Year End Roundup – Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2006

Another year ends, giving way to a new one, with new hopes, new dreams, new resolutions, and a new beginning. I am just doing the 2006 round up of Bollywood, my favorite topic!

1. Lage Raho Munnabhai – I am sure this is the top movie in the lists of all the aficionados. A simple, humble, believable yet heartwarming and meaningful movie. Seldom comes a movie like LRM, which makes us believe in the inherent goodness and nobility of humans, and while doing so, makes us smile and cry aplenty. A timeless and ageless movie, which can be watched with the same fervor and smile always. Munna & Circuit topped with Gandhiji, what more can you ask for??

2. Omkara – You can either love this movie or hate it, you cant be in between. I love it for the sheer intensity and honesty of it. Dark and brooding setting, intensely human characters and jaw-dropping realism. A gritty movie with a lifetime performance from Saif, ably supported by the ever reliable Ajay Devgan. Kareena looked better sans makeup than any of her glamorous roles. Vishal Bharadwaj adapts Othello to perfection to a typical Hindi heartland. This movie ultimately breaks your heart, but registers itself nonetheless strongly.

3. Rang De Basanti – Path breaking concept and novel execution, topped with rocking music and awesome performances, sums up RDB. Flawed at places, at times boring too, but overall gut wrenching and touching at the same time. Damn those bastard politicians, paint it yellow! Masterpiece from Rakesh Mehra. Another feather in Amir’s cap.

4. Krishh – Stand up for the Desi Superhero folks, and who else than Hrithik can do it??? Hrithik found a new fan in me with this movie (and Dhoom 2 just increased it!). Hrithik all the way in this one, intense yet childish, brawny yet mellow, grand yet subtle. First half bores, except for Hrithik’s scenes, 2nd half entertains. Action, dance, emotions, double role, give this guy anything, and he comes out triumphant. Hail Krishh!

5. Vivah – Honest, simple, graceful, soulful, and touching, that’s Vivah for you. Earnest, emotional, natural, and traditional, that’s Vivah for you. Sooraj Barjatya emerges triumphant yet again, after the mishmash Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Simplicity was never so beautiful, traditions were never so identifiable, characters were never so believable!

6. Woh Lamhe – One of the least talked about films of the year, this is one of the most soulful films to grace the big screen in recent times. Starring newcomers Shiny Ahuja & Kangana Ranaut, by a new director Mohit Suri, this movie based on the life of actress Parveen Babi and her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt, gives you goose bumps all the time. Music is just amazing, and performances are amongst the best of 2006. You feel like you are part of the movie, and the movie succeeds there.

7. Don – This will be surprising to many, but heck, I loved this one (maybe becoz I am a diehard SRK fan). Nothing comparable to the BIG B, but swashbuckling nonetheless. Master twist, great performance from SRK and funky music, make Don an entertainer from start to finish. Takes time to build up and engulf you, but once you are in, Don se bachna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!

8. Golmaal – Arshad Warsi, Ajay Devgan, Sharman Joshi, and Tushar Kapoor, and just one babe Rimi Sen. Add Paresh Rawal, and serve up hot, and you have a fresh laughathon about 4 male friends looking to make ends meet and trying to con an elderly couple. Rollicking and original fresh comedy, with some nice spoofs of famous movies (like Black) and spiffy music thrown in, this movie makes you laugh everytime you see it. A great stressbuster by director Rohit Shetty.

9. Gangster – Boring at times, and extremely emotional at places, ultimately this movie hits you hard. Love story of a Gangster, who transforms in love, story of an innocent girl deceived in love who ends up killing her love and herself. Slow, but haunting, that sums up Gangster. Music uplifts the film to a great extent. Performances again stand out, with the Woh Lamhe couple and Emran Hashmi taking all the honors.

10. Bhagam Bhaag – Saw this movie yesterday, and was laughing for 80% of the movie! Great laughathon from the master of comedies Priyadarshan himself. Starring Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Paresh Rawal, Lara Dutta, Rajpal Yadav and other Priyan usuals, this movie is a mindless laugh riot with some suspense thrown in. Akshay Rocks, while Govinda should really lose weight now!! Paresh Rawal is wasted kinda, and the ending is awesome! Must watch!

Just Missed It – These movies just missed my list. KANK (for lack of any soul stirring emotions, but great performances and music), DHOOM 2 (For Hrithik, Uday and Aish I mention this movie, nothing else here), KABUL EXPRESS (Amazing Afghanistan, honest portrayal, but a tad slow, just loved Arshad and the Paki guy here), ANKAHEE (amazing music, sincere and real emotions, needed better actors), JANEMAN (Salman n Akshay n Preeti rock, music rocks, but somewhere misses the bus), FANAA (highly formulaic, but KAJOL rocks, and so does the music and the 2nd half)

Please fee free to comment/post your list too, my music list will follow soon! Also in line are the disappointments of the year, and my awards.


32 thoughts on “Year End Roundup – Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2006

  1. Hey Pretty good round up dude!! Agree with u completely in the selection! 🙂

  2. Vi says:

    How about a Hollywood list?

  3. Alok says:

    Pyar ke sidde efffects ?????
    dont tell me, it doesnt deserve a mention ??
    it does it, it does.

  4. Alok says:

    and yes,
    RDB can be right up, its not just a sort of defines dilli, Delhi University, friends, friendship, truth, a contemporary way, plus it has its relevance in the non filmi duniya too, the Jessica lal case.

  5. Reema says:


    How can u leave out Dhoom 2? The biggest hit of this year?
    I don’t think Don deserve to be in this list!!!! Shah Rukh Khan failed to live up to the expectation!!!!!

