Vivah – Movie Review

Vivah. The name itself says it all. In today’s age of using English titles and titles like Shaadi no. 1, Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, there is a film with the title Vivah, which is as chaste as you can get. The name symbolizes a chaste Indian film, but does it work? That’s a question you will have to answer yourself after reading this humble piece.

There are two ways you can look at Vivah. The first is the obvious cynical way, wherein this movie would be like a pseudo-real Indian traditions movie with no negative characters, and everyone as good as you can get (rather, such good people don’t exist today). The second way would be two look at it from the inherent goodness present in us, which makes us feel the world can be so simple yet so good, a feeling similar to Lage Raho Munnabhai. I chose the second view.

Welcome back Soorajji! Vivah should have been made instead of the “trendy” MPKDH. But then, I guess MPKDH works to Vivah’s advantage by lowering our expectations from the film. Let me make it clear, this movie is not a patch on MPK or HAHK, two of Soorajji’s classics. But then, that’s why the two previous ones are classics in the first place, you just cant have such movies again!

The story is simple. Two Indian families, one based in Delhi (rich, but very humble and down to earth), and the second based in Madhupur (not so rich, but honest and good); boy (Shahid Kapoor) from the rich family, girl (Amrita Rao) from Madhupur; their marriage is fixed in the arranged marriage way, where a third person known to both families gets the ball rolling; boy first sees the picture of the girl, then meets and “sees” the girl, they talk for a while, and after those 10-15 minutes, they decide whether they can be life partners or not. As unbelievable as it may sound to some, this is very true for most Indian middle class families. The marriage date is then fixed after 6 months (in this case) and Vivah shows the development of a relation within those 6 months, right till the Suhaagraat! It also tells the tale of acceptance of a child by her mother. And how beautifully it does so!

The first half is a breeze, and you don’t realize that interval is just round the corner. Sugar coated scenes and dialogues, extremely honest and simple characters, and very nice songs. There is a constant smile on your face throughout the first half, with occasional bursts of laughter. None of it seems forced, it all flows smoothly. There is the engagement scene, the family holiday, nice songs, good locales, but all presented in a simplistic and believable manner. Nothing is over the top, the treatment is most realistic. The only complain is such characters are hard to find in today’s times. But then again, this is acceptable, since we all desire, in some corner of our heart, to be perfectly good, to have such a great family.

The first 20-30 minutes of the second half looks a bit contrived, but from there on the movie really catches you by surprise. The real “twist” in the smooth story starts during the last 40 minutes or so, and from there on its an emotional ride. I wont divulge any plot details so that you enjoy the movie completely.

There are just about 10 main characters in the movie, which helps the flow of the movie. There is not a single negative character, though one of them shows some human traits of jealousy and insecurity. There are no pets aka Tuffy or Parrots or whatever, and there are no extended family members and friends.

Coming on to the performances, Amrita does very well as the simple and shy Indian girl from a small town. Her expressions, her getup, her nuances, her dialogue delivery are just perfect. The only grudge is she looks too thin in the movie. A little weight would have made her more authentic. Shahid as the city bred traditional family guy is awesome. This is indeed his best performance so far. His eyes speak more than his words, which is to his credit, and an achievement for Soorajji’s. Shahid is sure to be nominated this year in the awards. Aloknath as Amirta’s uncle-cum-father is like he usually is in all Rajshri movies. Another nice endearing portrayal from him! Anupam Kher as Shahid’s father does well too, as a rich business man who is humble to the core. Samir Soni as the elder brother of Shahid does not have much to do, but his newspaper antiques are genuinely funny! Shahid’s bhabhi’s part is well enacted by the actress (sorry for not knowing her name!). Seema Biswaas as the insecure chachi of Amrita is the only not so good character in the movie, and she does complete justice to the role. Shahid’s nephew, the small kid, looks cute and delivers some funny lines very well. Manoj Joshi does well as the jeweler who brings together the two families for the Rishta. Amrita’s sister is good too.

