First Kiss

There are myriad expressions of love,

But it’s the first kiss that has the innocence of a dove.

Yet, kiss is the most passionate manifestation of those feelings,

It is so soft, so subtle, yet leaves you trembling..

The shivering of the face, the quivering of the lips,

The meeting of the eyes, the blushing of the cheek,

The closeness of two souls, the knees going weak..

And finally when you kiss,

You feel the ultimate bliss..

When those petals touch each other,

This world around us ceases to bother,

When the taste buds feel the delicacy of love,

They want to feel the ecstasy forever..

The bodies become one,

The souls touch one another,

The warmth spreads wide,

There’s a rush of blood inside..

The hands seem to lose direction,

They too want to be a part of the action,

That’s when they find the softest section,

Albeit somewhat coyly, they break the restriction..

The heaven seems to last forever,

Alas, it has to end sooner than later,

But the feeling still is now or never,

Of course, next time is always better!

Yet you feel complete for the moment,

You feel the passion flowing in your veins,

You feel the absolute divinity of love

The kiss ends, but the ecstasy remains..

Above it all, lies pure and chaste love,

You cannot plan it, you just flow with emotions,

It rebels against all the set notions,

Sets your body fluids into rapid motions..

Governed by the feeling of trust and devotion.

Indeed, the first kiss is a fond remembrance,

Its sweeter than the sweetest sugar,

Lovelier than love itself,

Closer than your soul,

Precious than your breath,

And Livelier than your heartbeat..

If you haven’t experienced the passion in kissing your shadow,

Don’t haste, let the feelings grow,

He/She is the one, if you surely know,

Then set your feelings free, let the first kiss flow..

I drowned in her lips,

Still cant some to grips,

The fact that I finally had my first kiss,

I want to live with her, I am sure of this,

Coz with her, my life wud be more beautiful than my first kiss!

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Year End Round-up 2 – Top 10 Bollywood Music Albums

1. Rang De Basanti – From the rocking Pathshala to the euphoric Title track, to the haunting Tu Bin Bataye, to the raunchy Khalbali, this album weaves the magic of AR Rehman yet again. But the real gem is Lukka Chhupi, the melcancholic touching poetry about mother-son relationship. Lata Mangeshkar and Rehman at their best! The best score hands down!

2. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna – Most of you hate this movie, and hence the music too, but this is a complete score, with the soulful title track, to the discoish Wheres the Party Tonight, to BIG B’s rocking Rock n Roll Soniye. Again the hidden underrated gem is Tumhi Dekho Naa, a song which owns you more and more with every hearing. SEL at their best in this song, and Alka Yagnik deserves nominations (if not awards) for the amazing rendition fo this beautiful number.

3. Omkara – Nothing was expected from this album, and it is completely different from other Film Music. But nonetheless, it works big time! The raunchy Bipasha items numbers, Beedi and Namak are a rage, and pretty addictive. The haunting O Saaathi Re is a lyrical and musical jewel. But the title track takes the cake. Sukhwinder Singh sings with authority and passion, with the perfect rustic accent, and great command. The chanting of “Omkara, He Omkara” remains with you forever onece you have heard it.

4. Woh Lamhe – If you want soulful, painful, melodious, emotional, and a song for your first/Nth date, this is the album. It has the entire gamut of emotions one goes through when he loves someone. Happiness, sorrow, ecstacy, pain, dissapointment, solitude, theres everything here. The best of the lot has to be Jawad Ahmed’s Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena, posted here . Pritam rehashes KYa Mujhe Pyar hai perfectly from soem Indonesian tune, James rocks with passion and love in Chale Chale (listen here ), Glen John explores solitude and sorrow perfectly in Tu Jo Nahin Hai.

5. Ankahee – One of the rare albums which flopped despite every song being a gem. I was hard pressed to put it right at the top, but then decided otherwise! Actually nowadays, its promotion only which decides on the saleability of the album! Anyways who cares for soulful, emotional songs. But I just loved this album. Each and every song had a feeling, a raw emotion, and it touched myriad chords in your heart. Try this different and refreshing Tumse Yoon Milenge here . Ek Pal Ke Liye by KK summed up the way to live in the best possible manner. But the best song, which I heard most this year was Aa Paas Aaa. Here I have posted it below. Hear it and decide!


