First Love

Can you forget your first love?

the haunting feeling of first love,

the enchanting feeling of first touch,

the mad rush of adrenaline,

the pulchritude of innocent selfless care,

the unrealisitc yet sweet insecurities,

yes it was first love..!

the stolen moments spent together,

the conspicuous glances in that direction,

the unspoken sweet nothings through eyes,

the blushing halcyonic smile,

yes it was first love..!

the broken unbreakable bond,

the lost sweet innocence,

the exhausted exchange of words,

the debris of unfulfilled dreams,

do i still love her..?

the forced relation of friendship,

the pretentious superficial care,

the awkward meeting of eyes,

the remembrance of perished….

do i still love her?

it does not matter whether i still love her,

as love cannot sustain a life,

love can just ameliorate a life,

even in that, there are speculations rife!



2 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Nicole says:

    These poems are honestly amazing…they make so much sense its scary

  2. devesh21 says:

    Thanx Nicole, for appreciating my work!
    Keep visiting for more!

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