It’s funny to see everyone comparing SRK and Hrithik. In my opinion, both are wonderful actors and have the ability to bring in the crowds. Dhoom 2 is fantastic and D:3 will probably be just as good if not better. SRK, obviously has the abilities, it will just depend on how it is directed and produced, since the director of the D:1 and D:2 will not be involved in the D:3 project.

  79. kool says:

    dhoom 3 will suck if srk is there

  80. aakash says:

    hi shahrukh
    may you become the king of whole world
    i love to see your movies as you are my best actor
    if i will get any chance so i would like to meet you
    so please if you read this message
    so answer me
    d:3 with you is great choice
    so i wish bst of luck for your life
    may success will always touch your feet

  81. Anup says:

    Theres no point in comparing Hritik wid SRK…SRK is the best wen hes acting in his genre…but till now hes never succeded when it has come down to action…he looks monotonous and feels the same over and over again…when it comes to action flicks…DON was bound to succeed coz of the amazin legacy…but no comparing to amitabh bachchan…Hritik is a complete actor…and SRK is the king of Bollywood…hes the biggest star today…but personally i feel SRK wont act differently than hes done before…if hes there in Dhoom 3…but knowing SRK …even tho he wud act the same way…he wud still rock at te box office…as hes always done before….

  82. Sukumar says:

    Hey guys…
    Why do u fight for Hrithik or Sarukh?U guys are paying for watching the movie.The end product should be good so that ur money doesnot gets wasted.

    Nobody can deny Hrithik has palyed excellent role in KNPH,Koi Mil Gaya,Fiza,Krish and Lakshya.Dhoom 2,he was just exceptionally good.I have hangover till now also.

    Sarukh was exceptionally good in n number of old movies.Bazigar,Darr,DDLG,Kuch Kuch Hota Hai I still love to watch at home. But he is now repeatative in his latest movies.But he is a performer and has the potential to turn the table.Let’s see if he can give the same qualty what Hrithik has given in Dhoom 2.If so then our money will not be wasted in Dhoom 3.

  83. sajid says:

    srk the right choice for a negative role as his life changed after baazigar and now don

  84. Sukumar says:


    Srk was a fantastic and brilliant actor.He has serverd the Fim Industry successfully for decades.But to be honest now it is too boring to see his latest movies.You will agree if you are not a blind fan of him.See his latest movies Veer Zara,Kaal Ho Na Ho etc.My money was wasted in these movies.Nothing new.

    See good movies only like Omkara,Saif was brilliant.Lage raho Munna Bhai(Sanjay Datt).

    I feel Ajay Devgan/Saif Ali Khan/Sanjay Dutt are far better actor than Sarukh Khan.

  85. IRFAN KHAN says:


  86. Warid says:

    Srk will rock in D3. He is the best. No one can beat him. Not even Hrithik. He sucks. Only having muscles and the ability to dance does not mean that he is the best. The real quality is the ability to act. This lacks in Hrithik. But Srk is the complete actor. He is a god. He is the Baadshah of Bollywood. So thumps up for Dhoom 3.

  87. indian says:

    SRK is the best actor in the planet. I am sure dhoom 3 will all time blockbuster of bollywood films and break all the records. SRK preformance will superp

  88. akash says:

    D:3 is going to break all the records of bollywood if srk works in it. He is the king and no one can take his place. if he works in dhoom 3 the it will be a great sucess for yash raj. SRK is a actor who can play each and every role so he is known as the king.