The real winner is Sooraj Barjatya, who writes a simple story and then portrays it in the most honest way. Dialogues by Aash Karan Atal are very real and good natured, and they propel the movie in a big way. Cinematography could have been better, comparing it with the current trend, but then again, it suits the movie overall. Music surprises you when you watch the movie, because it is so well integrated with the movie! The songs are pleasing to the ears, and Mujhe Haq Hai stands out. The tunes are melodious and Indian, and work with the movie on the whole. At 2.45 hours, the movie just about manages to be not long. I don’t believe editing could have been crisper. Costumes too, are straight out of real life, and suit the characters. Credit must be given to Soorajji for choosing his locations. The locations are seeped in Indian traditions.

Honesty, sincerity, trust, sacrifice, jealousy and insecurity are portrayed in true traditional manner by Soorajji. There are trademark one liners: “Main tumse shaadi ke mauke par ek tohfa mangtaa hoon. Mujhe apna dard de do!” Simple yet amazing. This is where the movie succeeds. It connects with your heart, your inherent but buried nobility. It reinforces your belief in all the morals and values you have grown upon, without being preachy. It makes you trust the human nature in general, without being dramatic. Soorajji reinstates our faith in him with Vivah. The Rajshri house can proudly claim Vivah as their comeback.

Overall, Vivah is a perfect family film, which makes you feel good about yourself, about people around you, and about the world in general. It is not a classic, but it is close. There are some flaws, but you can overlook them easily for the noble purpose of the film overall. Above all, it makes you believe in an arranged Vivaah yet again!


48 thoughts on “Vivah – Movie Review

  1. Naresh Sharma says:

    dude are u paid by sum1 to write this kinda mind numbingly seneless ,sucking upto a whole bunch of things in ur review.

  2. devesh21 says:

    personal opinions buddy!

  3. rhonda says:

    well the movie sounds good
    all about family ,i think it shows love in a pure way unlike other movies , which only have sex
    people need to watch movies where youngers respect their elders
    overall i think its better to just watch the movie rather than giving opinions about them
    i think vivah is a great movie with a story unlike others like apna sapna money money anyway who made that dumb movie

  4. shweta says:

    vivah was a very good movie

  5. lemon says:

    a perfect family movie to watch

  6. Mamoon says:

    after a very long time…true reflection of sub continent culture and values. More close to reality, not like Kabhe alvida na kehna.

  7. devesh21 says:

    I would like to point out that Rhonda, Lemon and Shweta are/is the same individual, using different names! Funny!
    Ya Mamoon, After a long time, a movie really shows our culture!
    Please dont compare it with KANK, KANK was shit!

  8. khush says:

    Being a British Asian,I must say,I was extremely impressed by Vivah.The last indian movie I went to watch(KANK) left me completely horrified as I was flinching as I anticipated every next scene’s filth…and what was worse was my mother’s reaction,who was sitting right next to me.I hated KANK,it left me feeling terrible about marriage…and completely put off by indian films.But Vivah made my attitude do a complete turnaround.Ok,so it was a bit slow and mushy in places,but overall,the content was CLEAN(Karan Johar and all you other filthy minded directors,take note!),and it was fairly realistic.It also reflected the essence of South Asian culture…respect for elders.I know that we can’t all be the perfect daughter as portrayed by Amrita Rao,but she did end up with a perfect and loving husband.I loved the way the dowry,daughter-as-burden and other controversial yet similar issues were woven into the script.Wonderful movie…and for someone who has seen far too much of British-Asian culture,I must say…Vivah was refreshing!Oh…and I must comment on the review…it is excellent.I must mention that I can see the Shahid-Amrita pairing to be similar to that of Shahrukh-Kajol.I cannot compare SRK to Shahid,he is a legend in his own right,but I can see Shahid going pretty far…and Amrita not too far behind him!Go see Vivah…and make sure u read Devesh21’s review again,because you’ll realise how much of it you actually agree with it!