  6. Hameeda says:

    I love kareena kapoor

  7. Rishabh says:

    i like comedy movies…watch them forget them and watch them again….
    So definitely Lage raho, RDB right at the top…apart from that Phir Hera Pheri(u didnt even mention that man!) and also GOLMAAL…fanaa only for kajol and gangster only for the songs..don was also good..especially the “twist”…Kabul express was good too…
    all in all i think it was ARSHAD WARSI’s year!!

  8. Sripathi says:

    RDB on top………….

  9. raj vutukuru says:




  10. VALENTRA says:

    I agree completely with your shortlist. When do they receive their plaques or garlands?

  11. VALENTRA says:


  12. Chakri says:

    Hey dude……the selection is alright but in think GURU could be added to the list…..surely the soundtrack is one of the most experimental and innovative a music director might’ve come up with…..

  13. Nikhil says:

    bro…..don’t u think DON shud move little up in the list…agree…???n munnabhai is too good as a movie but not tha good to top the list….

  14. Devesh says:

    No Nikhil, these are my favs in the particular order, and I dont consider my fav actors/actresses while making the list! Thats why I dont have Fanaa in the list, otherwise Kajol is my all time FAV!

  15. Dharmik says:

    what is bhagam bhag doing in the list it doesnt deserves its place not even in top 20. Don means shahrukh rocks he is the king, no doubt no.1 Actor

  16. YATZ SINGH says:

    how could you leave out dhoom 2,fanaa and gangster.Anyway it was defintely Hrithiks year with the 2 biggest grosses for 2006……until next time.

  17. Sanj says:

    Don Was Disapointing, Dhoom 2 was very Disapointing, and KANK? Was the most disapointing of them all.

    To me, Sanjay Dutt was the best of 2006. Zinda and Lago Raho Munna Bhai were top films.

  18. Karthik says:

    Hrithik is the new box office king.

  19. Neha says:

    Vivah?? Believable characters and identifiable traditions??! Oh please… I guess you’re talking about the time India was in the Dark Ages or something as prehistorically similar. This movie takes India back like 20 years… and trivializes small town girls as one-dimensional people who pass out of high school and wait around to get married. Until then, they apparently stick around at home honing their cooking skills and pretty much acting like glorified servants. I’m from a small town, and these kind of crappy stereotypes are the worst possible messages that a movie can promote. Not that anyone can really expect anything else from Sooraj Bharjatya, who can’t be happy unless his movie has a whole army of docile, perpetually smiling and always ready with a cup of tea women… but seriously… this generation of people should know better. Arranged marriages are good and wonderful… nothing against them… but if a movie HAD to be made about it, don’t you think the girl should have been given a more fleshed out character? I really can’t believe you put this movie as one of the top 10… sheesh… but then again, you have Krrish (inspite the lack of ONE good dialogue) and in the list… your taste seems pretty questionable to begin with.

  20. Sujay says:

    FANNA should def. be on that list!! It would be in my top 5 bollywood movies of the yar! 🙂

  21. Hasan says:

    I might disagree with you here. In my opinion the following were the top 10:
    1. Zinda
    2. Vivah
    3. Lagey Raho Munna Bahi
    4. Rang De basanti
    5. Krishh
    6. Woh Lamhey
    7. Don
    8. Fanaa

  22. Devesh says:

    hi hasan, well, for me, movies which are unabashedly ripped off from classics dont work… Zinda was an uncredited complete rip-off of OLD BOY, and since i had seen old boy, i dint like Zinda one bit! Watch OLD BOY, you will forget Zinda. Fanaa, well it was too cliched and typical to feature in top 10, not a bad movie at all. otherwise its just about preferences!

  23. Hasan says:

    You know I just read about Old Boy and that certainly changes my opnion. I never saw any Hollywood movie with that story so I assumed that it was an original screenplay. But now that I know that it was a copy from an Asian movie, it hurts….

  24. robi says:

    the only movies that deserve a mention this year were Rang De Basanti, Lage Raho Munabhai and Omkara. the others were just run of the mill, so so movies.

  25. prince says:

    i back up robi for his comment.i agree for the choice.

  26. Suhana says:

    I agree with most of them but I feel KANK was pretty good (then again I’m a Shah Rukh Khan fan as well). Vivah comes nearer the top in my opinion and I agree with Don. I haven’t watched some of the films but their music seems good. I also liked some songs from Fanaa for example Chand Sifarish and Mere Haath Mein. But Vivah was and is my favourite film and music at the moment. (sorry if I am making too many comments, but can’t stop now that I hav found a great site!)

  27. rafesh roshanh says:

    hey dude your list is good! anyway a hve little bit of comment on RDB and Fanaa are not really highlighted. Those are very make sense movies according to nawadays situation.And our perfectionist ( Aamir Khan ) done his best in both movies. I`m waiting for his tare zameen pe,lajjo & Khajri.

  28. priyanki says:

    i luv priyanka chopra to death

  29. furqan sadiq says:

    top ten movie list izz…………:
    kal ho na ho
    hum apke nain kon
    kuch kuch hota hai
    kabhi alvida na kehna
    no entry
    ek khilare ek hasena
    phir herra pheri
    who is satisfied wiyh me e mail me on

  30. NITHIN says:

    i jus dont understand how on earth can u leave out guru and chak de. These two r movies which change the phase of bollywood . especially chak de which has 10 women but still no dancing and singing . not even a kiss

  31. ali says:

    MY LIST OF 2006
    1.Rang De Basanti
    2. Lage Raho Munnabhai
    3. DON
    4. Fanaa
    5. Omkara
    7. KANK
    8. Phir Hera Pheri
    9. Golmaal
    10. Bhagam Bhag

    i hate omkara what a big loser and don’t you know how bad the film failed at the boxoffice all it got was good reivews. It is one of the biggest failures of the year 2006.

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