  89. mona says:

    dhoom2 with sharukhan as villan will never rock he is totaly waste i hate him

  90. mona says:

    atleast hrithick and john is better then him

  91. Yanal(The new best actor coming to the industries in 2020) says:

    no srk is the best actor and his Don is way better than big bs but big bs vijay acting was better than Srks but other than that srk did better acting

  92. Yanal(The new best actor coming to the industries in 2020) says:

    shut up plz mona stop ur rubbish about srk ok and it is not dhoom2 it is dhoom3 and srk is the best actor in the industries besides big b

  93. Yanal(The new best actor coming to the industries in 2020) says:

    and i agree with warid completly

  94. Shahrukh khan says:

    Hello people why u guyz fighting over me or john who gives who is the best actor and thanks warid and Yanal for backing me up and thank you for the rest who are backing me up from people like (Mona) so thanks again ~ ~

  95. KAZEEM says:

    i think may be a great hit like dhoom1 because dhoom2 became abig bor after the third robbery i wish dhoom3 would not be like that .It must be agreat hit

  96. waheed says:

    SRK sucks. D-2 was a hit just becasue of Hrithik. Hrithik is the new baadshah of bollywood.

  97. Aman says:


  98. Joonka Patel says:

    Cal Mye

  99. xxxx says:

    Kia baat kai hai , Tere moo pe ghee or sahkar..
    Nice choice “Yash Raj” Dhoom 3 , ab to Sharukh ke saath bauth maza ayega , I like Dhoom 2 Only Hrithik Dance…
    I hope the this Doom 3 better to collection of Dhoom 3.

    After Dilib & Amitabh – Sharukh Khan Best all in one actors

  100. Sukumar says:


    Ajay Devgan/Saif Ali Khan are the best actors today.They both are 10000000000000000000000000000 miles ahead of Sarukh Khan and 1000000 miles ahead of Hrithik Roshan.

    But I am confident that D3 will also rock becoz there are many fools who still want to see repeatative SRK.


  101. chauranlal venkatesh prasad chaturvedy says:

    u suc
    bloody losers
    ******* *******
    srk sucks
    hrithik roshan best

  102. Hima says:

    WOW!!…….definitly a great newz

  103. Thug says:

    Waam peple i fink if sharukh bees in dhoom 3 iz gonna be 222 sikkk bludz hes a nfu**** thug dont mess wid him he was so sik in don did u see da action imagine if he bees in dhoom 3 i cant wait if da director doesent put shahrukh in dhoom 3 im gonna break hiz face coz i no where he livez lolzzzzzz im da person who ur parents wrned u about!!!!!!!

  104. Mohammed YK says:

    great hope this news is true and it will b gud to see SRK doing a villian role after DON hope him the best of luck and wish to see him in more villian roles an dhope that dhoom 3 to be a BLOCKBUSTER HIT.

  105. Aryan says:

    those people that they like Sharukh in dhoom:3 all of them are crazy and mother fucker and slut assy

  106. Aryan says:

    just like hrithik and ajay devgan those who said hrithik is bad they are mother fucker hrithik is 12345660000000000000000000000000000000000000000ahead than all of actors Has been called the Indian Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson rolled into one person.

  107. Saranya says:

    Shahrukh is really too good. All his perfomance are excellent. Only shahrukh can give best movies. Still he is very very sexy and smart. Dhoom3 will be a block buster bcoz of shahrukh. Simply Shahrukh is great…
    No livingthings can hate shahrukh……..

  108. cooly says:

    wth srk dhoom rocks the world

  109. saketh says:

    sharukhan in dhoom 3 will break the box office

  110. arjun says:

    SRK is the best actor in bolly wood. dhoom3 will sure be the best film in india

  111. vaibhav dixit says:

    is this film really goin to come or is it just a rumor and is there aamir khan also in dhoom 3

  112. zain dhoom 2 says:

    i love dhoom 2

    i like hrithik roshan

  113. Kashish says:

    Hriithik was hot in doom 2, and he looked really gud with ash,i think srk will look wicked init. it hink hell suit the bad guys role, coz he suited it in don. but when is the film actually comng out, des anybody know?

  114. sexy lad says:

    john abraham should be acting in dhoom 3 so that it becomes a great hit.i wann mallika to be in thhe film she has good boobs ,great pussy &a lovely ass.

  115. Sudesh says:

    Srk shudnt do dhoom 3 instead he shud a remake of darr and trust me he’l win every award there is.he wont match hrithik in dhoom2.