6. Jaaneman – Anu Malik returned to his best with this one. Humko Maloom Hai in typical Rehman style even surpassed Rehmans style and Gulzar’s innocent lyrics made it an instant classic. Ajnabi Shaher showed Sonu Nigam’s amazing repertiore and brilliance, and Jane Ke Jane Naa was another good Qawwali after Main Hoon Naa’s Tumse Milke. But the best of the lot was Sau Dard Hain. Wont say much about it, makes me emotional all the time! Just hear it!

7. Gangster – Naa Jane Koi was a rage the moment it was aired. And why not, it marked the debut of James, who can croon only after drinking potfuls! But Gangster offered a lot more than that, though Pritam again plagiarised to perfection with Tu hi Meri Shab Hai. Heck, the song still rocks! Abhijeet showed his prowess in Lamha Lamha, and Guitara’s popular Ya Ghali was sung to perfection by Zubin as Ya Ali in the garb of Sufi Rock! Well I dont care for originality as long as it sounds lovely! A must have!

8.Aksar – Himesh Bhai makes a late entry, mainly because there was too much of him in too little time, and only this one stood out as an album! Jhalak Dikhlaja is the second best song of Himesh the singer till date after Aashiq Banaya Aapne. Perfect Sufi Rock! Soniye was a typical love duet in trademark HR style! Lagi Lagi Lagi, another Sufiyana song, was nice timepass, and Janabe Jaaniya was painful for the ears! But overall, a deserved place in my humble opinion.

9. Don – Ok so what if the remixes were not so good, the original tracks, including the title track, Aaj Ki Raat, Moriya, and the theme by Medeival Punditz made sure that this album found a place in the top 10. Talking of the remixes, Yeh Mera Dil was pretty good, and SRK”s rendition in Khaike was a nice change. But it was Shaan’s Main Hoon Don which was addictive. The theme by Medieval Punditz is one of the best techno lounge tracks to have come in recent times!

10. Lage Raho Munnabhai – Pal Pal was lifted from somewhere, Bande Mein Tha Dum wasnt original either, but they were still lovely. Aane Char Aane by Karunya (remember Indian Idol 2 runner up?) inspired your soul, while the title track was fulltoo timepass and brought a smile to your face. Similarly Samjho Ho Hi Gaya, with the conversation between Munna n Circuit was just howlarious and feel good! Nice Album overall!

I dont know why, but I just liked two tracks in Fanaa, so I have not included it in my list. I am sure it will be there in most lists.

Some Good Numbers: Koi Tumsa Nahi from Krissh, Touch Me form Dhoom 2, Tere Bin from Bas Ek Pal, Salam Karne Ki Aarzoo from Umrao Jaan, Kaabul Fiza from Kabul Express, Ahista Ahista from the same movie, Chand Sifarish & Mere Haath Mein from Fanaa.

I did not consider Guru and Salam-e-Ishq since the movies are releasing next year, otherwise they would be in the list too!

Year End Roundup – Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2006

Another year ends, giving way to a new one, with new hopes, new dreams, new resolutions, and a new beginning. I am just doing the 2006 round up of Bollywood, my favorite topic!

1. Lage Raho Munnabhai – I am sure this is the top movie in the lists of all the aficionados. A simple, humble, believable yet heartwarming and meaningful movie. Seldom comes a movie like LRM, which makes us believe in the inherent goodness and nobility of humans, and while doing so, makes us smile and cry aplenty. A timeless and ageless movie, which can be watched with the same fervor and smile always. Munna & Circuit topped with Gandhiji, what more can you ask for??

2. Omkara – You can either love this movie or hate it, you cant be in between. I love it for the sheer intensity and honesty of it. Dark and brooding setting, intensely human characters and jaw-dropping realism. A gritty movie with a lifetime performance from Saif, ably supported by the ever reliable Ajay Devgan. Kareena looked better sans makeup than any of her glamorous roles. Vishal Bharadwaj adapts Othello to perfection to a typical Hindi heartland. This movie ultimately breaks your heart, but registers itself nonetheless strongly.

3. Rang De Basanti – Path breaking concept and novel execution, topped with rocking music and awesome performances, sums up RDB. Flawed at places, at times boring too, but overall gut wrenching and touching at the same time. Damn those bastard politicians, paint it yellow! Masterpiece from Rakesh Mehra. Another feather in Amir’s cap.

