No Crime for 50 Years!

I came across this piece in Khaleej Times, about this village in Eastern India in the state of Jharkhand. Apparently, there hasn’t been any reported crime since the past 50 years in this village called Chakulia. How I wish the whole world would be like this!

Below is the entire piece reproduced from

A village with no report of crime for 50 years


9 December 2006

RANCHI — A village in Jharkhand holds the unique record of none of its residents ever filing a police complaint in the last 50 years.

Chakulia is a picturesque village surrounded by hills in the East Singhbhum district, 190km from here. Its 85 families have never reported any crime — for five long decades.

Most families — belonging to the Munda and Bhumiz castes — are extremely poor. Education levels too are low, with not a single graduate in the village.

But peace and harmony prevails in the village.

Rajendra Nath Singh, 60, is the village headman before whom petty disputes are settled. The villagers accept his decision as the last word.

“When I was 10 a villager approached the police to lodge a complaint against two people. That was the last time anyone had complained. Since then no one has gone to the police to resolve any dispute,” Singh said.

“We sit together and decide disputes in a way acceptable to everyone,” he added.

Yogendra Singh, the only teacher in the village, said: “I have never heard of anyone ever approaching policemen. The villagers respect the village headman and everyone accepts his rulings.

“The judgement is always humane and the headman never fines anyone,” he added.


4 thoughts on “No Crime for 50 Years!

  1. David Raho says:

    It is very hard to believe indeed unlees the village is being run with an iron fist. Presumably the village policeman is somewhat underemployed. Effective crime prevention usually involves greater community involvement and ownership. However, the cynic in me thinks perhaps rather than filing police complaints matters are being dealt with close to home and with such a record who wants to be first to file a complaint.

  2. marionette says:

    There’s a cynical side of me that agrees with you, David, but then again perhaps I’m too entrenched in western society to be able to believe that somewhere like this exists? It’s certainly something I’d like to believe, that small communities can resolve differences without too much trouble. Maybe actual police forces are only needed where there are large groups of people?

  3. The village must be brainwashed or run secretly by a terrible ruler. People rebel naturally.

  4. Anup says:

    i live in jharkhand…in jamshedpur…and i kno abt the law and order situation prevalent here…if this had been the case believe me the media in india is so active…and sooo very ridiculous at times…tht they wud have gone to the extent of making a story out of it…and more ova…to file a complaint in india u need to first bribe the policeman…then if he feels like it …he’ll register the case….only in the case of murders the police might get active…and no shellby…the village is not brianwashed or run secretly by a terrible ruler….btw u look hot….

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