Working in Dubai / UAE – The real deal

Today I got a forward from one of my friends, about the nitty gritties of life of a working individual in UAE, or Dubai, as it is popularly known. It was a truly insightful one, and it has inspired me to write this article. This should be of help to people from the subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Philippines) who decide to come here.

Dubai is a lovely place to live. Dubai is a wonderful place to shop. Dubai is a great tourist destination. Dubai is a melting pot of all cultures and traditions. Dubai is a major travel hub.

All the above statements are true.

The inflation is 15%. The average rent without family is AED 2000 per month at least, and with family, it is a cool 3-4k minimum. If you choose to live in Sharjah or Ajman, deduct 25% from the above figures, and add at least 3-4 hours of transportation every day to your workplace in Dubai. And if you work in Jebel Ali, may god save you if you don’t live there!

The above statements are also true.

If you are multiplying your salary by 13-14 rupees and that forms the prime criteria for your decision to work here, think again! Firstly, nowadays you get roughly 12-12.5 rupees per AED at max. Secondly, the money is useful only if you manage to save. That brings me to the main point, Savings!

The average salary of a decently educated and experienced person in Dubai is around AED 4k-8k. Most of the subcontinent expatriates who are well educated and have 3-5yrs experience fall in this bracket. There are companies that pay you more than that, but then there are ones which pay lesser than that!

40%-60% of your salary would go in rents, which, by the way are mostly unregulated. Today if you are paying 30k annually, next year you might be asked to pay 45k for the same flat, and you would be mostly helpless! For example, I used to pay 18k during 2003-2004, which was increased to 24k during 2004-2005, furthermore to 30k in 2005-2006, and I am currently looking at paying 38k.

Take out a further 20% for your food, electricity and water. Basically, 70% of your salary goes for your basic living amenities. And if you are unlucky not to be provided transport by your company, shell out another 10% for that. In effect, 75% of your salary is going towards living in the most reasonable fashion! And if you decide to buy a car, or other such luxuries, well manage your calculations yourself. That leaves you with 25% savings. But wait, I haven’t talked about entertainment, child education, credit card payments, etc etc. Does that make the picture clear?

The traffic situation is worse and deteriorating further. Until the Metro is completed by 2009, there is no hope of improvement there. The authorities are trying their best with new projects and expansion of current road network, but the results are yet to show. 4 years ago, it took me 30 minutes to travel to my college. Last time I went to collect my certificates, it took me 1.5 hours, that too, with not “much” traffic.

But if you are offered 5 figure salaries per month, and have a lot of Experience, the picture is rosy. And if you decide to let your family stay peacefully in your motherland, and prepare to slog it out here, you can manage well. But not with a meager salary like 3k-5k. Any decent individual needs that much to survive here.

So next time, before you jump onto this bandwagon, think about it deeply. The quality of life here is extremely good, and you get proper facilities for your bucks. But then again, if you convert and see, some facilities are expensive too. For example, calling from UAE to India is around $0.65 normally, and $0.50 off peak. The rates for the other way round are $0.23 roughly! (AED 2.4 / 1.9 vs Rs.10). VOIP is banned too! Internet facilities are good compared to India, but costly again compared to most developed countries.

To sum up, an individual without family having a salary of 6k all inclusive can manage pretty well, with minimum savings. If there is family, you will be hardpressed. If you are looking for good life here with family you need a minimum of 8k-10k.

That’s my analysis after 4 years of life here. Having said all this, I would still prefer to live and work here as long as I can, since there are no Taxes, the people are great, the infrastructure is proper (except transport!), crime is almost nil, no religious tensions, and no dirty politics. However, you will always be an “expatriate” here!


92 thoughts on “Working in Dubai / UAE – The real deal

  1. Ankit says:

    Thats a very honest and a practical opinion. I found it very interesting to know them. But if you look at the basic platform on which you have based your argument, it applied to all foreign countries.
    If you take australia, the pay is much higher but taxes are high too! Besides that racism is high. But lifestyle, and luxury is good. You live the most modern life you think, as the infrastructure by the government is pretty strong. People’s voice (only australians) counts a lot, unlike india, where all voices except people’s count more!
    But i liked your article man! 🙂

  2. Tassy Ali says:

    True man. I was born and brought up here… and I am still considered an expat (i think it is because i am bleck :p). nevertheless.. uncanny article man.

