Its been a while, actually, quite long since I blogged. No reason in particular, maybe I just lost interest, or got too busy in my normal life, or whatever…

However, I have finally decided that I must BLOG again, and continue blogging!

Here’s a poem, which i Posted earlier, but it wasnt read that time!


i shared my life with my friend,
i shared every bump and bend,
i shared all JOYs and sorrows,
so that our friendship always grows,
but he calls me an opportunist.

i laughed with him when he was happy,
i cried with him when he was sad,
i walked step by step 2gether with him,
i never let the light of our friendship become dim,
but he calls me an opportunist..

i saw the sun rise from his eye,
we enjoyed 2gether the cloudy sky,
i sat on the lush green grass with him,
i lent him my shoulder when he was grim,
but he calls me an oportunist…

i called him every week after we were distanced,
always wating for that one call from him,
alas that call never came, not even on my bday,
i still wished him personally on all his bdays,
but he calls me an opportunist….

i consoled him when he lost his girl,
i supported him when he was left all alone,
i treated him like a part of my own,
made him feel hes still on the throne,
but he calls me an opportunist…..

you ask for help only from closest ones,
bcoz u know they love you tons,
but he shot me with thousand guns,
and called me an opportunist……

dear friend i know i dint call you for a long time,
but there were myriad reasons behind that crime,
being your friend, i dint want to share my crisis with you,
always wanted to share only laughs, even if they were few,
pls dont call me an oportunist!

remember the times we have shared,
understand my problems,
dont you know why i cant come there?
we havent met since 3 long years,
stil waiting with my eyes full of tears,
but i m an “opportunist”!!

life plays games with all of us,
i m but just a puppet, in a mess,
let me finally confess,
even though you call me an opportuist,
may u have all of god’s bless!


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi there,
    I was surfing and happen to read one of your article that was written in 2006, about working in Dubai. I have just gotten an offer, which I am still considering. Would you be able to extend some advice? Email me 🙂

    Thanks!! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  2. Amin says:

    Hi there,
    I am Amin. I strongly need to talk to you sir. Please email me. I really appreciate if you can help me with something. This is my second post asking for help.

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