Chal Chale – Woh Lamhe Song

Woh Lamhe, which means those moments, was a great movie, with soul stirring music to say the least. Though the most popular track was Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai by KK, the best track in the album according to my opinion is Chal Chale by James.

Yes, the same James who rocked us with Bheegi Bheegi from Gangster. Since Woh Lamhe wasn’t a big hit despite being touching, the song did not quite achieve the success it deserved.

It has been composed by Pritam, who has been accused of plagiarism and blatant lifts in almost all his films (Kya Mujhe from this movie is lifted from an Indonesian track), this particular song does seem to be original, until of course someone finds out the source.

This guy James is one helluva singer! He lifts a normal song to unprecedented levels through his naturally soulful rendition. Soulful is the keyword here, the song smashes into your soul! It is a passionate love song, about a couple escaping from everyone, kinda to the paradise. The song was filmed very well too, adding to the delight.

The piece (I couldn’t identify the instrument, maybe a violin or mouth organ?help!) at the beginning sets the tone, and it continues throughout the song. Alas, the song is hardly 3.5 minutes! Just when you get immersed in it completely, it ends, leaving you in the worst lurch!

Here is it, for your ears.



13 thoughts on “Chal Chale – Woh Lamhe Song

  1. Vi says:

    The name’s Vi. 😛

  2. ish says:

    I like this song.It’s better than what James did in Bheegi Bheegi

  3. […] This is the song which I breathe as of now. It really soothes me. Sung by Jawad Ahmad, from the movie Woh Lamhe, from which I posted one more song here. I present the Hindi/English lyrics here. Enjoy! […]

  4. nikhita says:

    I agree with you Devesh, this song rocks and the voice of Jawad Ahmed is awesome.

  5. Pavan says:

    Could you please please please provide translated english lyrics for this song (chal chale) please…

  6. Renjith says:

    Pritam, though lifts tunes, has good taste of music and gave us a good treat in woh lamhe.. 🙂

  7. James says:

    Although I don’t understand a word of this song, I can still sing it because it is one of those songs that makes you forget your worries and inspires you. I liken this to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ( Brudda IZ) {RIP} from Hawaii. The words are also foreign to me but the music transends all cultural barriers and sings directly to the soul.

  8. sk8asd123 says:

    let’s go home my companion
    let’s shut all the doors and turn away from the world
    let’s make love all through the night
    let’s go home sweetheart
    let’s go home sweetheart

    where there is no crowd where there is not a soul
    where there is no chaos of the millions
    take me away for a few moments from all this
    let’s go home sweetheart
    let’s go home sweetheart

    bridge the distances between us
    let’s unite tonight, in body and soul
    if on the way, I go astray,
    love me endlessly let these restlessness of nights end for good
    hold me embrace me
    break all bondage into me
    let’s go home sweetheart
    let’s go home sweetheart
    let’s go home sweetheart

    chal chale apane ghar ai mere hamsafar
    band darwaze kar sabse ho bekhabar
    pyar dono kare raat bhar tootkar
    chal chale apane ghar hamsafar – 2

    na jahaan bheed ho na jahaan bhar ke log
    na shehar mein base laakhon logon ka shor
    chand lamhen tu inse mujhe durr kar
    chal chale apane ghar hamsafar – 2

    duriyaan dene ka jo bhi hai darmiyaan
    aaj kuchh aise mil ek ho jaaye jaan
    bhar mujhe baahon mein le duba chaah mein
    pyar kar tu bepanaha khatam raaton ke ho silsilay
    yun laga le mujhe aaj apane gale
    durr har bandishen aaj mujhmein utar
    chal chale apane ghar hamsafar – 2

  9. Anandjat14 says:

    Chutiyaliti he yar band karo ise madarcodo

  10. priti says:

    this song is very close to my heart.
    i want this in real life.
    i m eager for it.
    this song is dedicated for my jaan………………..

  11. shab says:

    i luv this from the bottom of my heart.
    specially to my spouce and loving hubby.

  12. Ali31 says:

    last year dec09 jan 10 , i was in india , one of my friends gave me an india music cd .. chal chale was in that cd … soon this song became my ringtone .. and it always reminds me my great 3 weeks in indiaa 🙂 thanX

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