Dont use the mouth

This is some US radio show, where married/engaged people call up to complain about their better half (is it really?). This is a hillarious conversation, some Indian female calling up and then, just hear what happens.

Might be a bit mature, but a hell lot of funny. Do kick in your comments.



197 thoughts on “Dont use the mouth

  1. Naresh Sharma says:

    fuckin hilarious ….a must hear for ” the american way of life ”


  2. Dhinendra Lohmor says:


    I cant stop myself …..wuuuu…forwading this to entire world i know

  3. Sef says:

    I almost pissed myself I had tears for days! Fucking crazy ass shit!

  4. Bermuda says:

    that guy is a selfish idiot! she need to kick him in his budda call

  5. devesh21 says:

    I know the guy is a selfish idiot, but it is funny for sure!

  6. BERMUDA says:


  7. allan says:

    haha hes laughing so hard in the background lol 100% on the stupid. xP n i’m pissing?! wth? lol

    • jess says:

      it sounds like “I’m pissing.” But she said “I’m pacing.” Which to me is even funnier. She’s so upset she’s pacing back and forth and she says it like, this is the level of angry she is; the pacing level.

  8. poop says:

    “25% of the time you’re on the periodical anyway!”

    Oh man, too good.

  9. brendan says:

    ohhhhhh snap!

  10. Ginolard says:

    Ow. Sides hurting. Can’t breath.

  11. gangsta says:

    too good to be true….

  12. apu says:

    Its APU!!!! “thank you… come again”

  13. aart staartjes says:

    Yeah baby, on your knees en act like you love it!!!

  14. Muur says:

    She sounds somewhat like my wife
    *pissing my pants*

    Netherlands loves da boedhacall…

  15. ]V[ says:

    world famous!
    international show!
    we take it all over the country… (?)

    what a jip…

  16. Spats says:

    no wonder I see so many India-man
    across the USA…

  17. Chris says:


  18. mully says:

    If you agree to an arranged marriage you get what you deserve ha ha

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  20. Karim says:

    Whahahahaha… indian girls don’t use the mouth.. churly gurly XD

  21. Dheeraj says:

    you could tell from the time he says hello that they planned this out.

  22. Takes a Dehsi Know a Dehsi says:

    This is fake. The girl’s accent is too American and the guy’s accent is too Indian, especially for some chick who’s only been here for three years. The guy is faking the accent way too much. Totally Fake.

  23. John S. says:


  24. Mayur says:


    I am an Indian and this is 100% true. I had to break off with MY Indian GF because she would not use the MOUTH…LOL

  25. ktk says:

    is this for real!!! sounds likes an act

  26. […] Time for laughter, time for joy. Guess what happens when an Indian woman who suspects her Beyonce loving husband Raj is cheating on her? Comedy heaven breaks open en we get to meet Nikki, hear about how Indians don’t like to use their mouth and how according to Raj Americans are more open to mulitple partners. Enjoy. […]

  27. Ben Dover says:

    Nice one! Boedhacall the all new term for 2007… I think we should ask Beyonce is she wanna do a cover of the all saints number – Bootycall… LOL.

  28. PPKP says:

    This is fake. For sure. I have heard it months ago, the “offer” for the lucky winner back then was a bunch of red roses which he could send to his special one. It was the same (Indian?) guy saying the same things to “his wife”, i.e. she doesn’t give the mouth, she’s on her periodical, etc. I think the woman’s voice was different. I’m trying to locate it…

  29. Apu says:

    Thank you, come again!

  30. Vinny says:

    why are they speaking english to each other anyway? surly if they wanted to talk about stuff they’d speak indian!!!

    bogey fake call if ye ask me

  31. Hele lijpe radio! Yes, it is…

  32. tacoooooooos says:

    i could care less about this being fake. as long as it doesn’t make me emo, I’M HAPPY!

  33. nakker says:

    i fucking love this guy, get your indian freak on man!

  34. Majo says:

    that’s hilarious! that’s an original way to find out what your husband ‘s doing, hahah…..
    I will send it to all my friends in Holland,

    a big hug, Majo from Holland

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  36. hoplakee says:

    I’d like to meet Nikky…

  37. hahaha says:

    Dont use the mouth hahaha thats funny & the boottttty part lol.

