First Kiss

There are myriad expressions of love,

But it’s the first kiss that has the innocence of a dove.

Yet, kiss is the most passionate manifestation of those feelings,

It is so soft, so subtle, yet leaves you trembling..

The shivering of the face, the quivering of the lips,

The meeting of the eyes, the blushing of the cheek,

The closeness of two souls, the knees going weak..

And finally when you kiss,

You feel the ultimate bliss..

When those petals touch each other,

This world around us ceases to bother,

When the taste buds feel the delicacy of love,

They want to feel the ecstasy forever..

The bodies become one,

The souls touch one another,

The warmth spreads wide,

There’s a rush of blood inside..

The hands seem to lose direction,

They too want to be a part of the action,

That’s when they find the softest section,

Albeit somewhat coyly, they break the restriction..

The heaven seems to last forever,

Alas, it has to end sooner than later,

But the feeling still is now or never,

Of course, next time is always better!

Yet you feel complete for the moment,

You feel the passion flowing in your veins,

You feel the absolute divinity of love

The kiss ends, but the ecstasy remains..

Above it all, lies pure and chaste love,

You cannot plan it, you just flow with emotions,

It rebels against all the set notions,

Sets your body fluids into rapid motions..

Governed by the feeling of trust and devotion.

Indeed, the first kiss is a fond remembrance,

Its sweeter than the sweetest sugar,

Lovelier than love itself,

Closer than your soul,

Precious than your breath,

And Livelier than your heartbeat..

If you haven’t experienced the passion in kissing your shadow,

Don’t haste, let the feelings grow,

He/She is the one, if you surely know,

Then set your feelings free, let the first kiss flow..

I drowned in her lips,

Still cant some to grips,

The fact that I finally had my first kiss,

I want to live with her, I am sure of this,

Coz with her, my life wud be more beautiful than my first kiss!

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23 thoughts on “First Kiss

  1. ritesh says:

    i love you

  2. Fatima says:


  3. Vi says:

    Grammar aside, this was quite lovely. 🙂

  4. Nakul says:

    Dude….awesome poetry…..
    original ???….am sure it is.!!!!!

  5. the unknown says:


    it was so nice.. good writing keep it up.

  6. mansi says:

    hey…u were always gud at poetry…
    but this 1 is truely from heart…n experience ofcourse 😉
    lovely work…keep it up

  7. Hamzai_Superb says:

    I love you & I’m Pleased to have you here..

  8. Naresh Sharma says:

    dude when did this happen 😉 ?

  9. nidhi jain says:

    came across ur blog space by the link u once left on mine in a comment. never had a chance to open the link. but m glad that i did. must say.. awesome.. u write well.

  10. kavita says:

    beautiful poem

  11. dude when did this happen

  12. preetham paul says:

    hai its great…..All the best….

  13. sunflower says:

    nice…. very nice

  14. Nova says:

    Have u stopped writing?

  15. rajesh says:

    mmmm….great writing…..must be a beautiful mind as well!

  16. Mohan.S says:

    Poetry seems to be more of lust than about any true kiss!!.

  17. deepali says:

    amazin… closest to the feeling…awesome

  18. san says:

    Mesmerizing…. reminded me of my first kiss… I can still feel the aroma, and moreover the feeling…

  19. My cheek isent kissed, its smacked most of the times, although I cannot help thinking…a kiss is when words become too generic to explain feelings, you have used many words to describe a kiss..

    KISS == Keep it Short and Simple..Anyways,the work is amazing, not many can write poems with a good meaning. Good luck mate.

  20. shehu amir says:

    wow, is so wonderful to kiss is good and is so amazing

  21. star says:

    pls pls blog……….. from few months im checkin ur blog so so often………

    im ur secret admirer………..hmmm………. pls write sumthing everyday atleast k…. promise

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