Best of 2011 – Top Songs

Hey guys, the below songs are my personal favourites. In a sense, it essentially means that I would prefer listen to these 10 songs than any other song from a Hindi movie this year. Do post your top list as well! Essentially, Other than the last 2 entries, I have refrained from ranking , as just the top 3 really matter 🙂

Format – Song [ Music Director, singer, movie, lyrics]

Tere Bin (Reprise) [Pritam, Naresh Iyer, DTBHJ, Neelesh Mishra] – The Reprise version by Naresh Iyer is better than the Sonu Nigam normal version. It is a typical Pritam melody, easy on the ears and very melodious. Naresh’s vocals take the song to another level altogether. His rendition is full bodied and makes you feel one with the emotions. Lyrics are simple & soulful. Best line – “Jo Paas hai tu to yakeen apne hone pe hota hai”. Below link for the Reprise as it was not in the movie.

Teri Meri Prem Kahani [HR, Rahat/Shreya, BG, Shabbir Ahmed] – This is an instantenoulsy addictive song. The lyrics are unusual (“Do lafzon mein yeh bayan naa ho paye”) and arrangements are grand. Probably the best song by HR in a long long time. The highlights are the vocals by Shreya & Rahat. While Shreya sings at low pitch, Rahat compliments wonderfully with high pitch & “aaaa..” in between. The song triumphantly conveys the emotions of the protagonists and elevates the movie. Definitely the best thing in BG. Best line: Har ehsaas mein tu hai har yaad mein tera afsana, do lafzon mein yeh bayaan naa ho paaye.

DK Bose [Ram Sampath, Ram Sampath, DB, Amitabh Bhattachrya] – Probably the best different song to come out of Bollywood this year. It’s like any song you have heard this year. It’s pacy, whacky, expletive, zany, cool & addictive. The lyrics are just amazingly refreshing. A triumph for Ram Samath and worthy of a nomination at the very least. Best Line: Sabun ki shakal mein beta to nikla keval Jhaag.

Te Amo (Duet) [Pritam, Ash King/Sunidhi, DMD, Jaideep Sahni] – Pritam again with what he does best – extremely melodious flowy ode to love. This time Ash King towers above all with the different voice and is the highlight of the song. Jaideep Sahni’s choice of “Te Amo” instead of I Love You elevates this song considerably. Best Line: “Kabhi lage chhuoon tumhe yuhin khayalon mein, kabhi lage nahi nahi chori nahi”. Again, the song is the best part of the movie.

Rabba Main to Mar gaya re [Pritam, Rahat & Shahid, Mausam, Irshad Kamil] – Well Pritam yet again! This is a stock Pritam tune, in the league of “Teri Ore”, but more soulful with the music arrangement. Mostly classical instruments are used throughout. The starting music peace (like ambulance sound) itself hooks you to the song, and it only gets better with Rahat’s vocals and heartfelt poetry by Irshad Kamil (words like Shaddai, mehram are hardly used in hindi songs). Again the best thing in the movie. Also, hats off to Shahid for matching up to Rahat in the other version. Best line: Mere pyaar ka mausam bhi hai lage meri mehram bhi hai, jane kya kya do aankhon mein padh gaya main.

Ishq Sufiyana [Vishal Shekhar, Kamal Khan, TDP, Rajat Arora] – A very Pritamish song from Vishal-Shekhar. Full of melody and soulful lyrics, and simple lilting arrangements. The highlight though is the awesome rendition by a novice Sa-re-ga-ma-pa 2010 contestant Kamal Khan, what a great find. Great future ahead for this talent. Best line/hook: Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi…subah ki lali hai ishq.

Isq Risk [Sohail Sen, Rahat, MBKD, Irshad Kamil] – Good to see Sohail Sen being given the rightly deserved break in the big league with YRF. Extremely talented composer, as evident in What’s your Rashee, Sohail composes a sufiyana qawalyish jugalbandi-type perfect fusion song. The use of “Isq” instead of “Ishq” is a masterstroke as it gives an earthy feeling to the song. Rahat as usual does complete justice. It is amazing to see Rahat excel in all types of songs. Easily the best song from all YRF films this year. Best line: Kaisa yeh isq hai, ajab sa risq hai (Very different indeed by Irshad Kamil, just compare to the previous song in the list, what a u-turn!)