  38. randy says:

    totally fake, i agree- its obvious

  39. mariott says:

    I have tons of indian friends and this is BS

  40. Chris says:

    O M F G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    UN BELIEVABLE. I had tears. seriously. What a SCREAM!!!

  41. plubius says:

    Its a bit fake, but it’s still quite hilarious.

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  43. mike says:

    this is so cool stupid fool hahahah
    “indian woman dont use the mouth”i love it

  44. RequiredName says:

    LOL…. one of the funniest things I’ve heard in ages!!!
    Speaking about that shit when on the radio…. Why the hell didn’t they swich to their native language??

    Jeeesssss… just stupid… but funny as hell!!


  45. Anna says:

    aren’t all men 100% stupid!!!!

  46. Major Kong says:

    Looks like ol’ Raj is in deep Hin-do!

  47. The Darwin Dragon says:

    OMFG pissing wifes and inaian bottie callz!!!


  48. Mon says:

    Wow, that was pretty sad. You should have hung up after mr. Snake Raj realized it wasnt’ a joke. That poor woman. This isn’t a joke. Marriage is something sacred. These are supposed to be private conversations. Right after confirming he’s been lying, that should have been it. Getting a good laugh should not be at the expense of other people’s intimate marriage problems. There’s marriage counselors and religious counselors that can certainly help. 😦

  49. Devesh says:

    It seems this has become the most popular thing online!
    Well my intention was not to ridicule anyone, nor to highlight any kind of cultural things. This is just meant for a little laugh, and there are no other intentions whatsoever. Please refrain from giving this any cultural color, and just take a break from all the normal stress of life and smile a bit. Thats the only intention of this post!

  50. Brandon says:

    This is from Phoenix’s 104.7 KISS FM. I heard this on the original broadcast…100% real. The DJ used to do these calls every once in a while. Funny!

  51. Lee S says:

    This shit is too damn funny! You don’t use the mouth, well you don’t use the mouth either.

  52. LP says:

    Why are people here talking about Buddha Call? Its BOOTY CALL.

  53. shoebox says:

    its a set up…actors.

  54. very intresting and funny 🙂 I really loved it….. Indians don’t use their month? lol 🙂 More sexy stuff at SexyCOllegeGirl 🙂

  55. misstressm says:

    How funny is that? And arent they the heros behind Kama Sutra? I figured the Indian women were far more promiscous than us.

  56. Vi says:

    your post is linked as top WP posts on the dashboard page. Well done 😛

  57. I am God says:

    this is fake. It was on NY’s 103.7 WKTU regarding roses being sent to someone. Same exact set up about not using the mouth an being on the periodical.

  58. oh my god, funniest thing I heard in months…buddacall, 25% of the time you’re on the periodical anyway!, oh man, even if this was fake it’s real funny sh*t

  59. I thought it was hella funny until I looked over at my Portuguese girl sitting next to me and realized, that lady didn’t switch to her native language.

    My female is from the Azores in Portugal and one day when she was taken by suprise she reverted to her native tongue as any person would.

    That lady didn’t.

    Sounds like a Jerry Springer show to me. And I live in the town where that radio station is aired from, Sacramento California.

  60. copper says:

    This is fake. It is staged. I have heard this gag before.

  61. Evey says:

    LOL! funny…i’d better don’t use my mouth or month? LOL! confuse…

  62. Norm says:

    Sooo fake! Typical hack American radio.

  63. JJ says:

    I wanna meet nikkie too, the famous mouth-user american!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  64. nenaca says:

    oh gosh. i’m on my floor dying. i have to forward this …

  65. nikki,nikki says:

    what a blast,credit,where credit is due,nice one,you suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  66. Renee says:

    Effing hilarious!

  67. Moose says:

    What a freakin’ pig.

  68. rek says:

    ‘I am god’ was correct, this same setup using the same people and the same jokes was on NYC’s KTU with the main difference being they offered the guy free roses to have sent to someone

    I found the link:

  69. LD says:

    Maybe they need to read the Kama Sutra. That was hilarious.

  70. Rainigade says:

    Oh please… I’m an Indian girl and I can tell ya, there’s a large % of the “holy, virginal” types who dont use mouth 😉 and a huge % of normal gurlz who do. Raj is an arse for expecting a BJ when he dont give head. But then, in my experience, Indian men usually suck in bed! MUAHAAHAHAH!