  116. Pete says:

    I’m sorry but SRK in Dhoom 3 is going to break all the records for the worse Dhoom ever! He does not have the personality or the grace to star in a role like this! He can’t compare to Hrithik or even John! I believe he is just good in his romantic roles dancing around trees and screaming like an overacting guy. I like his movies, loved Don 2 but just didn’t like him playing Don. I want them to bring back Hrithik or sign Akshay Kumar for the role because they are DON or bring Sanju baba who is the actual DON next to Amit ji!

  117. ISH MOHAN says:


  118. ISH MOHAN says:


  119. mudit soneja says:

    srk is the best for d:3

  120. jonia says:

    the best

  121. JUNAID says:


  122. Suhana says:

    This news is brilliant!!! SRK is my fave actor and I love him, Dhoom 3 is somrthing to watch out for, although I am not sure about seeing SRK as a villian (if that is true).

  123. Anish says:

    hey hrithik was too cool for the movie dhoom 2 i don’t think so sharukh will be able to take his place lets see now the result will come after the movie release

  124. Sudhir says:

    Shahrukh will do this role very good

  125. azmal says:

    srk is great and he will surely rock

  126. I don’nt think SRk would be good replace for Hrithik. He Can’t Dance Like Hrithik.. Hrithik rock in Dhoom2, His danced with tremendous energy, Hat off to him!!!!!

  127. noor says:

    yo listen up srk will rock the world hirtrik is cool but srk has his own qualities he is cute amusing and he is a faithfull person to his wife n children so my point is he rocks n plus he is nice not just on tv but in public so chill out dont compare them because d3 will rock to n don srk actin was superb so ya their ‘

    idiots, fobes dont ompare again

  128. noor says:

    srk u rock too bad u are maried jkes
    respect u for who u are king khan
    hey my last name iskhan toooo

    n stay the same byeee

  129. shahrukh khan is king on indian film
    he playing on D3 very well i hope 100%

  130. Rashad khan says:

    when is dhoom3 coming

  131. samiya says:

    hehellow peapl what hell are talking about why every bady saying hrithik dh2 dh2 is born he can,t act everybady knows thaat srk is best actor,hindia ever had and with out him bollywood wil be nothing and iam sure will rock dhoom3 if hrithik can dance who rafuse shahrukh he can doit as well better then hrithik ilove sharukhg

  132. kamac says:

    i really love srk he is best man in bollwood better then every actor and he can act every role what ever itis romance role or what ever role no one can better him is lovely actor

  133. intisaar says:

    i looooooove srk is best and he can do it i can,t wait

  134. nadia says:

    come on man you can do it dh3 will be hit insha allah it will bether then dh1 and dh2 srk is bes ever loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee u

  135. swanand says:

    The film will be a great great blockbuster as every yash-shahrukh dou!! The history will repeat as always

  136. Don IV says:

    if dhoom 3 comes out….i will make sure i watch it on the premiere…..just imagine…..srk, abishek, uday, and many more in DHOOM 3…

  137. Anaa says:

    srk the g8………………i want this movie 2b the best !!!out of tha othersss………..

  138. zaved ali says:

    u know guys srk is the best, not only is he the best but the greatest. in which ever movie he acts he makes the movie great in one way or the other.

  139. I love you shahrukh khan. iam a big fan of look so cute in don. you rock. my cousin sister loves you ,she has so many big posters of you . i do too. best wishes

  140. saira akhtar says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaa sharu whats up how u i love ure 2 chilldern anyways good luck
    love u
    saira akhtar from glasgow dying to see u

  141. SUNANNA says:

    Shahrukh, you are truly the best! No matter what others say, no matter how old you grow, you are always going to be known as the greatest BOLLYWOOD actor on earth!! I love you shahrukh, and almost everyone does! Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna was awesome, no matter what anyone else says! And DON, you looked great in that, and did very well, also I thought that your DON was better that the old one! There are so many movies that you did well, in and I know that you will be great in Dhoom 3! Why, they should have put you in all the Dhoom movies, you are just amazing! And there are so many movies that you did well in, that I don’t have enough time or space to comment on them! Shahrukh, you can make us cry, you can make us laugh, and you can definitely make us happy! I will always love you, and I think that you will be great in Dhoom 3! Good luck, Shahrukh in your future films, and act for as long as you can, for our sake!