  3. devesh21 says:

    I should make it clear that the previous comment is from a female, dont get confused by that name friends.
    And please visit her blog(its in my links), to get the truth and mystery and UNCANNINESS about BLECK!

  4. devesh21 says:

    BTW, i am looking at the subject on a microscopic level, so it might be eery!

  5. Gavin says:

    A very insiteful article as i was recruited from South Africa to work in dubai.Inow have an idea wat to expect

  6. piyush says:

    Here are my two bits:

    A) Social security (low crime rates, reasonable justice system, personal security etc.) all come at a cost; which is why in most developed nations (G7) the burden is passed to the citizens in form of high or some sort of taxes.
    – Dubai scores in this area since it has 0 tax rate while still maintaining social security to levels that’s comparable to the developed nations. The only reason Dubai can do this while others can’t is because of its natural resources (oil).
    – India’s problem is particularly acute in this area since WE DO NOT PAY TAXES. (I am not speaking about the avg. joe, who until recently didn’t even have a job, instead of the people who are rich/corporations/small businesses/politicians that excessively indulge in tax evasion). However, as Indian govt’s taxable revenue grows, I anticipate the quality of social security to change, for good. This has been the trajectory of most advanced nations and shall be no different for India.

    B) Living expenses (rent, food, travel, amenties): To me it is no surprise that the rents are so steep in Dubai. Rent in every part of the world, or of a city becomes steep if the land that you are renting is a great factor of production. Sample any city that have explosive growth and check the rents out, Dubai, New York, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo etc. (super super expensive). No average man with an average salary can afford to live in any of the above cities, ie. if you are making 6k in Dubai you are an average and hence don’t expect to live there (point made in the above article) because in my opinion paying 60% of your salary in rent is just as good as paying taxes (one would think Dubai doesn’t have taxes). Also rent is inversely related to commute time (again this rule applies to all the cities that I seem to be talking about). Food, electricity water etc costs are fixed. You’d be paying for them anywhere hence do not forget to account for them. The differences in different countries for these basic amenities are at best marginal.

    C) Savings: If you are a one person with an average job earning the bread for a family, admittedly savings are going to be tough. Notice why advanced nations have higher % of women into their labor force. Again dubai is no exception to this rule.

    To sum it up: here are the following scenarios with the outcomes:
    1. Single & with an average job: Comfortable life and decent living sytle and half-decent savings.
    2. Supporting a family with an average job: Be prepared to have toufh commute times, and zero savings.
    3. Supporting a family with a working partner: Comfortable life and decent living sytle and half-decent savings.
    4. Supporting a family with a swanky job: Comfortable life and decent living sytle and half-decent savings but likely to be less than scenario 3.

  7. Prasad says:

    Hey that was a very very helpful information for me. I got an offer of 5000 Dhiram
    per month and I am not married. I think the offer is ok but not that good .

    Thanks anyway.

    • parag pande says:

      res.sir i m having degree in mech & diploma in automobile.having 2 years experince in automobile field . want to get job in dubai. pls guide me.thanking you.

  8. Gabriel says:

    Hi, thanks for the article!! That’s precisely what I was looking for. Some people think that by moving to Dubai they’ll have a huge salary and huge saving but having such high rents is even worse than having normal taxes.
    I have been offered 4K and now I see that it might not be enough.

  9. kuldeep says:

    tahnx 4 this info, but m still confused if i earn 3.3k other than rent n transport how much i can save (if company deduct HRA n Transport i wil get 3.3k)

  10. Devesh says:

    3.3k is preety gud for starters other than rent and transport… u will easily save half of n transport r the main cost factors

  11. Srini says:

    Thanks for the information, it was very usefull. I have got offer for ABB company in dubai, with 6250 dhms per month and i am single, can any one tell me, what to do??????

  12. V Sharma says:

    I am in Dubai for 1.5 yrs. Working with an MNC at a salary of 6.5 dirhams. My husband plans to return to Dubai this july after a ban of one year. He currently has a well paid job in India. My question is, should we live in Dubai or go back to India, where we will have a good lifestyle? I personally feel that it would be cowardice to go back to India as we both are well educated and hardworking people. We are both 29 yrs old. THis is the time for us to enjoy life. We see life here with lots of friends. IF we go back, all the sacrifices that we did in least one year by staying away from each other, just after one year of getting married will go for a waste. Last few days have been a roller-coster ride for us as people around me have been giving us all types of suggestions. And both of us are left confused at this point in time.

