Reality Bites, and How so? Read My Dear Friends..

This post was made in My Yahoo Blog quite a while ago. But not many people might have read it that time. So here it is friends again!

Below is a letter by the undersigned which was published in 7 Days in UAE.

Comments are welcome.

Here is the Letter.

“I was in the Mall of the emirates shopping complex last Friday and witnessed several labourers in their “Friday best” being asked to leave the mall by the security staff

On asking the Security what the guys had done wrong I was told that they only come into the Mall to browse, do not buy anything and so were asked to leave

I was furious, most of us come into browse, these are the guys who sweat and toil for very little, if any remittance

Leave them alone ! they have as much, if not more rights to be there than we do.

Peter Milner


Here is a person’s reply to that:

“I applaud the actions of the security staff. It’s about time actions were taken to ensure that we don’t have to endure being perved at by these individuals, have our wives and kids feeling uncomfortable by their “pocket-twitching” antics, and lets not forget the acompanying odours.

Everyone works hard in Dubai and no one has any more or less right to be here than any other person. However, if I decided to go for a stroll round the Bentley or Rolls-Royce salesroom (I know it’s not a mall) I would no doubt be asked to leave – same principle applies.

Certain environments are created for the enjoyment and frequenting of by certain demographic groups. Modern multi-million dollar malls are not for labourers. Jumeirah beach has already become a no-go zone because of this crowd – don’t let the malls be next.

Coco Springs ”

Freinds, these are the labourers who toil during the scorching heat at temperatures above 40 degrees most of the times. These are the labourers who are paid measly salaries, and that too not on time. Thats the exploitation and then ignorance.


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