  142. sundas says:

    hrithik rocks.I will love to watch dhoom 3 if hrithik there. I nealy watched all of hrithik roshans movies. Now i have to watch dhoom3.For now the best movie i ever saw of hrithik is dhoom2.

  143. harihar says:

    hi i also want to be like u will u help me i am 16yrsold

  144. Amir Khan says:

    Sharukh is a rotten actor.
    he cant do anything better than Kkk…k..kkk ..Kiran.

    Hrithik is the man. he rocks

  145. noor khan says:

    hmm. yar i am jelous wid sharukh..
    hay yar i love you kbhe tu hame be bulao apnai pass.. kher u will on top again and you are already

  146. noor khan says:

    sharukh is best … oye sharkuh tam kig ho tu mai prince… dun wory yaar tmhie kio bhe nhe cho sakta..cary on the way on which you are..

  147. noor khan says:

    yaar sharukh ko bulo how can i come there….

    i pray kai dhooom 3 will on topppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  148. saddam says:

    yarr sharukh app doom film may matt ayee kyoonkee woo choteey logoo ka film hey app to mashallah king hey bollywood key ok

  149. farzana says:

    I think All of Shah rukh Khan Films are Great!
    He is soo sexy. I just love him. I have seen all films of him, and I can`t wait to see the next.!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Rajesh says:

    who bet me this movie will be a super flop, if hit cuse for some chiks only……………….have you seen old don then try to compare with new one then tell ……………..

    +919861004278 my number for bet

  151. Miky says:

    SRK is not in Dhoom 3.

  152. tahir says:

    KING KHAN in DHOOM 3 then this film break all the records.he is the best i think sharukh khan role in DHOOM 3 they break the records of SHOLAY because he is the king of bollywood.

  153. bijoy says:

    Only HRI only do that i,e. DHOOM 3. What does it mean DHOOM Answer is Only HRITICK.

  154. Abdullah shah says:

    shahrukh khan is the best.he is the last and first actor in the world.i love him very much he is my least he is better than herithik amithab and salman amir etc etc etc

  155. Abdullah shah says:


  156. Abdullah shah says:

    f any one abuses him he will be the no1st GANDO (koni) in the world and particular in the subcontinent.f u r giving abuse then give to herithik,abishek,amithab,suny deol,ajay etc etc etc. HE IS REAL ACTOR IN THE WORLD.send me message f any one is jalous.00923018800907

  157. shiv says:

    king khan will rock again in Dhoom-3

  158. shiv says:

    king khan again in Dhoom-3

  159. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  160. varun chhabra says:

    king khan is best in dhoom 3

  161. elizabeth says:

    no only sssrrrkkk is the best and sexy .
    good luck to the film .

  162. asar says:

    in dhoom 3 shahrukh wow i am so happy shahrukh is the best for ever

  163. sn says:

    King khan sad no to dhoom 3 ,that means he will not act in dhoom3 and also in khrish 2. . . Am so upset hearing that ,but he knows what is best for him . . . .

  164. shiwani says:

    in dhoom 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sharkuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    wahooooooooooo.sharkuh is the best for ever.u r the best.

  165. zuber says:

    those how say srk is not fit come to me i ll fuck u go sharukh i am with u….

