Delhi – 6 Movie Review

I am unable to decide whether I Love the movie or not! Honestly, after a long time I have come across such a movie, where there is an abundance of absolute brilliance coupled with really sad cliches. I think overall, I will say that its a very different, engrossing, exhilarating, yet ultimately unsatisfying movie.

The film starts off brilliantly, and the camerawork is the best I have seen in a long long time! Delhi has been captured like never before; in fact, that itself makes this movie worth a watch. The first half is really exhilarating, very pacey, and its a sheer joy to watch Delhi in its myriad hues. The problem here is that Abhishek is hardly there in the first half. There are so many better etched characters around him that he’s completely overshadowed! Sonam looks ravishing, and is an absolute natural in front of the lens. The interval raises your expectations, and that proves to be the undoing of the movie actually!

It seems that Mehra did not know how to really weave some story around Delhi, and thats where the movie fails in the second half. The central plot is cliched, and I wish Mehra would have chosen something different here. Still, Rehman’s music and the realistic ambiance keeps you hooked. I wouldn’t give away the main plot which unfolds in the second half, all i would say is that Mehra should not have chosen this path. The climax is somewhat better compared to the second half, but still leaves a lot to be desired. I am sure there could have been a better culmination to the movie. that said, there are magical moments scattered here and there throughout!

The songs are a real treat, and utilized well. “Dil dafatan” song is one of the best picturized songs I have ever seen, and this movie can be watched just for that song. Take a bow for that Song Mehra!

Ramleela scenes get on the nerves after a while, and specially during the climax. Honestly, I could not decipher the intention of the final Ramleela scene during the climax!

My biggest complaint against the movie is the character of Abhishek, and the way he has been utilized. In fact, he is the weakest link here by far. He is really miscast as an American desi. Also, many of his dialogues are not audible and unclear. When you watch the movie, you don’t feel that you are watching an Abhishek movie. The movie’s real hero is Delhi city, and Abhishek is relegated to the backseat till the climax. There are the typical NRI scenes, but they are expected and cliched. Only the climax sees him in form. His outburst with Waheedaji, and the finale stands out for me.

Overall, I would give this one a 7.5/10. 4.5/5 for the first half, 2/5 for the second half, and +1 for the song Dil dafatan. Do watch it once!


Box Office – 10 – 16 Nov

Three new movies released this week, Vivah, Deadline and Apna Sapna Money Money. Among the three, ASMM took the cake, while Vivah was an unexpected success. Obviously in terms of money, Vivah grossed less than ASMM, since it had about one-third of the prints ASMM had. The third release, Deadline, despite being a good film, and garnering good reviews, got sandwiched between Vivah and ASMM. While Vivah looks set to gross more in its second week and than the first week, ASMM will expectedly drop.

Dhoom 2 is releasing on 24th, and is sure to fetch the best opening numbers of the year!

1 Apna Sapna Money Money – 8.5 Crores
2 Vivah – 5 Crores
3 Don – 47.5 Crores (3 crores this week)(4th week)
4 Umrao Jaan – 7.2 crores (1 Crores this week, this ones a disaster) (2nd week)
5 Jaan-E-Mann – 26.15 crores (1 crores this week, got clobbered by DON)
6 Lage Raho Munnabhai – Awesome, manages 3.5 million in 11th week!
7 Deadline – 2.2 million

Box Office (3rd Nov – 10th Nov)

DON: 44.5 crores after 3 weeks (This week 6.3 crores)

Janeman: 24 crores after 3 weeks (This week 2.8 crores)

Umrao Jaan: 6.25 crores after 1 week

Lage Raho Munnabhai: 70 crores so far (arguably the biggest film ever in India, beating Gadar)
The new releases this week were Vivah and Apna Sapna Money Money.

While Vivah is doing surprisingly well with a limited release stretegy, Apna Sapna Money Money has dropped after a good weekend. More prints of Vivah will be added next week.