  9. wasim says:

    it was a great movie. i have seen it twice and recommend all to enjoy this wonderful experience from engagement to marriage,overall superb movie……

  10. Curiosity says:

    Ok who the hell is the editor of this movie. Seriously u could have finished this movie in 1 hour. There is basically no story proceeding except for in the last 25min of the movie. Yes it’s a sweet and sad story, but it seems so old fashioned. Even on screen it seems as if this movie was made 15 years ago and is releasing now.

    From the beginning to the 20 min past intermission all we see is a boy and a girl expressing their shy love. They waste 2 hours only explaining to the audience that the step mother hates the sweet charming girl. And we’re suppose to sympathize with the girl poonam and of course we will. but its just overly boring for us to sit there and only see the girl boy love and the mean step mother for over 2 hours. I am not kidding!!! When the accident happens (I wont tell u what kind of accident) only after that u see a high point in the story, and finally u have some story going on. Yes it’s all sweet when everything goes happily ever after. But seriously this movie will examination your patience like no other movie ever before!!! Just
    watch the first 30min and the last 30min.. u’ll know the entire story. U wont miss a thing. (Trust me) its should have been only 1 hour movie lol..

    Moving on just like to say that all the actors have does a good job. But Amrita talks sooo slow and in the same low tone for the entire film that whenever she talks u feel sleepy!!! Its sooo tedious that I felt like telling her to shut-up. But I guess its not her fault but the directors. but it just gets too annoying.

    Overall the story is too dragged. But it is a good movie to watch with family. But defiantly wait for the dvd to watch it at home when u got nothing better to do but put a movie on. In the theater u feel like ur wasting ur time and money.

    This movie only has life of 2 weeks after that DHOOM2 will sweep it out!

  11. jinesh says:

    vivah is really very good indian film. u must watch it wid your family bcoz it gives u a deep sence of relation & tradition of our DESH

  12. devesh21 says:

    Curiosity, this movie will last for more than 2 months, mark my words. In fact, they have increased the prints now!

  13. khush says:

    seriously?that’s really good!i have to say tho,it might not last too long in the cinemas,mainly because the film is available on for $9.99,so people will just buy it off the net instead of making the effort to go to the cinema to check it out…
    I still think it’s worth making the effort though.At least the girls kept their clothes on,which is saying something by the standards of today’s indian films.I always thought indian films were something i could relate to…a reflection of my culture in the Western world.unfortunately,that does not seem to be the case anymore…however Vivah is an anomaly in the mass of films that have been released this year,so I hope it does well.Sooraj Barjatya deserves it.

  14. arun says:

    hey amrita makes u sleepy with low tone voice eh.juss to let u know, thats how a girls voice should be and a good guy will immediately fall in love with that kinda voice..wut u expect her to scream and talk while in an arranged marriage??oh, and i agree that this movie was slow paced and it was simple predictable story but what matters and what counts in the movie are the emotions and the beleives, the roots to indian culture which the director is trying to imply here and make the audiences belief that arranged marriages are pure and beautiful too for people that beleives that was the main point in the movie to portray how can he do all these stuff in 1 hour huh?this movie is amazinggg people..go watch will touch ur heart and it will make u beleive that there is still somethin good left in this world.oh, and this movie is not 4 those people who all they wanna see is naked gurls, and sex and hot chixx dancing around.this movie is for ppl who has a heart

  15. Nishith says:

    dis movie is just super……………


    super songs……….

  16. devesh21 says:

    I would sum this up by saying that some would like the pure display of Indian culture, while some would find it over the top and impractical. Each to his own. At the end of the day, majority ahve liked the film, and it is a HIT

  17. richa says:

    it is a best indian movie according to me

  18. hibo said says:

    hi my name is hibo said please can say something about this film please is that is ok my number is 07932578408 please called me byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  19. Zahra Yusufali says:

    Absoluetly beautiful review of a greatttt movie, you could not have put the words together better!! As i was reading i realized i kept saying
    “sooo true!!” the whole time because it was as if you were writing my thoughts exactly. Excellent Excellent writer. Also this movie was definetly my favorite, it has been so long since we’ve had a movie so simple and yet so sweet. This movie def. goes into my five bollywood films!