  166. sandy says:

    Dhoom 2 was the greatt movie ever seen. Dont think SRK will b able to giv as much as Hrithik gave himself. Hrithik is real machoo a real stunt man after Akshay. wer as SRK no guts to perform on his own.. only can act dats too nt as good as Akshay n Hrithik…. Dhoom 3 wont get dat much beliveee me…

  167. zuhaib says:

    dhoom 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sharkuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    wahooooooooooo.sharkuh is the best for ever.u r the best.

    srk will the best he is the villan
    rrk will rock

  168. kk says:

    aamir khan paly like jone abraham

  169. anu raju says:

    i like this dhoom 1 2 3

  170. sunil says:

    srk is great star,he is the only person who took bollywood so high.and srk in dhoom_3 he will rock . his performance as a villan before judging him watch his movies like dar,don,anjaam,baazigar.he is great actor his movies tell everything dhoom_3 will break all records which were earlier set by don himself

  171. syedlovemussuash says:

    dhoom 3 break the records of all bollywood films except DDLJ.DARR.SHOLAY .

  172. shushant says:

    Last five years my fav actor is Amir and I watch DOOM-3 only for Amir not for Sharkuh.

  173. JAVED says:




  174. partha says:

    hrithik i always think that india always proud of you.You are the hero of the nation.I dont want to compare you with anybody.B’cz u r uncomparable

  175. micheal says:

    hritk sucks in dhoom2 but i bet srk will rock in dhoom3 he is the best actor ever

  176. If there is actoes like salman ,srk,amir in

    Dhoom 3 then film will definitely be a blokbaster.

    I wish go super -duper- hit.

    best wishes to amir for GAGNI

  177. tasvir hossain says:

    Esha u suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    u r comparing god with a simple man
    shahrukh rulz in anything
    dhoom3 must have an hot actress like bipasha,
    malaika,ash,katrina,priyankaand dipika
    SRK is the king of bollywood
    dhoom3 must be the best film ever
    again saying Esha u sux

  178. mohammed azmathullah says:

    tell me the release date oh come on man

  179. modassir says:

    hi. i wl e very happy if king khan is in dhoom 3. i love shah rukh. i wanna meet him

  180. priyanka says:

    it vl b a gr8 pleasure 2 watch him dre also……if did is not rumour……….i luv king khan………..he always rocks yaar………i jst wanna MEET HIM ONCE IN MA LYF……….wen this movie is releasing damn…contol nai hota ab……..

  181. priyanka says:

    hrithik,aamir,akshay……….all r failed in frnt of SRK
    He is the best forevr………..dnt u kno?????????
    he is GOD of bollyvud

  182. don says:

    hi its nice ithinks it will rock

  183. deepak says:

    pahle john ki fir hrithik ki aur ab shahrukh ki gand maregi

  184. deepak says:

    shahrukh matlab picture hone ki gaurantee

  185. deepak says:

    shahrukh matlab picture hit hone ki gaurantee

  186. abhirup says:


  187. HARSH says:

    all r lier every one knows that dhoom was the best with john but dhoom 2 was good because there was love story too like thief in love idiet story no body knows about 3 but the dhoom was that no body can copy like him means the john’s style

  188. neon says:

    y is doom 3 not realising?

  189. abdullah says:

    hi,shahrukh khan,i do not think any one of u know shahruk kan”s quality,,,,try and rewatch his films

  190. abdullah says:

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove SRK,he his a legend

  191. bimal says:

    srk is the king of indian cinemas

  192. Katharina says:

    I think doom 2 was great. When Sharukh Khan in dhoom 3 is! That were so cool. I hope

  193. amish` says:

    hi srk i like your all movie and your ddlg is my favorite

  194. amish` says:

    i will interested your d3 movie
    me vake hi aapn ki dhoom movie ki rah dekh raha hu /aur muje pura yakin he ki wo super hit hi jayegi,kyoki srk he jaha pe success he waha pe.

  195. Vijay Singh says:

    I love Shahrukh Khan, I think that if shahrukh success so i am success. Shahrukh plz carry on. I want u will be Super Star forever in bollywood.
    Vijay Singh
    from Kurukhetra Haryana

  196. Emilio says:

    Really no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it occurs.

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