  13. ten time says:

    to the 29 yr old looking to stay in dubai, and face the challenge. Let me ask you a question.

    What is more important to you? Sacrificing special moments of your marriage, to have a better lifestyle…or having a special happy marriage?

    what were you thinking staying away from each other…for one year, right after you got married. ‘Doesn’t make sense. thats a crucial time to create a strong bond.

    now he’ll come back,…and what do you expect in dubai. both of you work……what kind of ‘quality time’ do you expect to spend with each other. traffic is horrible and so are work timings..

    get your priorities straight. please.

    go to the marina views and speak to the conciergé’s over there…ask them how many couples have recently divorced in their building…

    couples who were both worried about lifestyle more than each other.

    you’ll get a very accurate picture. i encourage you to do this.

  14. druid says:

    Very gud analysis. Me, livin here for the past 3 yrs, a lil fortunate than many i should confess. My advice 2 jobseekers – please do not convert salary offers to rupees… if u r earnin in dirhams, r u also going 2 spend in dirhams here. Wat u need 2 convert in rupees is ur savings. If a co. offers a job, find out if it involves accom. & transport (dat includes travel time as well). To what i c, these 2 r the biggest factors.

    Also get ur priorities rite… how long do u intend to stay? r u lookin at makin some quick money n wanna head back home r not much savings but a gud lifestyle in Dubai. N try to stick to ur plans. I remember a famous hoarding dat says ” I came to live in Dubai for 3 yrs….. 15yrs back”. N there r some of my friends who came here without any plans… stayed for almost a yr, n found dat they r hardly saving any money n r missing home quite badly.

  15. Ankur says:

    Hi..I assume a salary of 20k is good money in dubai but is it better than a package of 15.5 lacs in India ? Can some one please advise

  16. raheel says:

    Hi, I got an offer of 12k DHMS from a dubai based firm while i am saving 5KDHMS in pakistan. Can any from dubai suggest some thing to me? plz

  17. aruna says:

    Hi, I got an offer of 8k Dirham from a dubai based firm which includes everything.
    Apart from this there is a commission of 5%, medical benefits for self excluding dental and maternity and return ticket to home country.
    Please advise as I have 5 yrs exp but none in GCC.

  18. Vaidyanath says:

    Dear All

    Pl help Got an offer for AED 11 K p.m excluding (accommodation+electricity+water+medical+transportation) These perks will be provided by the co. I am an indian . What savings at the minimum level i can expect. My spending habits are normal neither a miser nor a spendthrift with family of 2 adults and 2 Childern . Suppose If i live single what can I expect in othewords what will be the monthly expense for food, clothes and entertainments school fees etc.

    Thanks in advance

  19. vinod says:

    hi.. Really you have given a wonderful information about the lifestyle in dubai. Currently i got an opportunity in dubai for 8000(AED) but excluding accomdation. I am from india. can u please suggest me how much i can save and how much expenses will be incurred in dubai.

  20. Ganilson says:

    Iam an india iam earning here45000 /month

    I got an offer in dubai as personal financial advisor in dsa for barclays bank for 4000drms
    plus incentives .Iam planning to leave to

    earn the incentive. pls guide me

  21. muhannad AL-taieyb says:

    Iam sudanese seeking a medical job in DUBAI or other areas in UAE . I graduate from faculaty of medicine university of Gazeera2006 . pls send me some information

  22. Kate says:

    i am a Canadian nurse looking to move to Dubai with a husband and 3 kids. Husband would get a job there also. I need advice of good salaries and how to get great jobs.How much do we need to live/month, just normal way of living.

  23. Wayne says:

    I am a Plumber looking to land a job in Dubai.
    Can anyone tell me what kind of salary to expect? Any advise on how to find an employer? I am just now starting my quest thank you for any help

  24. Vintya says:

    I have recently been offered a job in Dubai by Emirates for 16000 DHS per month. I would like to know whether it si a good salary or not. They have not provide any accomodation. What are the things i should get it cleared. My plan is to save at least 10000 DHS. I would not mind staying in Sharjah and commuting from there ?

    Please reply.


  25. Issam says:

    hi everybody,
    i would love to work in dubai as an airport security agent.
    At the moment i’m working for an israeli company as an airport security agent(schiphol airport amsterdam).
    Would somebody please tell me about the possibilities?

    please feel free to reply.

