DON – Review

Let me make it very clear at the outset that this is my view, and not a definitive guide of what to expect from the movie. So, here we go.

Comparisons are inevitable, but not for me, because the old Don was released much before I was born, and I saw it at the time when such thrillers were being routinely made. All said, the old Don was a cool movie. Come to think of it, it was surely ahead of its time, and hence could fit relatively better in today’s times. Amitabh rocked in the movie!!

Now lets some to the subject of this piece. Don (2006), directed by Farhan Akhtar, and starring SRK, is an intelligent movie, a well crafted thriller, that takes time to involve you, but leaves you satisfied at the conclusion. It is stylish, cool, modern, and very hip. A tad slow at times, the first half doesn’t spring much surprises, with most of the story being same as the earlier Don. That said, it is still watchable, mainly because of SRK. It is refreshing to see him so controlled, and yet so cool and DON’y’ (for want of the perfect word!). Not once does he overacts, and such a restrained performance makes up for a slowish first half. He is very well supported by Boman Irani, who is just remarkable! This man is a true actor. About 20 minutes or so before the interval, the film begins to grow on you, and you actually forget the earlier Don. What I mean to say is, you stop thinking whether this scene is the same, this situation is identical. By this time, the supposed remake has evolved!

The second half is more than just gripping; it just changes the entire texture of the movie! There are a lot of twists and turns, and all of them unpredictable! At the end of it, you have a movie, which has the basic body of the earlier Don, but the character has changed completely. It feels like you have watched a movie which isn’t a remake, but a movie with similar story as the earlier one. That said, it would have been better had this movie not been publicized as a remake, it would have aroused less expectations, and thus made more impact.

SRK outshines himself this time, and manages to act out the character he portrays, be it the innocent Vijay, or the menacing Don. There is not a hint of overacting, and it only shows how much a director’s actor he is. Comparisons would be unfair, lets just say this Don rocks too!!

Priyanka and Isha look good, so does Kareena in a minuscule role. They don’t have much to act, and they manage to support the film in the best possible manner. Arjun Rampal is a tad wooden for an aggrieved man, but his voice makes up for his expressions. Maybe some people do not really act out grief, they just speak and see! Boman Irani is excellent, and the way his character develops, only he could have played this part. He even triumphs over SRK in some scenes! This guy should win some awards. Om Puri has a small part to play, and he is as usual. Actually, he has been wasted!

Cinematography is good, locales are a visual delight. The only sore point is the music. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t consistent. The title track, and the original track rock, while the tracks retained from the earlier Don pass muster. The picturisation of Khaike looks odd when it comes, but at the end you realize why it was like that. Background score is electric, and really complements the mood of the film. Special effects are very well executed, and do not look tacky like they usually do in Bollywood. Stunts are nice too, though nothing extraordinary.

So I come to the most important question. Will this film be a huge hit? The answer would be NO. The reason is not because I liked the movie, but because it is an intelligently made movie, where you have to carefully watch and infer, and remember the clues dropped to you. To enjoy this movie, you have to forget that there was an earlier movie with a similar story. And that’s where the movie will fail, because it has been publicized as a remake, and so the public will go and start making comparisons there, remembering the earlier Don. Also, the sluggish first half won’t help the film, and the classy treatment of this massy plot won’t find universal acceptance. Maybe some high octane stunts, though unnecessary, and some power packed dialogues, in the typical Bollywood style, would have helped the film. But then again, this is not what the movie intended to be, and what Farhan wanted to make, he has made well. This movie has everything it needs, and nothing extra. Even SRK is not the usual hyperactive that he is, and that for me was my money’s worth!

Don ko dekhke bhool paana mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai.!

P.S.: 7 of us went for the movie, with 3 being perennial SRK haters. Even they appreciated him, and liked the film.


14 thoughts on “DON – Review

  1. Roop says:

    Also read your review on Vivaah, and I thoroughly agree with you on that, and I also agree that Kank is shit … but Don is good? Just when I was about to be convinced that, at last, I found a reviewer who resonates my thoughts, I was taken aback by this review. The dialogues in the movie are horrific (and mock-worthy). The pace is extremely slow. The story has no flow. Editing team did a shoddy job. Yeh, true, it does try to keep you glued, but the key word in that sentence is “TRY”.

