Year End Round-up 2 – Top 10 Bollywood Music Albums

1. Rang De Basanti – From the rocking Pathshala to the euphoric Title track, to the haunting Tu Bin Bataye, to the raunchy Khalbali, this album weaves the magic of AR Rehman yet again. But the real gem is Lukka Chhupi, the melcancholic touching poetry about mother-son relationship. Lata Mangeshkar and Rehman at their best! The best score hands down!

2. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna – Most of you hate this movie, and hence the music too, but this is a complete score, with the soulful title track, to the discoish Wheres the Party Tonight, to BIG B’s rocking Rock n Roll Soniye. Again the hidden underrated gem is Tumhi Dekho Naa, a song which owns you more and more with every hearing. SEL at their best in this song, and Alka Yagnik deserves nominations (if not awards) for the amazing rendition fo this beautiful number.

3. Omkara – Nothing was expected from this album, and it is completely different from other Film Music. But nonetheless, it works big time! The raunchy Bipasha items numbers, Beedi and Namak are a rage, and pretty addictive. The haunting O Saaathi Re is a lyrical and musical jewel. But the title track takes the cake. Sukhwinder Singh sings with authority and passion, with the perfect rustic accent, and great command. The chanting of “Omkara, He Omkara” remains with you forever onece you have heard it.

4. Woh Lamhe – If you want soulful, painful, melodious, emotional, and a song for your first/Nth date, this is the album. It has the entire gamut of emotions one goes through when he loves someone. Happiness, sorrow, ecstacy, pain, dissapointment, solitude, theres everything here. The best of the lot has to be Jawad Ahmed’s Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena, posted here . Pritam rehashes KYa Mujhe Pyar hai perfectly from soem Indonesian tune, James rocks with passion and love in Chale Chale (listen here ), Glen John explores solitude and sorrow perfectly in Tu Jo Nahin Hai.

5. Ankahee – One of the rare albums which flopped despite every song being a gem. I was hard pressed to put it right at the top, but then decided otherwise! Actually nowadays, its promotion only which decides on the saleability of the album! Anyways who cares for soulful, emotional songs. But I just loved this album. Each and every song had a feeling, a raw emotion, and it touched myriad chords in your heart. Try this different and refreshing Tumse Yoon Milenge here . Ek Pal Ke Liye by KK summed up the way to live in the best possible manner. But the best song, which I heard most this year was Aa Paas Aaa. Here I have posted it below. Hear it and decide!


6. Jaaneman – Anu Malik returned to his best with this one. Humko Maloom Hai in typical Rehman style even surpassed Rehmans style and Gulzar’s innocent lyrics made it an instant classic. Ajnabi Shaher showed Sonu Nigam’s amazing repertiore and brilliance, and Jane Ke Jane Naa was another good Qawwali after Main Hoon Naa’s Tumse Milke. But the best of the lot was Sau Dard Hain. Wont say much about it, makes me emotional all the time! Just hear it!

7. Gangster – Naa Jane Koi was a rage the moment it was aired. And why not, it marked the debut of James, who can croon only after drinking potfuls! But Gangster offered a lot more than that, though Pritam again plagiarised to perfection with Tu hi Meri Shab Hai. Heck, the song still rocks! Abhijeet showed his prowess in Lamha Lamha, and Guitara’s popular Ya Ghali was sung to perfection by Zubin as Ya Ali in the garb of Sufi Rock! Well I dont care for originality as long as it sounds lovely! A must have!

8.Aksar – Himesh Bhai makes a late entry, mainly because there was too much of him in too little time, and only this one stood out as an album! Jhalak Dikhlaja is the second best song of Himesh the singer till date after Aashiq Banaya Aapne. Perfect Sufi Rock! Soniye was a typical love duet in trademark HR style! Lagi Lagi Lagi, another Sufiyana song, was nice timepass, and Janabe Jaaniya was painful for the ears! But overall, a deserved place in my humble opinion.

9. Don – Ok so what if the remixes were not so good, the original tracks, including the title track, Aaj Ki Raat, Moriya, and the theme by Medeival Punditz made sure that this album found a place in the top 10. Talking of the remixes, Yeh Mera Dil was pretty good, and SRK”s rendition in Khaike was a nice change. But it was Shaan’s Main Hoon Don which was addictive. The theme by Medieval Punditz is one of the best techno lounge tracks to have come in recent times!

10. Lage Raho Munnabhai – Pal Pal was lifted from somewhere, Bande Mein Tha Dum wasnt original either, but they were still lovely. Aane Char Aane by Karunya (remember Indian Idol 2 runner up?) inspired your soul, while the title track was fulltoo timepass and brought a smile to your face. Similarly Samjho Ho Hi Gaya, with the conversation between Munna n Circuit was just howlarious and feel good! Nice Album overall!