Kyun Main Jagoon [SEL, Shafqat, PH, Anvita Dutt] – An underrated gem of a song in an undderrated movie. It is one of the best songs by SEL in recent times. Shafqat croons soulfully to some heartfelt lyrics by Anvita Dutt (whos she, damn really touchy words). It is the perfect sad song full of pain, anguish, depression, anger. How one wishes SEL would produce more such gems. Cant single out any best line here, the entire song is incredible. The unplugged version is great too. The link for unplugged is below.

Dildara [Vishal-Shekhar, Shafqat,, Kumaar] – Brilliant inspiration & reworking of a classic song by Vishal Shekhar. And lovely soulful rendition by Shafqat. Definitely the best song in the movie. Perfect fusion of the original “Stand by me” with melody, rapping, classical touch & modern arrangements. Words are awesome too, “Tu manzil hai aur tu hi us manzil ke aage ka rasta”, “rehbara”.  The classical chorus along with the “Stand by me” hook is masterstroke.

Saathiya [Ajay Atul, Shreya, Singham, Swanand Kirkire] – again it’s a typical Pritamish song but composed by Ajay Atul. Melody, simplicity, soul & lovely singing. Instantly likeable and sugary sweet. Best Line/hook: badmaash dil to thag hai bada…badmaash dil meri sune na zid pe ada.

Tum Ho & Nadaan Parindey [A.R.Rehman, Mohit Chauhan & ARR, Rockstar, Irshaad Kamil] – Awesome, enough said. Words cant describe these songs. Second best this year. Best line: Kagar Kagar mori itni araj tose, chun chun khaiyo maas, arajiya re khaiyo naa tu naina more, do naina more, piya ke milan ki hai ehsaas (Nadaan Parindey) ; Tum Ho’s background music arrangement is the most soulful this year.

Phir Mohabbat & Aye Khuda [Mithoon, Mithoon & Kshitij Tarey/ Mohammed Irfan, Arijit & Saim Bhat, Murder-2, Mithoon] – These are my personal favs of this year. I can listen to these songs over and over again and more than any other song this year. I wont describe these, listen for yourself and comment!

As evident, all the songs above are love songs – as I prefer love songs above all other dhin-chak songs! Some of the good other genre tracks I liked are Chhammak Chhallo & Criminal from, Bodyguard Title track, Ooh Lala from TDP, Dhunki from MBKD, YPD title track, Laung Da Lashkara from PH, Saada Haq from Rockstar, Singham Title song, Ek Manzil & Ruk Jana Nahi (well done reprise) from Soundtrack.


First Kiss

There are myriad expressions of love,

But it’s the first kiss that has the innocence of a dove.

Yet, kiss is the most passionate manifestation of those feelings,

It is so soft, so subtle, yet leaves you trembling..

The shivering of the face, the quivering of the lips,

The meeting of the eyes, the blushing of the cheek,

The closeness of two souls, the knees going weak..

And finally when you kiss,

You feel the ultimate bliss..

When those petals touch each other,

This world around us ceases to bother,

When the taste buds feel the delicacy of love,

They want to feel the ecstasy forever..

The bodies become one,

The souls touch one another,

The warmth spreads wide,

There’s a rush of blood inside..

The hands seem to lose direction,

They too want to be a part of the action,

That’s when they find the softest section,

Albeit somewhat coyly, they break the restriction..

The heaven seems to last forever,

Alas, it has to end sooner than later,

But the feeling still is now or never,

Of course, next time is always better!

Yet you feel complete for the moment,

You feel the passion flowing in your veins,

You feel the absolute divinity of love

The kiss ends, but the ecstasy remains..

Above it all, lies pure and chaste love,

You cannot plan it, you just flow with emotions,

It rebels against all the set notions,

Sets your body fluids into rapid motions..

Governed by the feeling of trust and devotion.

Indeed, the first kiss is a fond remembrance,

Its sweeter than the sweetest sugar,

Lovelier than love itself,

Closer than your soul,

Precious than your breath,

And Livelier than your heartbeat..

If you haven’t experienced the passion in kissing your shadow,

Don’t haste, let the feelings grow,

He/She is the one, if you surely know,

Then set your feelings free, let the first kiss flow..

I drowned in her lips,

Still cant some to grips,

The fact that I finally had my first kiss,

I want to live with her, I am sure of this,

Coz with her, my life wud be more beautiful than my first kiss!

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The Pain in Rain

Drops fall like pearls on the parched earth,

And, they enter as memories in my heart.