  20. Anshuman Bose says:

    Vivah is the most emotional I have ever experienced after KANK(Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna) and Rang De Basanti.
    The pair of Prem(Shahid) and Poonam(Amrita Rao) is excellent especially in the hospital scene where Prem marries Poonam.Krishnakanth(Alok) has done his best role so far of Amrita’s uncle who gives her so much love than his own daughter Rajni/Choti(Amrita Prakash) and should be a film story writer bcoz the way he depicts the story of Poonam’s life is superb.Rama(Seema Biswas) who is playing Poonam’s aunt is fantastic as an aunt who doesn’t likes Poonam due to Poonam’s beauty and her daughter Rajni/Choti’s black face is a good actress and should deserve an award for this role.Bhagatji(Manoj Joshi) who is the matchmaker and the main cause of the marriage of Prem and Poonam has done a much better role than all his roles because here he depicts a mixed up role.
    Sunil(Sameer Soni) is good as Prem’s elder brother who becomes funny while reading business in newspapers in free time.Bhavna(Lataa Saberwal) who plays the role of Prem’s sister-in-law and Sunil’s wife is excellent.Harishchandra(Anupam Kher) is excellent and has done a great job after his role in HAHK,Amrita Prakash is brilliant in her dark face role of Rajni/Choti who is Poonam’s sister and she should deserve the newcomer female role award and RahuL(master Ameya Pandya) has done an average role bcoz he is the best actor in the movie,Mohnish(Dr.Rashid) is fantastic and dashing in a small role.
    All the songs I like especially ‘Mujhe Haq Hai’,’Hamari Shaadi Mein’,’Tere Dware Pe Aayi Baraat’,’Do Anjaane Ajnabi’,’O Jiji’ and ‘Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura Hai’.
    My favourite scenes from the movie:-
    1.The introduction scenes of Prem and Poonam.
    2.The first meeting between Prem and Poonam in isolation deciding about their future.
    3.The family trip of Som Sarovar.
    4.The scene where Prem sees Poonam on the terrace while reaching Som Sarovar by car through binoculars.
    5.The scene where Prem sees Poonam saying goodbye to him by binoculars while returning to Delhi.
    6.The airport scene where Prem says ‘I love u’ to Poonam by phone.
    7.The conversation between Rama and Krishnakanth two days before the marriage.
    8.The scene where Poonam sacrifices her beauty for saving Rajni/Choti’s life during the fire in their home.
    9.The hospital scene of Prem and Poonam together(which is told in the starting).
    10.The marriage scene of Prem and Poonam at the climax and the nuptial night scene.
    I hope Sooraj will make another movie with Shahid and Amrita and based on the topic of marriage.

  21. Devesh says:

    Thats a nice review there Anshuman, thanx for those views!