    This is funny shit….. forwarding it to the world!

  71. Ice says:

    This is totally hilarious

  72. Aaahh says:

    I wanna have me some nicky!

  73. nick says:

    대략 180등

  74. Smellytim says:

    This is obviously fake. Which makes it very boring to listen to. If it was real that would have been hilarious. But it wasnt so it sucked.

  75. Ricky says:


  76. Borat says:

    Borat Says! I like. Nice! Sexy time!!

  77. hmmm says:


    fellatio and cunnilingus is extensively taught in the KAma Sutra (you know… from India?)

  78. Varun says:

    This is definitely fake

  79. Lee says:

    This is a real show. It’s on in centeral California (Bay area).

  80. Brandon says:

    That is HIGHLY Illegal to put someone on the radio without their consent, this guy would lose his job… I work in radio, here’s a trick, ITS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS

  81. damian says:

    This is so fake, it’s not really funny at all, if it was real then it would be funny, but you can obviously here Raj laughing while he is trying
    to act clueless and serious. =P

  82. Apu says:

    sounds like APU!! How can I be some assistance?

  83. Javin says:

    Brandon: You’re a moron.

    This is legit, and yes, it is real. Different states have different laws on the requirements when putting a person on the phone. This call was made by a radio personality called the “Super Snake” on KISS 104.7FM out of Pheonix, AZ. Their website is 1047kissfm dot com.

    The state of AZ requires that only ONE side of a conversation be aware that they are on a prank call in order for them to be recorded/played on air. All of you utter morons that decided that this was fake because of your complete lack of education should be sterilized.


  84. Javin says:

    Having listened to the other link posted by “I Am God” I gotta say this sounds like a pretty common skit. Too bad for the radio personality who no doubt thought he had a real winner here. Obviously both callers were basically reading from some kind of script. Doubtful that the radio guy was in on it.


  85. PJ says:

    BUSTED!!!! Wow that is hilarious. Buddha call…

    You are on the periodical 25% of the time. Hysterical.

  86. Josh says:

    Its fake! The woman sounds like she’s West Idian (Either a Trini or Guayanese) . The guy definitely sounds like an Indian but I do have a Puerto Rican friend who sound better
    than him. Good laughs! Made my day!

  87. AudreyMae says:

    Two Magic Words…
    “Owned Bitch!”

  88. Dan Fan says:

    The voice that you hear is that of comedian Dan Nainan, a South Asian comedian who does voices of different characters on radio stations all over the country.

  89. Dan Fan says:

    The voice that you hear is that of comedian Dan Nainan, a South Asian comedian who does voices of different characters on radio stations all over the country. In addition to Southern-accented Americans, Arabs, Europeans, Asians, South Asians and other foreign accents, he also imitates celebrities such as George Bush, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Jackson, the Moviefone man, and scores of others. You can see his standup comedy act at

    or at his web site,

    Here are some more links to some of his funnier radio calls:


    + Hear Dan’s voiceover in a redneck cowboy accent for a tool company.

    + Dan is the voice of Bill Clinton on this television commercial from Comedy Central.


    + Hear Dan’s dead-on Bill Clinton impression from the Lamont and Tonelli show on KSAN San Francisco. Dan wrote and performed this bit on 30 radio stations around the nation.

    [audio src="" /]

    + In this episode of the “War of the Roses” with Baltazar and Goumba Johnny on WKTU New York, Dan plays Ramesh, an Indian deli owner who is caught cheating on his wife. Ramesh became a weekly recurring character on WKTU for several months.

    [audio src="" /]

    + Baltazar from WKTU busts a New York sidewalk peanut vendor named Ibrahim, played by Dan, for health code violations, in this hilarious phone call which is still one of the radio station’s most requested radio bits.

    [audio src="" /]

  90. kyp durron says:

    these are fake accents…too funny to be real and not the best acting.

  91. ANIMEGLOBO says:

    OMG this is so fucking great!!! im laughing so hard, i couldnt breathe

  92. ashwizzle betrabizzle says:

    hahhhaha this is possibly THE funniest conversation i have ever heard, or damn near close!

