Love or Family?

January 27, 2006 (an old blog entry, but still relevant!)
After watching RDB the other day, the next day passed thinking about it, and reading all reviews! I was supposed to start preparing for the exam I have on 1st Feb, but havent started it till this moment! The lazy holiday mood is hard to overcome…

Coming to the main topic today. The basic question or rather, fear, for most of us Indians while “rising” in love is whether our family would accept it or not! What one fails to understand is: Why do the families oppose love, by threatening to harm themselves? Do they think we cant choose the right one for ourselves? Why cant they at least judge the one we love? Are they bothered more about their position in society or their offspring’s happiness? Maybe we would better understand their position when we become parents.

Living here in UAE, I cant help but laugh at the incident that happened with someone I know. A 21 year old girl was forced to agree to marry, not any particular guy, but just to agree to marriage, by threatening parents trying to harm themselves. The poor guy whom I happen to know is helpless!

The most baffling part in the entire episode is the girl losing her senses, and telling the guy she does not love him anymore! Its understandable though, when you consider her parents threatened to kill themselves. How foolish! What about their other children? The question here is that would they really kill themselves, if he/she wont listen to them, forgetting about their other children? Will they end their life without thinking about those who still need them? Or will they kill everyone in the family? Its getting serious here!

I better leave it here… as i dont want to offend anyone.

I just pray that true love somehow finds it way, and if not, then I will keep blogging about it! 😦


One thought on “Love or Family?

  1. twilight hush says:

    I think that the choice of the guy/girl whom one should spend his/her life with, should be their’s alone. If they havent found anyone, the parents can help, but I dont think parents, or for that matter anyone else, should decide on the person one should get married to.

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