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My heart, a thousand daggers thrust into it, pains…


Drops fall on my barren palms,

It feels like she is holding my hand,

The music of those drops,

Feels like her sweet nothings in my ears.

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My soul, burdened by debris of time, pains…


I see innocent children singing and dancing,

I see her innocent face in each of them,

I see her dancing, I hear her singing,

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My love, unrequited and alone, pains…


I see everyone hugging and cuddling,

I feel her in my arms, I feel her embrace,

I smell the air, I feel her scent.

Yes, it is true when it rains,

My emotions, incomplete and buried, pains..


The drops come alive in front of my eyes,

I see her eyes, inviting me to paradise

I see her lips, saying she loves me

I am drenched in the rain, it feels like drenched in her love.

My eyes gleam, I feel her warmth.


Then, the drops ditch me,

Leaving my thirst unquenched,

The memories vanish into thin air,

Like she has vanished from my life.

My heart pains, because there is no rain.


Here is another one of my poems from Ankit’s Blog, I just cudnt resist putting it here. One of my personal favorites, this is an extremely mushy poem. So read at your own risk. Comments are welcomed!


yesterday, when i was crossing the road,
i remembered how i had held ur hands and crossed the road together…
yesterday when i was eating this chocolate,
i remembered how we had that chocolate bite by bite….
yesterday when i was having tea,
i remembered how we had the tea that u made, together…
yesterday when i was watching this movie,
i remembered how u had leaned on my shoulders when we had watched it together….
yesterday when i was buying pastry for my sister,
i remembered how we had the pineapple blossom together…
yesterday when the scorching sun drenched me,
i remebered ur face would have a sweaty shine when we went for long walks…
yesterday when the AC chilled me,
i remembered how u had hugged me chilled by the AC…..
yesterday when i was listening to this song,
i remembered how u we had gifted each other that same audio cassette…
yesterday when my mother consoled my crying sister,
i remembered how i had wiped ur tears after making u cry…
yesterday when i heard this dedication on the radio,
i remembered how i had sung that song for you in front of everyone…
yesterday when i went to the barber shop,
i remembered how i had cut a strand of ur lovely locks to keep as a souvenir…
yesterday when i saw my sister talking to her bf late at night,
i remembered how we had spent 89 sleepless nights talking….
yesterday when i was having Cold Coffee with Ice Cream,
i remembered how we had shared it from the same straw…
yesterday when i saw my cousin’s marriage photos,
i remembered we had decided to get married in the church…
yesterday when i saw my parents’ honeymoon photographs,
i remembered we had decided to go to this lovely(its a secret!) place for our honeymoon…
yesterday when i heard my aunty gave birth to a son,
i remembered we had even decided the names of our son and daughter…
yesterday when my best friend broke up with his love,
i remembered how u left me in the lurch all of a sudden…………
yesterday when i was reading your sms…
i realised i now loved you more than ever….

Whatever happens with me today,

reminds me of the time i spent with you

Though we are no longer together,

those days just seem like Yesterday…


Love or Family?

January 27, 2006 (an old blog entry, but still relevant!)
After watching RDB the other day, the next day passed thinking about it, and reading all reviews! I was supposed to start preparing for the exam I have on 1st Feb, but havent started it till this moment! The lazy holiday mood is hard to overcome…

Coming to the main topic today. The basic question or rather, fear, for most of us Indians while “rising” in love is whether our family would accept it or not! What one fails to understand is: Why do the families oppose love, by threatening to harm themselves? Do they think we cant choose the right one for ourselves? Why cant they at least judge the one we love? Are they bothered more about their position in society or their offspring’s happiness? Maybe we would better understand their position when we become parents.

Living here in UAE, I cant help but laugh at the incident that happened with someone I know. A 21 year old girl was forced to agree to marry, not any particular guy, but just to agree to marriage, by threatening parents trying to harm themselves. The poor guy whom I happen to know is helpless!

The most baffling part in the entire episode is the girl losing her senses, and telling the guy she does not love him anymore! Its understandable though, when you consider her parents threatened to kill themselves. How foolish! What about their other children? The question here is that would they really kill themselves, if he/she wont listen to them, forgetting about their other children? Will they end their life without thinking about those who still need them? Or will they kill everyone in the family? Its getting serious here!

I better leave it here… as i dont want to offend anyone.

I just pray that true love somehow finds it way, and if not, then I will keep blogging about it! 😦