  93. Dvid says:

    I find it hard to believe that the people who wrote the kama sutra don’t do oral.

  94. truf says:


  95. Lekki says:

    aaaaahhhh…..this was really funny….though i feel sorry for the poor girl

  96. binny says:

    hahaha. i guess if you use ur mouth u wont lose ur husben. and for the poor women maybe u should get a booty call as well!

  97. iiO says:

    who says indian women don’t use their mouth?!
    and who says men don’t HAVE to use their mouth?!
    i’m indian…and my bf doesn’t get what he wants unless he wearing my pussy as his moustache! ;P

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  99. Dagon says:

    FAKE. Indians speak English. They would not be making simple and stupid mistakes with word choice. Periodicles?

  100. desi says:

    It is for sure that these guys are not proper indians (from their accent)… you american indians who have no knowledge of indian culture have no right to ridicule it… you are making fun of yourselves, u morons… I pity you

  101. Liam says:

    People, it is obvious that this clip is a fake. The acting is very bad, emotions are meak and incorrect in some cases, the culture convayed by the indians is not even close to the true indian culture and the reactions are clearly thought through. This clip shows more of bad acting, careless insults to cultures and what an idiot the presenter is to believe it or to act so hard, whichever was the case.

  102. kellyk75 says:

    What an ass…… both guys. The announcer jackass is laughing constantly at this poor woman’s misfortune while her dumb ass husband is being a turd.

    I feel for the woman.

  103. kelly lee says:

    Asian woman are uptight..maybe he just wants someone who is more open up. But he’s still a jerk for catching fish with both hands. What a bastard!

  104. Mane says:

    Funny indeed, i cant stop laughing…….ooooooo…my i have im sick! hahaa

  105. sebastian says:

    holy shit man what a guy admits to his wife that she doesnt give head hahaha wow everyone should hear this

  106. Kenny says:

    Nice, silly but nice ^^

  107. Retrograde says:

    Dam this guy is like the jack bauer of cheating bf’s

  108. sandy says:

    Absolutely Fake! 100% totally fake.

    Overdone accents… incorrect responses… Incorrect understanding of cultural traits.
    Indians would immediately clam up, instead of shouting out their private lives to the whole world. This is a western interpretation of how an Indian couple would react!

  109. Maxx_Burn says:

    Guys this is absurdity. It was supposed to be a 2 ppl bed room conv. However i don;t take both sides… It’s a fackin 2 ppl’s problem and i don’t see a victim or a victimiser here.

    The real problem i can identify is she is dominating him and he is just cheating on her to get out her obssession.

    Both needs to patch up of fuck off than wasting our time…..but besides this, this is one helluva bedroom controversy gone public:)

  110. shah says:

    Truely Indian story! how 2 get upadate on dat story? anybody…

  111. TATTOOROACH says:


  112. Immortal says:

    this is one awesome true clip!!

  113. Kenny says:

    So daaamn funny!
    I hate that we don`t have radiostations like this one in Sweden! =)

  114. Calle says:

    This is bloody amazing!

  115. German says:

    Great stuff. He sure can’t wait to come home and explain that to her…

  116. Jim says:

    omg, tht guy is funny as hell… When he decides to be honest he’s waaay to honest

  117. hum says:

    thats really sad…i feel sorry for that girl, seriously…

    although it was kinda funny, but still sad

  118. VALENTRA says:

    It is funny and hilarious.

  119. Sonya says:

    LMAO OMG! Raj is such a dumbass! “YOU ARE NOT SASTISFYING ANYMORE”

  120. Thung says:


  121. fetus says:

    AHAHAHA…..poor guy……my wife’s asian…..she always use her mouth….!! =D I’m satisfied all the time…

  122. fetus's wife says:

    AHAHAHAHA AWWW HONEY how swt of you to say that to the world…you sastisfy me also ^_~

  123. indeed... says:

    no comment…

  124. indeed's wife says:

    he has no comment because his mouth is being occupied. 😉

  125. fetus says:

    Now this is what i call…..asian pride….=D

  126. fetus's wife says:

    HONEY stop leaving comments and come back to bed la >=D

  127. Sina says:

    nikki is a stripper she uses THE MOUTH and…she likes threesomes!

