Sambhar of 69 (bryan adams spoof)

Sambhar of 69 (bryan adams spoof) .. magnify

Sambhar of 69 (lyrics)
I had my first real sixty paise,
Stole it from my father’s pants.
went to a madrasi hotel,
Ate the sambhar of 69.
Me and my kadke dost,
had it all and caught bukhaar,
jimy puked, joey got ulcers,
Bagga ne maari dakar.
Oh when I went there now,
the food was as stale as ever,
Although it was ’99,
same sambhar was being served over there,
that was the worst food of my life…. tan tan tan taaaa nnn tan tanna tann
Therez no use in complaining,
when you got no other place to eat,
rushed in the evening to the clinic,
but doc too was at the toilet seat, yeah
standing there waiting outside,
nurse told I will wait forever,
and when I held my breath,
I knew I had to use that loo there
That was the worst food of my life.
Back to the sambhar of 69.
Man I was getting killed,
I was full and restless,
I needed to unwind,
I guess nothing can wait forever – FOREVER… NO!!!!
Now the dhabas are changing,
New dishes have come and gone,
sometimes when I pass that old madrasi lane,
I still smell it, I can’t be wrong.
Standing in those unwashed robes,
the waiters still call me in there,
oh the way my nostrils burn,
I know it will be served forever,
Sambhar, the worst food of my life.
yeah it was the sambhar of 69,
the sambhar, the sambhar, the sambhar of 69 ……………

Please dont mind Mr. Bryan Adams!

Reactions Expected… Comments..

Credit for the song goes to a friend… some fine tuning by me.


2 thoughts on “Sambhar of 69 (bryan adams spoof)

  1. j says:

    Pretty Fuckin Weak

  2. peeboo says:

    terrible very weak are haldfo of them words made u to make it sound rasict and hald made up to make it rhyme

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