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  27. Bright says:

    Hello …thanx for this article. that ws indeed helpful

  28. Jan Krasny says:

    I just came across your blog searching for information about working in UAE. I just wanted to comment that I LOVE your template — It is really excellent. Did you make it yourself or is it publicly available?

  29. Ishwar says:

    Hi i am planning to leave to Dubai and i have an offer for 5K DHs excluding (Acc+Wat+Ele) iam unmarried is it advisable to go over there.

    Pls comment

  30. Robin says:

    I am a Canadian Aesthetician/Spa Manager considering relocating to Dubai. I have 1 young child. What would be reasonable salary in a Resort spa? What are education/childcare costs like? What is the best way to search for employment?
    Is is safe to live as a single woman with a child there? Thank you:)

  31. arun says:

    hi i am a fresher ,civil engineer i m single with an offer of 3000dhms as the company is providing me with accomodation and transport .how costly is food there and how much amount can i save .is it decent enough for a starter?

  32. A.Vinodh says:

    hello folks,
    this is vinodh from india. i would like to have a few information regarding Das islands. It is 180 Kms away from Abu Dabi. i would like to know what would be a good salary to accept an offer?

  33. Parag says:

    Working in Dubai / UAE – The real deal
    November 14, 2006 at 5:40 pm

    I am so surprised with this above date.. that some one decided to write on dubai`s cost of living and I decided to leave Dubai at the same time.. Well I left Dubai on 14 November 2006 (I thought for ever). I started my journey in Dubai in Dec 2004 with Engineering Degree, No experience and small pay of 1900 AED. Then got offer for 4200 AED in 6 months then 10000 AED in 1 yr. BUT still I was not confident on my savings, Missed family and friends… So I decided to go back to India and live Happily?? In India How can anyone live happily(in INDIA)… TAX, POLLUTION, CORRUPTION, POLITICS and GOSSIPING…. now i feel though i was not saving any thing i was better off in dubai… Dubai is good place land of oppurtunities… I think it depends from person to person how far he want to grow or earn… but living standards wise and peace of mind wise dubai is best place i will consider and recommended for any one who wants to relocate provided you accept TRAFFIC as part of ur life and ready to spend some part of ur life in traffic… ALL THE BEST!!! (I AM NOW LOOKING FOR JOBS IN DUBAI) bye tc…

  34. Japoana says:

    yella ellaaaaaaaa

  35. Abdullah says:

    I am from Malaysia and currently have a job offer paying AED42k per month all inclusive (plus annual vacation tickets, bonus, medical and insurance). I have 4 children and all of them in school.
    I live quite comfortably in an affluent area in Kuala Lumpur (i.e. 5 bedrom villa, upmarket neighborhood etc.).
    Do you think it wise for me to move to Dubai ? Based on my calculation, I do not save at all ( I am assuming 170k for apartment, 100k for school, another 50k for transports, 60k for groceries & utilities, and maybe another 50k per year for other expenses i.e vacation, dining out, entertainment etc.).
    Have anyone here been to Kuala Lumpur (KL)? Is dubai is much better overall compare to KL ?

  36. Liz says:

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Management, and just a few steps away to graduating my Master’s Degree in Management Technology. What are the job opportunities that I could avail for myself in Dubai? Will appreciate everyone’s reply… Thanks!

  37. tandi says:

    this is a fascinating talk here, which has been very useful to me. i’ve been offered employment at emirates airlines, i’m from sa…how do you convert dirmahs (3,635) to zar (south african rands) & know how much you earn??i’m also very worried abt savings…accommodation & transport will at least be covered by them…thank god. but the rest is up to me..

  38. jim says:

    Hello everybody! i’m from the Philippines, i am a certified public accountant (CPA) with 7 years of working experience, i am planning to work in dubai. My question is how much average salary will i expect to recieve in dubai given my qualification?

  39. suresh says:

    Is a salary of 20,000AED p.m (without acco,water,elec,transport,medical) a decent offerfor an engineer with 14yrs of experience .We are a couple and planning to move to dubai

  40. nedal adel ismail says:

    hello, my name is nedal adel i am egyptian canadian and i am 25 years old i have a good experince in the banking issue in canada and in egypt more than 5 years in chase manhattan bank in canada and in barclayes and in city bank in egypt and i am looking forward for a job in dubai and i dont know where i can send my cv please if u kindly replay me my email is or my number is

  41. mahen says:

    I’m from malaysia and was offered AED 620K p.a (plus 130K housing, 34K car allowance, 14K utilities, 76K for travel, 48K for school,14K medical & 12K for fuel) for a long term job. Is it a good offer?

