Casino Royale – Short Movie Review

This is the first time I am attempting a concise review of an English film, so give me some room here fellas!

I havent watched the earlier Casino Royale, and so I cant make any comparisons here. This one though, rocks!

A fairly simple plot is complemented beautifully by a great screenplay, and great performances. But what really impressed me was the very “UnBondish” action. Yes my friends, the raw, intense, and awe-inspiring action scenes are used deftly to forward the plot, and there are hardly any SFX. There are no out of this world gadgets, no real vamps tricking Bond into some situation, or a hi-fi car working more than any other weapon. There is the gorgeus Aston Martin DB5 though, but its life is pretty short!

So this time around, our great double ‘0’ is trying to bust the terrorist funding business in post 9/11 era. This basic plot comes alive with various elements like manipulating shares, using terrorist money to make money to make money for oneself, while at the same time making their finance available to them anywhere.

There movie grips you in the initial 15 minutes itself, with probably one of the longest chase scenes in recent times. You have got to see it to beleive, it is jsut amazing. There are clever dialogues all over. Sample this: Bond tells the agency accountant, played by Eva Green “You are not my type”. She retorts “Smart?”, and Bond says “Single”.

Daniel Craig is amazing! He is more convincing then Pierce Brosnan in many ways. He has a great physique, tough brooding face, piercing eyes, and fantastic screen presence. He comes very close to Sir Sean Connery. A great new Bond is born my friends! Dame Judi Dench is convincing as usual, this time a bit more stricter, yet more funny. Eva Green looks a million bucks, and actualyl steals the show in many scenes. The “bloody tears” bad guy money launderer looks coolly evil.

The real winner here is the director Martin Campbell. Three cheers for him for showing us what Bond can do on his own, in the most realistic fashion possible for any James Bond 007. The track during opening credits is a pleasant departure from the usual stuff. Cinematography and editing are crisp, complementing the film very well. Not once during the 2:30 length you feel bored. You are constantly on the edge of your seat.

So guys, go and watch this great popcorn flick, and kick in your comments!


2 thoughts on “Casino Royale – Short Movie Review

  1. I did hear that Casino Royale was a great movie despite many attacks on a different kind of 007… Hope it’s really great when I get the time off work to watch it!

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