  128. Karim says:


  129. hannah says:


  130. Leanne says:

    That was hilarious, I wish I was the radio broadcaster that day…I would have had a blast with that one…Ha, Ha Ha

  131. Shay from Bermuda says:

    Fake or not, it made me laugh my ass off at work, tears even came to my eyes, everyone thought I was crazy. It was so funny. I could listen to it over and over.

  132. Hmmm… if Yasmin cooked me indian, I’d use my mouth.

  133. shaz81 says:

    thats the most funiest thing i have eva heard, that man is a d***head and needs to be put own and his poor wife should leave him for nikki!!!!!!!!!!

    so funny i’m crying with laughter!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Antti says:

    I have heard similar story again.. hilarious but FAKE 😦

  135. Mathew says:

    Looks fake and stupid but funny 🙂
    Atleat my exindian gf was very active in using her Mouth never let me milk anything else except mouth 😉

  136. Per says:


    though I guess it’s face, why would indian couple speak english with each others?

  137. eh? says:

    Who cares if it was fake grow a sense of humor and laugh a bit retards talking about bad acting and shit i doubt you can act any better.

  138. Hasan says:

    Oh I hope this is real. This is fucking great. Love it love it love it.

  139. zee says:

    muahahhahahhahahahahahhahahaha!!!!that gets a WTF:P and a lmfoa!!!

  140. weedlover says:

    is this for real ???? this is great !!! :))))))

  141. hart says:

    Bwahahaha! why are you laughing so hard, sir????

  142. StallA says:

    Yes I’m also an indian from the Netherlands, but don’t got lot of indian friends. Now you know why, cause the most of them think their white, while the others think their black. I don’t understand the joke

  143. Fundraiser says:

    A few questions from a blog idiot

    How do you keep the spammers from eating you alive? i\’ve seen blogs with nothing but spam postings.

    How do you keep some left wing extremist from posting racist or defamatory rhetoric? and if you cant stop them, what are you legally liabel when they do?

    can viruses be posted to blogs?

  144. Stacey says:

    don’t use the mouth is so funny so ladies form foreign countries remember to use the mouth or your man would look for nykki

  145. Nameliss says:

    the gurl said 100% your on the STUPIDDDDDDDDDD LOL

  146. GLAMvoy says:

    This shit is SO not funny!

    The husband is a JACKASS! If he likes what “american women” do with their mouths, then he should leave his wife and find an American woman. How the hell are you gonna get on the radio and tell your wife you’re cheating because she doesn’t give oral sex…but you’re not willing to give it either… get the fuck out of here!

    The only part I did laugh at is Super snake ass was crackin’ up AND he had ol’ boy going…like…. yeah… I was to send it to Nikki…your my favorite budah call….lmao! That was too funny.

    By the way, if they’re from india, why did they continue the conversation in english! I would have switched over so quick on our asses…lol!

  147. antonella & Luciano says:

    Thanks…we needed a laugh…:-)

  148. Panga! says:

    Raj is 100% correct, he’s not selfish !
    Indian gals do not use the mouth and doesn’t know how to seduce & satisfy a guy 😛
    Americans gals are too good 😉

  149. Petee-Pete says:

    “MY GOD” This is too funy lol

  150. applebottom says:

    who cares if it was fake, it was tttoooooooooooo funnnnnnnnyyy!!!! holay-molay lol ….ps petee-pete don say God’s name in vain….lol

  151. Laydeepiinkz says:

    That Was Funny Shiit.[!!]
    Oh Mann
    That Was Dry[!!]

  152. maestro says:

    so fake, it was lame

  153. Joel Drussis, BS Detector says:

    This is indeed FAKE. Like PPKP above (cf. comments from Dec 8), I heard this when another version appeared in the past, only instead of Beyonce tickest it was red roses. That one appeared on KTU (a New York radio station), and it had the same jokes (e.g. “periodical” for period, et cetera).

    Anyone who wants a copy of the other version, just e-mail me at (i.e. joel.drussis [AT] gmail [DOT] com in case e-mail addresses are scrambled).

    The other version I heard nearly a year ago, and even then I thought it was fake (the above merely solidified it for me). The problem is that English is not the first language of these characters (hence the accents and bad English), yet, amazingly, despite all the passion/rage/confusion, neither of them ever switch into their mother tongue? Too convenient to be real.