  42. alan says:

    hi…mahen,, i am from malaysia too and been offerd about 28K AED pm excluding everthing. if u are here. pls send me an email maybe we could share a house ?

  43. Nes says:

    I liked your comment,

    I have an offer from dubail with USD 350, Accomodation and transport free.What do you
    think about other expenses like food and how much can I save?

  44. ima says:

    am a medical doctor from nigeria.really desire to relocate to dubai with my family,what are my chances of doing well there.please could someone link me up with medical job opportunities there.thanks

  45. Vivek says:

    As a chartered Accountant working i Dubai what should be the initial Salary.Co is providing only transportation. No food & no comodation & i am single right now & planning to get married in a year. Please advice.


  46. R.ARUL MJURUGAN says:

    As an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER i got offer from dubai , how much will be the expense for food , accomadation (medium level) and travelling to the site, please send me the details
    with regards

  47. lejoe thomas says:

    hi … i was reading this article… and its pretty interestin yet a lil confusing.. i live in the US… i was born in dubai then moved here when i was in 10th… i have also lived in bahrain b4 moving to the US. Now that i am married and having a decent life here… i am thinkin of moving back to dubai and raising a family there. i would like to know how the economy is doing.. and see what the avg salary is… avg rent is.. and covert it to USD… hope u guys can help me out. i would like to know if its a wise thought to move to dubai…

  48. lejoe thomas says:

    please reply back to my email..

  49. Amin Firouzzadeh says:

    (My response to Abdullah from KL): Dubai is by no mean better than KL, Kl is a large city, you’ll feel as you are imprisoned in Dubai for Dubai is not really a large city. Yet your offer is great and among the toppest salaries in Dubai. I wish I knew your current salaries in Malaysia, then I could give you a real piece of advice. You can easily reach me via ( for furthur question. I am an Iranian based translator with work experience in both Duabi and Kl.

  50. Vicky says:


    I just got a job in Dubai, with salary of 10,000 Dhs ( excluding accomodation, bills, internet, medical, conveyance etc). I am plannning to move there by end of Sep’2008.
    Kindly suggest me, can i able to save some money, after all the expences???
    Also i need anybody, who is staying in Dubai and can offer to share a room on rent, or any accommodation on sharing basis. Please email me at for all posibilities.
    Thanks 🙂

  51. Vicky says:

    Something more about myself is, i am 28 years old from India and working in a software company. Bbye

  52. syah says:

    hi, i’m syah form Kuala Lumpur. i’ve got offer 15k p.m and provided with all accmodation (house, transport, insurance, medical etc) can some body advise, how much can i save per/month.

    thank you inadvanve

  53. juraimijais says:

    well all things for sure have a moving to dubai too..just be strong.

  54. Sachin says:

    I just got a job in Dubai, with salary of 8,000 Dhs ( excluding accomodation, bills, internet, medical, conveyance etc). I am plannning to move there by end of nov’2008.
    Kindly suggest me, can i able to save some money, after all the expences???
    Also i need anybody, who is staying in Dubai and can offer to share a room on rent, or any accommodation on sharing basis. Please email me at

  55. Devesh says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks everyone for your comments.
    The update on Dubai is that it has become a lot more expensive within 2 years. And now the laws are becoming tougher too. I would say that accommodation has become a nightmare here, so if your Company pays for / provides accommodation, its worth to try Dubai, otherwise, its a big struggle.

    Sachin, your 8k is good enough if your accommodation / transport is paid for by your employer, otherwise it will be a rough ride.

  56. Partha says:

    Dear all,
    Recently I have received a job offer in Dubai at AED4500 excluding accommodation & other things.I was surprised after going through your Blog & decided to re-negotiate with the company regarding this & if they reject I should reject the offer.
    Thanks for showing me the original picture & providing me the true support.
    I wish good luck to you all.

  57. Muhammad Amjad says:

    I have just recieved a salary offer of 5000 dirhams for Ajman. Company will provide me Accomodation, Travel and medical. Should I go or stay in my country???

