Forgive Me Dad!


That’s what I asked for after a bitter fight with him. I don’t remember ever asking anyone in my family for forgiveness. But I don’t know what happened to me that fateful day last Tuesday (21st November), I just felt an urge to apologize.

After almost 4 years, I cried like a newborn baby. It was a very minor issue, but I ended up saying things I should not have said. Got excited unnecessarily, completely misinterpreted my parents’ views and arguments, and ended up incensing my dad. To top it all, this happened at the dinner table!

Actually this has been happening to me since 3-4 years. I live two lives, one at home, and one with friends at college and work. My life at home is full of frustration, anger, despair and negativity, while I am an escapist in my other life. The biggest irony is I am the best friend for most of my friends, while at home I am the worst child!

Last week, after that fight and the emotional outpour, I feel I have become one with myself. I haven’t shouted at my little sister, haven’t been sarcastic with my mom, and haven’t argued with my dad. I feel good about myself, and since a week, I have remained as cool as a cucumber! I talk to my dad more often now, joke with mom, and treat my sister the way a brother should.

I know this would be a big surprise for most of those who know me, and some will feel I shouldn’t make this public. But I feel I should ask God for forgiveness, and the best way is my blog!



7 thoughts on “Forgive Me Dad!

  1. Vi says:

    I’m sure the sister appreciates it. Being one myself, I know the wrath of a brother’s anger. =]

  2. Aditya says:

    hey nothing wrong in making that public.
    i had the same kind of life as u hav mentioned but its been like this for the last six months.

    anyways right now i dont own a blog so i wont say much more than this.

    and u r doing a superb job.
    on the blog – front.

    i wonder if u r able 2 balance ur 3 worlds-blog, friends and family.

    i have been frustrated and in despair for i m unable 2 manage my life-family, friendz and the net life.

    i hope everything gets 2 normal 4 u (and me)

  3. Tassy Ali says:

    Yaar, you cant imagine wht happens at the dinner table… anything and everything. trust me! Most of us do lead two lives… but.. the fact tht now you live one… means you have acomplished something great… and for that i am proud of you.

    Blogging about stuff as personal as this… isnt wrong. infact, you feel much better!

    Oh…’toodle’ huh? some one is learning 🙂

    Later bro!

  4. ramu says:

    Everyone of my friends knw i never ever shout or get angry at anyone.and u too knw me for the past 4 months i have never been harsh on anyone.The incident like urs happens
    sometimes with me as well,but i feel its because u take more rights on your parents..But whenever i feel like i getting angry when i am talking to my parents
    i say to myself “CALM DOWN”…..and ask a question to myself…ï was never hard on anyone and y this time with my mom and dad…
    and the most imp thing is “i love my entire family the most, rather than anything in this world”…

    Hope u too feel the same

  5. beetlegold says:

    So very true- Of late I have been sulking with my parents for no logical reason- Mothers are god-sent gifts to anyone and one should seek divinity in mom! Never heard of a mom who is selfish with her offsprings and we take that being so very granted and yet she takes the abuse, silently. She must be laughing for our innocence and stupidity- afterall who knows anyone better than the mother. Mom- Please forgive for having hurt you- even after having known that i am doing it deliberately.

  6. Sapna says:


    That was really touching. The feeling that comes when we ask for forgiveness cannot be mentioned. We usually have a feeling that if we ask for forgiveness, it might belittle us, but on the contrary it takes us to a higher level. Also, in relationships, we make a mistake by taking people for granted. Mom is there, no big deal, food will be ready. Father will provide for us. All these things are the ones which create problems.

    Saying things and hurting each other is part of life but then asking for forgiveness and then forgiving is the greatest asset a person can have. Good that you have become one of them great people. One thing I would like to tell you is, do not take any relationship for granted. Understand the relationship and the people involved. It would help you overcome many things in life.

    Wish you luck in future and keep smiling. 🙂

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