Don 2 – My Review

I will get straight to the point – Don 2 is pretty good action thriller, where the hero is the script (very rightly so). Screenplay is engaging, never letting you breathe, and there is no point of restlessness. You watch each and every frame with attention, because you know some of this will be the answer to the twist which might come later. It is this anticipation of the twist and turns which is very important to engage any viewer, that keeps Don 2 always engrossing. And there are twists galore, most of which are unexpected. The climax twist is also unexpected till the very last scene, just before the end.I watched in 2D, and may watch 3D in coming days.

Story is basically the same as Don. Don wants to now save himself from the Europeun mafia who are after his life as he is ruining their business from Asia. The rest of it is better not told. The film gets you engaged right from the beginning, and the basic plot is quickly established. Don’s introductory scene is awesome and sets the mood & tone for the rest of the movie. The sole song is in the first 30 mins & gels with the movie, Lara looks amazingly HOT!

The movie then shifts from Asia to Europe, Don’s look changes and Europe serves as a fresh & scenic backdrop for another adventure. The other characters are introduced quickly and Hrithik’s cameo is very well thought. He’s doing what he does best, look godly, dance amazingly & behave mysteriously. A masterstroke from Farhan & his team of writers, to their credit, the cameo doesn’t appear gimmicky and is actually very well woven into the narrative. There are many action scenes, car chases which are really very executed and lavishly done. You actually feel that Don 2 is costlier than!!

All the standard ingredients of a good engrossing thriller are present – blackmail, double crossing, chases, gadgets, heists, etc. Farhan has managed to rightly mix all these and come up with a good concoction. It is not something novel, but it is all well integrated and smartly done. The movie is Smart, which Indian thrillers rarely are, and it really keeps the audience guessing and watching every scene with the intention to figure out the big picture, the twists. And the movie still manages to surprise at regular intervals.

Of course, it is not the perfect film. There are flaws, like Lara’s character is totally wasted! She hardly has one song and 10 mins of dialogues. Kunal’s character is not well-etched and his motives are not really explained. Om Puri is given unintentionally funny dialogues to speak, his character is more of a caricature. But as these characters are sidekicks, the flaws are not noticable. The main characters, Don, Vardhaan, Jabbar, Roma do well enough. Aly Khan is also good.

SRK is the life of the film and his performance was the highlight for me. He looks really good after a long time, and his dialogues are witty, charming and cool. He plays the role with such nonchalance that you can’t help but root for him. His voice modulations, mannerisms, and expressions are apt and Farhan has managed to bring out the best in SRK as an action hero. Boman Irani is the surprise package and he shines. His role is the second most important in the film (yes, it is not Priyanka’s), and he does complete justice to it. His scene with the German expert doctor is awesome, making you laugh even while something tense is going on parallely. Priyanka Chopra does well with whatever is given to her. She is confused about her feelings for Don, and she portrays it convincingly enough. She could have looked better, but I beleive her look is more realistic compared to her character here. Nawaaz Shah does well, and I hope we see him more in villanous roles. Kunal Kapoor’s character is not well etched, but he performs with sincerity.

To sum up, Farhan outperforms himself with Don 2. While Don was a good movie only because it managed to fool the audience till the end, Don 2 is a slick & well executed complete package with continuously engaging screenplay and unexpected twists & turns. There are points where the movie slows down a little, but its followed by an adrenalin rush scene immediately to boost. The best action in the movie is undoubtedly the Car chase scene between SRK & Priyanka, and the most classy and well executed mysterious part is the Hrithik scene. Although the basic premise is of heist, the bigger picture is something else, and heist is used as means to achieve that goal. Don 3 might be on the way!

Guys, have a blast with your wives, gf, kids. I say guys, because this is completely a guy’s movie (and young girls). If you have loved MI, Bourne, Ocean’s etc., now enjoy Don-2.

PS: I think Don-2 is going to break this year’s opening records in UAE. It is having the max no. of shows I have seen this year. A single multiplex (Sahara Center in Sharjah) was showing 7 shows between 9.30pm & 10.30pm ( had 3 shows, BG had 4), and all were fully booked in advance when I checked 3 hours prior to the 22.30 show I wanted to go (except for first 2 rows!). I then called another newly opened theater which is normally always somewhat available, as it is situated far away from major population and is not an old big chain (Cinemacity @ Arabian Center). They had their 11pm show full and had just added another show at 10.25pm, and thankfully I got the last row seats for that show.  My show was almost full, except for the first 2 rows.


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