  58. Inna says:

    Hello, I am interviewing with a company to work in Dubai and they asked what is my ideal salary. I saw several websites and I get the impression that studio or one bedroom apartments ranges from 4,600 to 15,416 dirhams/mth. I would like to ask how much does rent cost for a decent size apartment in a decent area (maybe less than 10 km from downtown and convenient travel-wsie). Also, how much does average meal cost in Dubai? Thank you.

  59. Devesh says:

    Inna, 5000-10000 is the average cost of 1 BHK flat in Dubai. In that range, you can find a decent flat almost anywhere if you search well.

    Average meal cost depends on what you eat. But I would put the daily food cost in the range of 30-75, based on your location and preferences.

  60. Baboucarr(London) aka Blazerboy aka Weezy 2 says:

    I didn’t kno dat peopl in dubai eva earned way less than £22000, i thought it was a lot mor, but da cost of livin is cheap; american prices b cos in london stuff cost double, includin houses. A small, i really mean small house 2 bed, costs, cheapest, £220000, dats like AED1,180,000. Id lov to liv in dubai aswell, but da salaries r too low. Im 16 at A-level, startin 2 study java but dubai is too affordable, im tempted to liv ther, got som frends, if ther is no car insurance in dubai, il b tempted to buy a maybach n ferrari, true, dey r pricey, but no insur n no tax, dats a londoners/englishmans dream, but da employers in dubai hav to stop bein stingy!

  61. Parag says:

    I have been offered AED 15K+1BHK in AJman, I would like to know my expenses for 2 adults and 1 daughter (1.7 years old) in Ajman.

  62. Parag says:

    I have been offered AED 15K+1BHK+Commission, in AJman, I would like to know my expenses for 2 adults and 1 daughter (1.7 years old) in Ajman.

  63. Haider says:

    I am working as accountant in Pakistan for 10 years.
    I want to go to Dubai for job. How much salary can be offered to me? and how much salary is reasonable if I want to live with family in Dubai.
    Plz guide

  64. Yogesh says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Information came out from this article and discussion is pretty good and helpful.

    Thanks to everyone.

  65. Karan Batra says:

    what is the current status of Dubai..
    I kno that the Renatls would hv fallen sharply but then are there any jobs left???
    wat is the expected salary of a fresher Chartered Accountant??

  66. inshasoft says:

    Its WonderFul Post, Excellent work, keep it up

  67. oluwaseyi says:

    my name is seyi i came to Dubai i got a security job they told me to go back home so that they can give me working visa so i came since 2 january now am still waiting can some one help me plz i dont know what to do i am a family man am now in Nigeria waiting ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  68. Rachel says:

    My name is Rachel and I hope this mail will find you well & healthy and I hope we can get to know each other better and see what happened since we are meeting here first time, I’m from Rwanda. My hobby is Reading, Listening to Music, Watch Movies and talk with new friends, please i will like to know more about you? my email address is ( I hope to see your respond.

  69. RJ says:

    The information is quite helpful. Having said that lifestyle in dubai is quite higher, still it depends on how you manage your money/salary. If you love glamour then expect for a worse result of your journey. Why others can survive and saved in dubai with just 2500-3000K a month? It matters when you’re impractical.

    • unanemous says:

      You seems kind of observatory and open minded. It is true that Dubai is very expensive in nature, but to be expensive depends on product level of the country. (GDP) , Which Business do you value in Demand for the moment ? If you plan to start your own business near in future (Dubai) , which sector do you see more profitable the most you can recommend your readers?
      Reply to the Email please, no website. just I am doing my marketing research

  70. Beeraj says:

    Hi all,

    I have been given a teaching job with salary of about 10k/month and free residence. Since I am equally fluent in French, Hindi & Russian, I wish working in tourism sector during my free time-weekends.

    Please let me have your valuable comments,

    Beeraj (

  71. henie says:

    am an architectdrafstwoman,have worked in dubaifor almost 8yrs.started with asalary of 2700dhs free acc.and transpo.then on my second company they gave me around 3700 dhs..but only transpo free.on my last earning husband is earning 2000dhs free having my 2 children here one is 2yrsold and the elder is 4.were paying a total of 2100dhs pr month for all house bills,im spending approx 500dhs for my elder daughter’s school fees,were paying 1300 dhs for the partime baby sitter,were spending approx.2500 for food and 500 for med checkups.etc.,we cant buy anything thinking of sending them back home..for their future..but its hard being alone here in dubai.