4. Krishh – Stand up for the Desi Superhero folks, and who else than Hrithik can do it??? Hrithik found a new fan in me with this movie (and Dhoom 2 just increased it!). Hrithik all the way in this one, intense yet childish, brawny yet mellow, grand yet subtle. First half bores, except for Hrithik’s scenes, 2nd half entertains. Action, dance, emotions, double role, give this guy anything, and he comes out triumphant. Hail Krishh!

5. Vivah – Honest, simple, graceful, soulful, and touching, that’s Vivah for you. Earnest, emotional, natural, and traditional, that’s Vivah for you. Sooraj Barjatya emerges triumphant yet again, after the mishmash Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Simplicity was never so beautiful, traditions were never so identifiable, characters were never so believable!

6. Woh Lamhe – One of the least talked about films of the year, this is one of the most soulful films to grace the big screen in recent times. Starring newcomers Shiny Ahuja & Kangana Ranaut, by a new director Mohit Suri, this movie based on the life of actress Parveen Babi and her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt, gives you goose bumps all the time. Music is just amazing, and performances are amongst the best of 2006. You feel like you are part of the movie, and the movie succeeds there.

7. Don – This will be surprising to many, but heck, I loved this one (maybe becoz I am a diehard SRK fan). Nothing comparable to the BIG B, but swashbuckling nonetheless. Master twist, great performance from SRK and funky music, make Don an entertainer from start to finish. Takes time to build up and engulf you, but once you are in, Don se bachna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!

8. Golmaal – Arshad Warsi, Ajay Devgan, Sharman Joshi, and Tushar Kapoor, and just one babe Rimi Sen. Add Paresh Rawal, and serve up hot, and you have a fresh laughathon about 4 male friends looking to make ends meet and trying to con an elderly couple. Rollicking and original fresh comedy, with some nice spoofs of famous movies (like Black) and spiffy music thrown in, this movie makes you laugh everytime you see it. A great stressbuster by director Rohit Shetty.

9. Gangster – Boring at times, and extremely emotional at places, ultimately this movie hits you hard. Love story of a Gangster, who transforms in love, story of an innocent girl deceived in love who ends up killing her love and herself. Slow, but haunting, that sums up Gangster. Music uplifts the film to a great extent. Performances again stand out, with the Woh Lamhe couple and Emran Hashmi taking all the honors.

10. Bhagam Bhaag – Saw this movie yesterday, and was laughing for 80% of the movie! Great laughathon from the master of comedies Priyadarshan himself. Starring Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Paresh Rawal, Lara Dutta, Rajpal Yadav and other Priyan usuals, this movie is a mindless laugh riot with some suspense thrown in. Akshay Rocks, while Govinda should really lose weight now!! Paresh Rawal is wasted kinda, and the ending is awesome! Must watch!

Just Missed It – These movies just missed my list. KANK (for lack of any soul stirring emotions, but great performances and music), DHOOM 2 (For Hrithik, Uday and Aish I mention this movie, nothing else here), KABUL EXPRESS (Amazing Afghanistan, honest portrayal, but a tad slow, just loved Arshad and the Paki guy here), ANKAHEE (amazing music, sincere and real emotions, needed better actors), JANEMAN (Salman n Akshay n Preeti rock, music rocks, but somewhere misses the bus), FANAA (highly formulaic, but KAJOL rocks, and so does the music and the 2nd half)

Please fee free to comment/post your list too, my music list will follow soon! Also in line are the disappointments of the year, and my awards.

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena (With Lyrics)

This is the song which I breathe as of now. It really soothes me. Sung by Jawad Ahmad, from the movie Woh Lamhe, from which I posted one more song here. I present the Hindi/English lyrics here. Enjoy!


Hoonhhhh… *Sweet Humming*

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena (What is life without you)

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Meri Dil Ki Rani Tum (You are the Queen of my heart)

Meri Khushiyon ka Mausam (You are the season of happiness for me)

Mere Khwabon Ki Taabeer (You are my hopes personified)

Mere Sapno Ki Tasveer (The Reality of my dreams)

Bin Tere Kaisi Aar (There is no excuse/barrier if you are not there..)