  154. Joel Drussis, BS Detector says:

    One follow up. The version available above is from 104.7 Kiss FM, whose web site can be seen here:

    The version I have was from 103.5 KTU, whose web site can be seen here:

    Their web sites are nearly identical in format, so similar in fact, that I think they are owned by the same company.

    Again, anyone who would like to hear the KTU version need only e-mail me at and I will gladly send it to them.

  155. Just me says:

    Totally fake and not funny.

  156. ly says:

    This is so funny!

  157. Sebbe says:

    U can tell that it’s fake, but it’s still funny…

  158. Nav says:

    Fucking funny… Freak me out! hahaha

  159. julie says:

    This is too fake. Budda call?? LOL

  160. Agent Singh says:

    HA HA HA HA this is fucking jokes!

  161. CBN says:


  162. Double8 says:


  163. Double8 says:


  164. NISHAD says:

    As a true Indian living in India, this dumbass gives Indians a bad name! WE CAME UP WITH THE KAMASUTRA!!!!!
    Fuckin dumbass!!! And he should send his wife back to India, so she can experience IT ALLLLLLL!!!!!

    In short: hahahahahahahaha….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaah!!!!

  165. deadbluebolt says:

    Its rigged

  166. Kris says:

    Although this is a fake, it’s hilarious, and I can’t stop the laughing in my head. Good stuff …

  167. Vicky says:

    Owwwwww man ! This is so so so fucking hilarious …. raj man …. this radio show cooked you for good !

  168. takis says:

    ahahahhahahah ahhah a

  169. Martin says:

    HAHA, vadå busted? ;D
    Sweden for the win 🙂

    Puss och kjamizar till er alla bögcollagehoror

  170. Jennifer says:

    omfg….that was AMAZING. i haven’t laughed that hard at ANYTHING in months. “budda calls….” “periodicals…” YES!!! this MADE my f***ing DAY!

  171. mohini says:

    Oh my God! that man is just sickening

    i feel sorry for the women

    thanks for putting it up!


  172. Jason. n says:

    How com u r on the fone with the person that is laffing

  173. Jason. n says:


  174. P says:

    OMG!!! i hope she ripped his balls off when he came at night cause he deserves that and DEATH!!!!

  175. Singh says:

    It’s not a fake…here’s the original website (Super Snake goes global)

  176. fake says:

    It is fake .. go to the very end in the list..
    Remash and Partiti sounds same..

  177. Suresh Kumar says:

    I want his wife (Jasmine) instead. I can give her the pleasure of her life.

  178. Captain Insano says:

    LOL!!!! “Buddah Call”.

  179. […] rules i am allowed to put this but this is real real funny . jus got link i my mail from a friend Dont use the mouth The Nth Eye Play the audio clip , but jus be careful . it contains mature contents Enjoy Shopping Grocery […]

  180. Lefty says:

    omg some funny sh***
    hahahaha,, ” sir! wht are you laughing so hard”? hahahahahahaahah…

  181. J L says:

    Who cares if it’s fake, it’s hilarious! Every time I send it to someone new I have to listen to it again!!

  182. rajan says:

    kindly joint in your group and mail to me

  183. Poonam says:

    I feel awful for Jasmin. Couldn’t her hubby just tell her to use the mouth or something? I despise cheating. The one about Ramesh & Pradtini is fake. Nice post btw. (:

  184. Dennis says:

    This is bullshit, I know for a fact that Indian girls will use the mouth.

  185. Brak says:

    The only thing more fake than this are Pamela’s Tits.Really funny – Ha.

  186. President says:

    Fake one…..An audio clip with the same theme I got through floating mails some 5-6 years back. Audio was from some indian FM radio channel, with radio jockey making call to hubby while wife is present during the conversation.It seems this theme is quite popular and ‘m sure you’ll find similar clip in german,french,spanish………………..The same theme was included in a bollywood movie HELLO.

  187. luis says:

    Nice article!I love this site!

  188. You can definitely see your skills in the paintings you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  189. punch hero hack says:

    ll be rewarded with more premium currency based on how much your party contributed to
    the defeat. – 15 points – Defeat six or more enemies
    with a single heroic attack. If you lose, you still collect whatever resources you have plundered.

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