The Pain in Rain

Drops fall like pearls on the parched earth,

And, they enter as memories in my heart.

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My heart, a thousand daggers thrust into it, pains…


Drops fall on my barren palms,

It feels like she is holding my hand,

The music of those drops,

Feels like her sweet nothings in my ears.

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My soul, burdened by debris of time, pains…


I see innocent children singing and dancing,

I see her innocent face in each of them,

I see her dancing, I hear her singing,

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My love, unrequited and alone, pains…


I see everyone hugging and cuddling,

I feel her in my arms, I feel her embrace,

I smell the air, I feel her scent.

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My emotions, incomplete and buried, pains..


The drops come alive in front of my eyes,

I see her eyes, inviting me to paradise

I see her lips, saying she loves me

I am drenched in the rain, it feels like drenched in her love.

My eyes gleam, I feel her warmth.


Then, the drops ditch me,

Leaving my thirst unquenched,

The memories vanish into thin air,

Like she has vanished from my life.

My heart pains, because there is no rain.


6 thoughts on “The Pain in Rain

  1. Vi says:

    I like the last stanza the best. =]

  2. Vi says:

    Awww, thanks Dev! My brother reads my blog along with my friends, maybe they will buy me one. =D

  3. kaila says:

    wow you really do know how to show your emotions with words,

  4. rachel says:

    listen to the rain dont fell her pain. jut walk away from every thing that you do not want to deal with. im life.

  5. shehu amir says:

    yeah this one sound good VI on top talk about selling her self, iam ready to buy her know, i need her reply, reply via dis address

  6. monika says:

    poem is about truth………

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