Woh Jeet Ho Ya Haar (…Whether its win or loss)

Tere Sang Hai Sab Kuchh, Tu Naa Ho To Bekaar (Life is complete with you, it is meaningless without you)

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Sooni Khali Raatein (Lonely Empty Nights)

Rookhi Feeki Baatein (Worthless, Soulless words)

Har Aahat Pe Chonkoon (I get startled at slightest sound)

Tujhko Harsu Dekhoon (I see you everywhere all the time)

Tujhko Hardam Sochoon, Tujhko Har Pal Chahoon (Thinking and loving you every moment)

Tere Bin to Jeevan Mera Hai Intezaar (Life in an eternal wait without you)

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena…

Tere Saath Jiye Jo Pal, Kuchh Unse Nahi Badhkar (I spent the best moments of my life with you)

Tere Khatir Saans Main Loon, Teri Khatir Jeeta Hoon (I breathe and live for you only)

Marne Ki Tamanna Bhi, Tere Saath Main Rakhta Hoon (I want to die in your arms)

Tu Hai Jeene Ki Wajah Kar Mera Aitbaar (You are the sole purpose of my existence, believe me love)

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena.. continues.

The other side of DOWRY


This is an interesting piece of news I read about cranky wives using the law to their advantage in order to extort their poor husbands. For the first time, I realised there is another side to this whole Dowry related shit that goes on in India. It is not always the male side, the females now are getting all powered up and intelligent to make money and abuse the law which was formulated to protect them. Instead, we have rising cases of poor husbands lying unprotected at the mercy of their stupid wives. The %ge might be low, but this misuse is unexpected and alarming.

Here is the piece from


Indian husbands become victims of dowry law abuse
12 December 2006

NEW DELHI – Indian husbands are becoming victims of an anti-dowry law which is being misused by their wives to extort money, a group representing men who have been accused of dowry abuse said on Tuesday.

Dowries — often jewellery, expensive clothing, motorcars and money — are given in India by the bride’s family to the groom and his parents, traditionally to ensure the bride will be comfortable in her new home.

The custom, outlawed more than four decades ago but still widely practiced, is often exploited with the groom’s family demanding more money in return for not abusing the bride.

But members of — a group representing thousands of men and their families named — claim there are growing numbers of false cases being registered under the anti-dowry law or Section 498a of the Indian Penal Code that seeks to protect women.

“There are thousands of men and their families who are victims of the abuse of this law, who are locked up in jail and undergo severe mental, emotional and financial and social trauma as a result,” Anupama Singh, a member of, named after the dowry law told Reuters.

Singh said the main reason for registering false cases was to extort money, or gain custody of children during divorce.

The number of false cases against husbands was growing by 20 percent every year as “unscrupulous women are realising there is a money to be made by the divorce industry,” he said.

According to statistics obtained from the ministry of home affairs, 18 percent of the 58,319 cases of dowry abuse registered in 2005 were dropped due to frivolous grounds.

But women’s rights activists say there is no clear statistics to prove that law which came into force in 1983 is being intentionally abused.

“489a is one of the most important tools in the hands of Indian women who have suffered abuse,” said Yogesh Mehta, legal officer for the National Commission for Women.

“The Commission is of the view that so far we don’t have clear statistics that the law is being intentionally misused.”

Police say the most common form of domestic violence is dowry-related and that there one case of cruelty committed by the husband or his relatives every nine minutes in the country.


But says the anti-dowry law, as well as a new domestic violence act which came into force in October is biased in favour of women as no evidence is required by the wife to prove that she has been harassed or abused.

“Under the law, the accused can be arrested and jailed without warrant or investigation, the complaint cannot be withdrawn by the petitioner and it is non-bailable,” said J.K. Grover, a member of

“It’s ridiculous. We don’t want to scrap the laws, we just want to ensure that it is fair and balanced. The government needs to plug all the loop holes in both the laws.”

Are you in love??

I wrote this poem 5 eyars ago, and when I read it yesterday, it felt childish, impractical, yet innocent. So I asked my sister to type it out (at that time I had no PC, and I had written it on a paper!). Here it is folks, enjoy!! Comments are welcome. BTW, this is the first shit I ever wrote in my life!

Are you in love?

