Intel Core 2 Duo – Rocking!!!

Recently, I upgraded my Desktop. Now many would wonder why not buy a Laptop rather than upgrading the bulky desktop. My simple answer is that I don’t need a Laptop. And being the audiophile that I am, I prefer my desktop with a great sound card and 5.1 speakers to a HTS (Home Theater System). So here are the specs of the new system:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.13 Ghz) – from P4 1.5 Ghz

Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Motherboard – from Asrock Don’t know what shit.

Nvidia 7300 GT (256mb Dedicated) – from onboard graphics

1 GB ddr2 667 MHz FSB from Corsair

Creative X-fi Xtrememmusic – from onboard, again.

Creative T6060 5.1 Speakers – from creative 2.1

Before buying my new processor, I was warned by everyone not to go for Intel, but AMD, as Intel suck nowadays! But I stuck to my guns, my instincts, and went ahead and got what I wanted to. And what a wise decision I made!

I am not a gamer, so my config must be like a mystery to many. Honestly, I was fed up of my 5 yr old desktop, where I couldn’t run many applications, movies would skip, audio sounded muffled.

I was most impressed by this new processor from Intel. I am not a technical man as far as processors go. But I have used AMD X2 processors on my friends’ desktops, and so could make a comparison between the two. And Intel is the winner hands down. It is a dual core processor, consisting of two complete execution cores in one physical processor, both running at the same frequency. Both cores share the same packaging and the same interface with the chipset/memory. It is built for multitasking.

Running multiple applications is a cakewalk now. Music plays whenever am at home, while simultaneously I burn my DVDs, and my torrents are always on download. Not to mention the messengers and browsers running. Audio ripping is blazing fast, and defragmentation and disk cleanup are a lot speedier. I can use Windows Vista now, though I just use the transformation pack for now. Movies and music play better than my crappy HTS. Searching on the hard disk is also faster. Converting Divx to VCD and converting DVD to Divx was so fast I could not believe it was done in 30 mins flat (took 2+ hours on my earlier config)! WMP searched my 120 Gb hard disk for around 2000 mp3 files in 1.5 minutes flat (compared to 10+ minutes earlier, and 3+ minutes on AMD X2).And did I mention what a cool customer it is! The temperature hardly goes beyond 40 degrees C, even during the worst cases of use. And its an overclock darling too! With my motherboard I overclocked it to 2.5 Ghz easily, with just the AC as extra cooler! Don’t forget I live in the Middle East. I could have overclocked more, but dint wanna mess too much with it. With proper cooling, I have read online you can easily clock it to 3.04 GHz!!! Mostly my temperature is around 30, with no AC. And I turn it off only once in 4 days, sometimes even once a week!

E6400 is the second in the series of 4 processors Intel introduced 4 months ago. There is E6300 (1.86), E6600(2.4) and E6700(2.66). I believe E6400 is the ideal processor for anyone looking to upgrade his desktop, or even buying a Laptop. I fall in the Entertainment category of PC users, and I demand more from my system than an average user. E6400 just sleeps through my demands, and surprises me whenever I try to test it. Even my friends having AMD X2 now look at it with envy!!

The series is called Conroe, and it supports Windows 64-bit OS, including Vista. For more techincal details refer this article from Wikipedia:

For a comparison of Intel with AMD along with E6400 review, refer this article:


2 thoughts on “Intel Core 2 Duo – Rocking!!!

  1. Ankit says:

    kitna blogs likha hai be ek din mein? haha..jaan cool down! 😉

  2. Mr.Mohabbatein says:

    Dear Friend,

    I love this movie because it is the new trend india movie. I am not Indian but I love this movie. Thanks for value information about the movie.

    Mr. Mohabbatein

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