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After watching Vivah, I have really started liking its music. Well, not completely, but there are three songs which have really grown on me. In my opinion, these three songs are one of the purest I have heard this year in terms of originality of music, melody, and the innocence of the lyrics. And the best part, it is heavily Indian, with no western arrangements, rather traditionsl Indian instruments, like Tabla, Santoor, Shahnai.

The first one to strike me is Mujhe Haq Hai. A song about two lovers, destined to be together forever, meeting on the terrace at night, hiding from their families. Trying to steal some precious moments from time, before the guy departs the next day. There are myriad desires going through their young and excited hearts, and at the same time they have to control themselves! The song deftly portrays the entire gamut of emotions going through two hearts, which are madly in love, yet shy, and at the same time excited and afraid! The setting of rooftop is just perfect, with flowers all round, and the romantic moonlight to accompany them. Its a dream setting for everyone who has experienced love. Just listen to it a couple of times, or more, and you will fall in love with love itself!

Sung beautifully and sensuously by Udit Narayan & Shreya Ghosal

Here is it:[odeo=]


The second one is Do Anjane Ajnabi. This is a song about two people seeing each other for the first time, trying to steal that furtive glance, while being surrounded by everyone. The song plays in the background, and the future lovers try their best to observe each other, while pretending oblivious to each other’s presence! It might appear silly and funny to some, but to most people mushy at heart, its a treat to watch, and that includes myself! The song ambles on gleefully, and after 2-3 hearings it has marched into your heart. The beauty of the song is that even though it plays in the background, it grabs your attention, and the first thing I did after watching the movie was listen to this song!

Sung extremely well by Udit Narayan & Shreya Ghosal

Here is it:[odeo=]


The final one is Milan Abhi Adha Adhoora Hai, which captures the theme of the movie. It actually is the theme song! It conveys the essence and purpose of the movie in the most beautiful manner. The basic premise of the movie is the journey is from engagement to marriage, and the song is about togetherness of two souls. It says that the Milan (coming together) is not yet complete (Adhoora), it is just partially over (Adha). The journey is half done, the destination is yet to be reached. This song is racy compared to the previous two, yet is subtle and melodic. No heavy beats, no excess bass and groove, just pure Indian melody!  Imagine these words: somethings have been said, some are still unsaid. drops have fallen, rain is yet to pour. Simple yet amazing!

Sung once again by the same duo as above.They simply rock in this album!!

Here is it:[odeo=]

Three cheers for the music director Ravindra Jain, and director Suraj Barjatya!


PS: I have just heard the music of Kabul Express, and it is fabulous!!


10 thoughts on “Vivah Music

  1. Vi says:

    Those songs are gorgeous! Thanks for posting them šŸ™‚

  2. sadashiv says:

    All songs are great. thanks to publish these songs

  3. hibo said says:

    i liked is film please can say something abouti this film

  4. shewa says:

    i just luv vivah n songs 3 songs r gr8.. i just luuuuuuuuv vivah…

  5. i loooooove the film
    cnt gt over it
    gta watch it lyk everyday twice
    i knw its abit mad
    buh i lv the filmmmmmmmmm sooo much
    really touching and gtin to knw what lv is

  6. Suhana says:

    I love those three songs as well. It may sound weird, but I have got all of them memorised! I love them and the actual film!!!!!

  7. pnt_tung says:

    i like too… i Watched it any times, them sound of Vivah good too.

  8. Bizblelve says:

    hello good music blog!!!

  9. prakash says:

    thanks, anyone can listen so easily. thanks

  10. prakash says:

    thanks, anyone can listen so easily.
    totally awesome

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