I dont know why, but I just liked two tracks in Fanaa, so I have not included it in my list. I am sure it will be there in most lists.

Some Good Numbers: Koi Tumsa Nahi from Krissh, Touch Me form Dhoom 2, Tere Bin from Bas Ek Pal, Salam Karne Ki Aarzoo from Umrao Jaan, Kaabul Fiza from Kabul Express, Ahista Ahista from the same movie, Chand Sifarish & Mere Haath Mein from Fanaa.

I did not consider Guru and Salam-e-Ishq since the movies are releasing next year, otherwise they would be in the list too!


15 thoughts on “Year End Round-up 2 – Top 10 Bollywood Music Albums

  1. rahul says:

    i think both of ur top 10 lists are the most biased articles i have ever come across.when u write u hv to keep ur personal emotions aside otherwise its futile.or how else do u justify kank and don in the music list and bhagam bhaag in the films…….

  2. Devesh says:

    Hey Rahul, there are many more names in the list which prove otherwise! anyways, each to his own.

  3. Anup says:

    Mr Rahul…isnt his blog suppose to show to the world what he thinks ..what he feels…biased or not…its his damn article…his damn list…and btw…dev i feel fanaa’s tracks were all good…wonder how u jus liked 2 of them…neways bro..try writing more stuffs abt urself on ur blog…tht’ll make things interesting…

  4. Anup says:

    Altho i must add bro…ur quite good at ritin these reviews…in ur own way…so it wud be good if u continue ritin them…but add sumthin abt urself…ur life…things happenin arnd u…theres more to u…there can be more to ur blogs…

  5. POOJA ARORA says:

    Need to know who sang the the first time the song (TU JO NAHN HEY

  6. hmmm… very well rounded dude 🙂

  7. Roy says:

    Hi ..
    Nice blog dear, truly nice!!

    I’m agree with ur opinion on “Ankahee”
    But one thing to say abt Gangster. it has only one original song “Mujhe Mat Roko” composed by Pritam, that’s why how far it would right to give him so credits ..

    Nice to land here ..

  8. Aramita says:

    I’ve come across many people who hate everything of KANK, jus because SRK is in it. They say the movie, songs, performances… etc suck, only because SRK’s part of the film. It’s not only immature, but it brings down your credibility as a reviewer. True, your entitled to hate SRK, but why take it out on the entire film?

    Anyway, good review! I agree with you on all aspects, except maybe Aksar. Otherwise a good list!

  9. Hey Dev, Missing from scene for a long time… Sab khairiyat to hai na????

  10. Neelu says:

    Hello there….whoever wrote this blog..thanx a ton….It’s bcoz I was able to find the song i’ve been searching for a real real long time and just didn’t know which film it was from.

    I had the tune of this song always inside my mind bcoz it was stuck inside my head after hearing it from somewhere..and didn’t knw the lyrics thought I have lost that song forever..But after reading ur block and when u said this in ur block……….”But the best of the lot was Sau Dard Hain. Wont say much about it, makes me emotional all the time! Just hear it!”

    I had an itchy feeling that this could be the song..and yes after hearing it..I remembered the tune once again which got lost inside my head…and was really happy to hear it..coz I did search a lot for it..even though i had no idea of the songs name or lyrics.And now that I have found it..i am just soooo damn happy.

    And good review too.Keep up the good work..

    Thanks a ton once again dude!

  11. Vivek says:

    I had a constant smile while reading this top 10 list. I agree with most of the albums (maybe not in its entire) but the fact that intrigued me the most was the fact that your favourite song from each of these movies was exactly the same as is my choice.

    Aa Paas Aa from Ankahee – there are just no words to describe this song. Hear it t0 belive it
    Tumhi Dekho Na from KANK, everything in Woh Lamhe.

    Just wanted to ask you if you heard the score of Zindaggi Rocks. My favourite is Humko chhoone Paas Aaiye. Its a very very soulful song. I wish it got more dues

  12. Devesh says:

    Hey thanx Neelu and Vivek! Readers like you keep me going (havent been going for a while tho!)
    Yeah Vivek, I have heard that song, and I really loved it, I keep listening to it often… Sunidhi Chauhan is fantastic..! but other than 2 songs, that album is really useless! So i dint mention about it… But veyr rightly said, the song dint get its due… but then, even Ankahee flopped! So, nowadays, its more about publicity and stars than the music itself!

  13. Neha says:

    I was trying to make a cd (or 2) for best of 06 songs..your blog was very helpful. Good Taste!!

  14. Looking for an english translation from hindi for the song “Kabul Fiza” from the film Kabul Express.

  15. I like all the albums by Bombay Vikings especially the one they did with Falguni Pathak. They rock.

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