You know you are in love

When u cant sleep at night

You know you are in love

When she insults you and u don’t put up a fight

You know you are in love

When she comes in every dream

You know you are in love

When, on seeing her, your eyes gleam

You know you are in love

When u start dreaming while awake

You know you are in love

When u only give her and never take

You know you are in love

When you miss her if she’s not there

You know you are in love

When she is present and u only stare

You know you are in love

When u feel a lot of changes in u

You know you are in love

When, for every matter, u have a different view

You know you are in love

When u feel very responsible

You know you are in love

When suddenly people say that u have become sensible

You know you are in love

When u keep talking about her

You know you are in love

When your friends call you a mad lover

You know you are in love

When you avoid her in front of others

You know you are in love

When u suddenly start befriending her brothers

You know you are in love

When u never feel alone

You know you are in love

When u think of her as a part of ur own

You know you are in love

When, for her u start fearing

You know you are in love

When u love every dress that she is wearing

You know you are in love

When u are afraid to lose her

You know you are in love

When each and every time you choose her

You know you are in love

When, without her u feel incomplete

You know you are in love

When, as soon as she is around u, u feel complete

You know you are in love

When u overlook her faults

You know you are in love

When, u find sweetness even in the salts

You know you are in love

When u feel that u owe something to someone

You know you are in love

When seeing her u realize that she is the one

You know you are in love

When u feel u can’t do anything wrong

You know you are in love

When even the shortest distance appears to be long

You know you are in love

When all of a sudden u start respecting god

You know you are in love

When, for every action of hers, u only applaud

You know you are in love

If you have read till now

You know you are in love

If on reading this u exclaim wow

You know you are in love

For sure, if you also start writing like this

And while writing this, u think that on reading this she will give you a kiss

Babul – Movie Review Mini

In a nutshell, Babul is just what you’d expect it to be, a syrupy family flick, with dollops of emotions, melodrama, nice locales, melodious songs, and great performances. Maybe that’s why I wont watch it again, because it did not surprise me!

That does not mean I did not enjoy the movie. I did enjoy it a lot, but there are myriad reasons for that enjoyment (Secrets!). So Babul basically tells us the story of a widow, and about her return to normality, acceptance by society, through her remarriage. It addresses some worthy issues commendably, but misses out on some too. More on that later.

The first half is a breeze, with nice feel good scenes and some good comedy by Rajpal Yadav. It concentrates on the love story between Salman and Rani, while balancing it with the family bonds between Salman, Big B and Hemaji. John Abraham is just about there in the first half. There are songs galore, which flow smoothly with the movie, but not the types that you would want to go and listen at home.

The second half is complete tear jerker, with Salman’s accident at the interval, and the consequences thereafter. There are some really touching scenes, which resonate with your raw emotional chords, but they are in bits and pieces. There are some moments which just seem forced. The climax song by John Abraham is awesome, and so is the title track sung naturally by Big B himself which plays in the background.

The editing is the worst culprit in the movie, it seems the movie had become too big, and so there are some highly unbelievable transitions between scenes, and a few seem incomplete. The music, as I said, is pleasant, but there are just a couple of songs which stay with you. Cinematography is usual, background score is effective.

Salman is endearing while he is there, but a college return is too much to digest! Rani is good, but nothing different from her other movies. There are two scenes though which really show her prowess. Hema Malini is a treat to watch. She looks good, speaks eloquently, and acts effortlessly. The real performance, yet again, comes from Big B. He is just amazing! He carries the movie in the second half almost alone! Special mention must be made of John Abraham, I just loved him in the movie. His expressions at his childhood love Rani choosing someone else, and at her marriage, are just so real, and so painful, it just broke my heart! It is better than being a smiling sacrificer, this portrayal is more real.

Now coming to the issues I had with the issues discussed in the movie. The director Ravi Chopra shows that Rani remarries not because she loves John, but because Big B shows her the way. This is understandable, since it is hard to love someone after being with your love for so long. But, surely there could be some reasons for a woman herself to feel like remarrying, other than the kid getting a father! I mean, being practical and progressive, physical needs, emotional support, friendship, companionship, there are myriad reasons why a woman can wish to wed again! This movie misses those reasons. But then again, that wasn’t expected! So, all in all, money well spent, and movie well enjoyed, for reasons not limited to the merits of the movie!