Box Office – 10 – 16 Nov

Three new movies released this week, Vivah, Deadline and Apna Sapna Money Money. Among the three, ASMM took the cake, while Vivah was an unexpected success. Obviously in terms of money, Vivah grossed less than ASMM, since it had about one-third of the prints ASMM had. The third release, Deadline, despite being a good film, and garnering good reviews, got sandwiched between Vivah and ASMM. While Vivah looks set to gross more in its second week and than the first week, ASMM will expectedly drop.

Dhoom 2 is releasing on 24th, and is sure to fetch the best opening numbers of the year!

1 Apna Sapna Money Money – 8.5 Crores
2 Vivah – 5 Crores
3 Don – 47.5 Crores (3 crores this week)(4th week)
4 Umrao Jaan – 7.2 crores (1 Crores this week, this ones a disaster) (2nd week)
5 Jaan-E-Mann – 26.15 crores (1 crores this week, got clobbered by DON)
6 Lage Raho Munnabhai – Awesome, manages 3.5 million in 11th week!
7 Deadline – 2.2 million


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