  72. Jai ganesh says:

    I have got an Offer for 8000 AED p.m. job is at Jebel Ali area..and Room (at sharjah)with sharing accomodation & Company Bus to pick n drop. Lunch will be provided in Office. I need to move out from my place by morning. I m with 2 yr wrk exp Engg grad with MBA, kindly any one advice me, is this a good offer?

  73. shashank says:

    hi…… It’s my utmost request to kindly answer my question as my fate hangs in balance. I’m a engg. graduate (fresher). I have an offer of 5300 AED p.m. as CTC. It includes 2500 as my in hand salary and the rest will be in the form of accomodation, food and transport. Is it an average, below average or good offer? Should I go there or work in India? In India, I’m capable of getting a job of 20000 pm.

    • Devesh says:

      Hi Shashank,

      I personally beleive 2500 in hand salary is peanuts. It is very less, moreover, here the increases in salary are not like in India. You cant even switch jobs in short periods due to visa regulations. Minimum you should get in hand is 5k AED. Hope that helps.

  74. vikas patel says:

    Hello, just to warn you that in dubai they take your passport/visa away from you so that you cannot return to your country. It is quite scary. When I went there a few months ago. I met a few people who worked there. They said the dubai government trick you into saying “we will pay you money..accomodation..AC..etc” but in reality its not true. These people told me they lived in a village and when they were told about this….its was really a way to make dubai businesses boom

    please be careful

  75. vishal sharma says:

    Hello To All,
    I am vishal sharma and working in stock broking firm as a branch manager and their I am handling commodities section.Now I want to do job in Dubai,if any body their in the same profession so plz let me know that how can I apply and plz give me a email address & contact detail of that company . Please any body help me ……………

  76. sha says:

    hi deves,
    all these posts are not upto date, now it is aug 2011,
    please try to update all the information about living standard as you have written in your article , it is very helpful to those peoples who are going to jump into the mud,
    as of now…housing is very costly . one have to pay atleast 35000 aed to 60,000 aed for a decent accomodation,fooding…actually i am not in dubai but use to read a comparision of living cost of different cities.
    and deves your analyticle article in very nice.
    so keep on writing month wise or atleast twice in a year or atleast once in a year.

    i am in jeddah, and the living cost in almost 1/3 that of dubai or other gulf country.
    one individual can easily find a sharing good accomodation in 500 sar /month, & for family a decent flat with 1BHK -1000-1500 sar pr month, and for more lux flat you have to pay max 2000sar/month , sometimes including water and elec bill too.
    parking in a problem in jeddah.
    since there in no more bar & theatures are here so no other extra load on ur pocket,
    you can easly manage one or two tours with ur friends to nearest spot within 500 SAR easily .
    medical facility is avg to good with very reasonable charges.
    security-personal and family is ok ok,

    if your salary asper today 2011 is 3000-5000sar / month , then one can easily live and save a decent part of his salary.

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  78. Puneeth says:

    I am in need of job in dubai.. im a degree graduation holder

  79. ankit says:

    call me 9039639683

  80. Piyush Varshney says:

    i am an Indian Dentist , having 3 years experience, wants to join in Dubai as a General Dentist, can any body give me any idea for job, salary and living cost .


  81. Kan William says:

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  82. Prateek Gaur says:

    Hi All,

    I got an offer of 4200 AED, i am 25 Single. Will i be able to survive in this Salary?? The Company’s Office is in Abu Hail Road. Can anyone suggest ??

  83. Huzefa Vakhariya says:

    Hi, I want to know that how the salary rises in Dubai if I join as Marketing Executive with my Computer Engineering Degree from 4000 AED? Will the time spending in work increase my salary or I will have to do master degree like MBA. Will my salary with just Computer Engineering degree get rise from 4000 AED to 10000 AED if I will keep working for two three years in same company starting as Marketing Assistant. Please reply me soon. I want to work in Dubai.

  84. Tapash says:

    Hi…. My talk is on with some organisations over Dubai.. the salary offer is ranging between 7k to 10k including the accommodation. I and my spouse with our 8 months old baby is bit confused, whether we can survive there .. Please suggest us.

  85. Are you interested to get the personal loan in Dubai?
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