Indian Cricket – Wake Up You Sleepy Zeroes!

Yeah, you heard me right, ZEROES, and I am referring in unequivocal terms to the GREAT Indian cricket TEAM (for lack of a better word), though it is anything but a team at the moment. (well, if a bunch of losers form a team sure we have the best TEAM in this world)

Indian cricket has arguably sunk to its lowest level in recent times. There have been debacles galore, and little to cheer for the fans! Personally, I don’t follow it anymore, except the final scores. And today’s score of 91 all out in 30 overs flat chasing 250 odd just reaffirms my FAITH in our team turning into a bunch of jokers. Well, the real blame must be put on our GREAT WISE HONORABLE selectors and the greatest of them all BCCI. BCCI, or Bunch of Chimpanzees Commercially Inclined, has forgot cricket in all its politics, and I am sure it is going to continue doing that. They don’t care a damn, as long as they keep getting richer, after all MR SP has to fund his political party too!

And how can we forget the BEST coach Mr. *****, who is not even worth a CHAPPAL! I fail to understand why do we have to choose foreign coaches despite having some of the greatest players in our country. Oh, its again the BCCI at its best. It has the sole right to choose the coach, and since a foreigner is out of the political games that Indian coaches might have to be part of, voila, they choose a foreign coach! Simple and effective political solution. But what’s worth pondering here is that is money inclination enough to coach a foreign team for an individual? I believe one needs to have patriotic motivations and nationalistic fervor apart from the technical finesse to become a coach. And how can a foreigner have that? He just cant have the passion that an Indian has! Someone who shows his middle finger to disappointed fans cant coach the national team for heaven’s sake!

The less said about the players the better! You cant really blame them, though I must say Dravid’s form is on a decline, and the team composition is just pathetic! Yuvraj is being sorely missed, and I might add, bravely, that Ganguly can be some kind of a solution to the current misery. Get out of your politics and look at the national picture folks! If all your “CHOSEN ONES” fall like nine pins, why not try someone who is expected to fall anyway? At least you would have tried your best! Who knows what the Bengal Passion might do to the lack of passion of the current team!

And don’t think one win can change my stance! These emotions have been there, burning deep inside, and all my ignorance could not prevent me from venting them finally. Please vent your emotions too friends!

The views expressed here are the writer’s personal opinion and they are not intended to be derogatory to anyone whosoever.


7 thoughts on “Indian Cricket – Wake Up You Sleepy Zeroes!

  1. Yuor arguments are kiddish. Foreign ocach made Sri Lanka a world Champ. There is foreign coach in Pak too.. though there is a qualified World champ in form of Imran for doing the job.
    Chappel did well to get rid of ganguly.. he should soon get rid od Sachin, Sehwag Zafar Agarkar and other haramkhors

  2. devesh21 says:

    thats because i am still a kid compared to you Sir!

  3. Vi says:

    lol, love the disclaimer. Nothing else made much sense to me, since I don’t follow cricket, period.

    And thanks for the comment =)

  4. devesh21 says:

    I dont think people born and brought up in US know much about cricket, so its quite understandable!

  5. Rishabh says:

    I cant blame you for this outburst. I am an ardent cricket follower myself and every time India loses a match my heart cries!The Indian cricket team is going through a bad phase and injuries to yuvraj and sehwag have made matters worse.I still believe in the potential of the players and I am sure we will bounce back.We were going through a similar phase before WC 2003 and look where we ended the WC. I am sure we will get our act together before the WC and win the WC 2007!!!!!

  6. piyush says:

    what is cricket?

  7. ayjee says:

    more than a billion people and we cannot find 11 players?????

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