    Nothing about the movie worked for me. The girls (actresses) looked too made-up. Kareena Kapoor needs to hit a gym whilst the other two need to start eating. Shah Rukh .. ah what do i say about him .. I’ve never liked him, and as unbiased as possible, this movie didn’t make me like him either ! Yeah, he’s not a bad actor, but certainly not the best for this role. It just didn’t work. Perhaps it’s my bias against short men playing the stereotypical roughNtough character but nah, SRK didn’t fit the bill.

    Overall, Don was a traumatic experience for me and 8 people that accompanied me. What a waste of 90 some dollars! I sneaked out of theater mid-way to go check out Umraao Jaan … saw a bit of it, got hugely disappointed … and came back to my friends. heh … that’s my experience watching Don. :/

  2. Pradeep says:

    DON.. I started watching this movie assuming that it is a remake of Original DON.. but WOW.. this story is better than the Original DON..
    BigB’s performance was awesome in DON.. but the story was not so grippy.
    SRK’s DON is has good exploitation of the technology and the story line is good.
    I did not like SRK’s performance, he seemed to be more coolthen he should have been..
    Songs were fantastic..
    Priyanka’s first scene showed that she was a babe and not a barb wire.

    Overall this is a good movie..

  3. Ramin says:

    WOW this movie is excellent, and go Shah rukh khaan to the next step 😀 super hero

  4. shams says:

    Don was most possibly the most painful movie that I have watched in a while. THe direction was horrible, the story line was poor and what had the potential to be a very intriguing thriller turned into something so boring and so sad and at times so funny even that I was reduced to tears. The movie was too obvious, the intrigue of the story line given away repeatedly, everything explained in painful detail (as though the viewers are too stupid to actually catch on). And even though I’m a huge SRK fan I honestly did not think that he suited the role of Don. This role required more sophistication and suaveness versus the cool-dude-thug-like attitude portrayed by SRK. But even that wouldn’t be a big deal if the story and direction had been handled properly and if all the mystery had not been given away. The ending was good but again it was ruined by PRiyanka detailing just why she knows that this don is not the vijay-don. The directors should keep in mind that viewers do have brains and are capable of putting 2 and 2 together. All in all a huge disappointment. I expected better.

  5. Vic says:

    Saw the film. This film needed someone like Ajay Devgun to bring some realism to the charachter. SRK reminded me of an Indian waiter miscaste as a drugs baron. The original film starring Bachan had a retro funky feel to it that easily outshone this version.

    Film was miscaste. SRK overated and overacting as per usual.

  6. Jack says:

    One of the best movie that I have seen after Bazzigar

  7. Don says:

    This was an awesome film. Though some fighting scenes did look tough for SRK (height wise). This movie actually was about DON and the ruthlessness of the character as well as the desire to be on top. I’m an avid fan of Big B and SRK, the role of DON was justified, along with a very interesting twist ending. Perhaps DON, The Chase Continues is in the works?

  8. aakash says:

    srk’s don is better than the last one
    of big b a good use of technology is
    their in this new don don was absolutly
    a blockbuster of year i don’t liked any
    other movie as in action
    krrish was a good movie but was for kids only

  9. Joonka Patel says:

    Tank yuv! Tank yuv! Mensin not! Mensin not!
    Don vas eggzeelint muvy. Intrestingn suzpenzpool stry line. Ovisly eef yuv compearing to originul don yuv no liky. But ovisly eet vus ment tu bee diprint! DUH! n inn eetself it vus berry good! Berry good. n i must comint dat hoo rote dees muvy left e prpr oepning for e seekwal. VAT IN THE NAME OF BHAJYA VAS DHOOM 2!! I MEEN JOHNY DIED! HE DIED!!! YUV KANT HAB DE SEEKWAL EEF JOHNY DIES! JOHNY DIES!!!
    Der for gude job Shahrukh!
    Cal Mye

  10. AAMIR & SUSHANT says:


    DON IS THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR 200I , WHERE I=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,ETC..


  11. AAMIR & SUSHANT says:

    shams R U AN ….if u think don was painfull then ur mind will be drowning in a shit pot when u was seeing the gretest of the greatest srk’s don..

  12. saketh says:

    sharukhan has acted excellently in this film. i never think that sharukhan will do such roles. his style,his elegance and his intellegence was so perfect. so it is difficult to catch don

  13. Sudesh says:

    This movie proves amithabh is the best and only ppl dat dont knw wat makes a gr8 actor will deny dat fact.srk rocked in don bt he doesnt compare to amithabh nt nw nt eva.

  14. AKSHAY BHATIA says:






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