  22. Hasan says:

    Once in a while, you come upon a movie that defines your values and shows you the true depth of human emotions leaving you drained. Vivah is just that – maybe more. After watching DDLJ, Saajan, and Lamhey, I really thought that Bollywood has reached its pinnacle and will never come up with anything like that – EVER. Boy was I wrong! I went to the store to buy some groceries and decided to pick this movie up along with the new “DON” (just so I can compare The Great AB with ShahRukh – although the decision is already made in my mind). After debating whether I should waste almost 3 hours on a meaningless movie I decided to watch it realizing I had nothing else to do. When I saw the rating of U instead of an A, I was happy that at least it is something where I don’t have to watch scantily clad women with bad acting skills doing nothing but dancing on every opportunity they get and making out with every guy to show that they have more skills in bed than a Hollywood B actress. For the first 5 minutes or so I thought I would again be subjected to meaningless story with bad acting. After all everyone who has seen Shahid Kapor know that he as never gained his fame as an accomplished actor. Boy – was I wrong about this movie. This movie grabbed my interest after the first 5 minutes and would never let it go. It was a great movie with a good storyline about the vanishing traditions of our society. I liked not only that the director was brave enough to make a movie where younger generation might not relate to the concept (of arranged marriage), but also that he did it with a conviction (that it is the right thing to do). I have no idea why some people think that the acting was not good. I felt that the acting was great and even though the music score might not be considered the best ever, it was still very very good. The good thing is this music will grow on people with time like it did with me after the I watched that movie a second time. The other good thing is that thee songs are not pushed into the script as we have all seen in so many movies. These songs actually tell a big part of the story and are certainly a welcome addition. Just like Ajay Devgan went from being a joke to a great actor (after Company), and Salman found his groove after “Hum Aapkey Hain Kaun”; this movie will help Shahid Kappor jump to being of the better actors and entertainers in Bollywood. This is the first movie of his in which I like him and his role. He acted well and adjusted to being the nice good looking young rich kid. Yes you will not find him playing basketball and scoring every point on a dunk like you saw ShahRukh in DDLJ (even though he is shown to be an Indian in England – both countries not big on Basketball by the way), he does come across as very believable as a person who holds true to his values. Amrita Rao, for the first time came across as someone to be remembered. In all her other movies she was competing with big faces which was actually hindering her. No one knew how good of an actress she really is until they watch this movie. Some of the scenes in which she has to cry especially towards the end really shows her knowledge and depth of acting. Although she has been in another movies she is most memorable in this one. I think this movie will and should do wonders for her. Move over Rani – there is finally another girl who if given a decent chance to work with good directors can grab the torch from you. She is beautiful with a great voice and has a face that exudes complete innocence. Oh having almost 0% body fat does not hurt either (yes people I will challenge you find even 0.1% fat on her and unlike so many others like Sonali she can actually act too). I thought I will never be enamored by anyone’s beauty after Madhuri and early Kajol, but she completely changed that. Shahid and Amrita worked very well together and their relationship fitted their characters and they both did an excellent job (although I was waiting for Shahid to turn into a girl like Salman did every time he uttered “Hum aapkey Hain Kaun”). When I finished watching this movie, it left me so emotionally drained that I decided to watch this movie again (right away). Yes right away. I have never ever done that. Not even with DDLJ, but this movie just had something that had to be understood again and again. I will probably watch this movie a third time over the weekend just so I can watch and relive the traditions we all grew up with. I miss those times where families sat down and had fun. When parents had time for their kids and where kids respected what their parents believed in. I know a lot of people think that movie does not portray real life but deep down don’t we all want it to happen. The families, thee tradition, the love and respect. This is what this movie will remind all of us of. I can assure you it is an extremely well made movie which you will enjoy. I am sure some young people will not like this movie but if you are over 28 I doubt that you will be one of them.

  23. sunny says:

    can i just ask a question about the music. I have tried to find out over the net, but have had no luck. I am trying to find out what the title is of the song and who sand it at the nuptial night scene. Can any one help?

  24. arun says:

    this movie is in my top 10 movies of all time..and honestly devdas and hum dil de chuke sanam were my 2 favorite movies but i gotta say vivah has crossed both of them now..its at #1..thats how good the movie go watch it

  25. Hasan says:

    the nuptial night scene song also is there before the “Mujhey haq Hai” song. It is a short background song but I have not been able to get it even at Maybe if you contact them they will be able to tell you. If you do find out let us know too.

  26. Hasan says:

    oh I just foun d out on you can find all songs of vivah including the one you are talking about on the 2nd CD of vivah. You can download songs from their too.

  27. siddharth says:

    where is the som sarovar places

  28. mona says:

    I am sorry, vivah was the worst movie that i have seen in 2006, just as soon as our film industry starts raising hopes with movies like KHosla ka Ghosla, Omkara and the aforementioned LRMB, comes this disaster made by someone who refuses to grow up to the kind of movies ( the “real” kind) made by new directors today. It cannot be compared in anyway to LRMB, LRMB was far far better in the way of a storyline, characters , dialogue and basically everything. I refuse to even contemplate relating to a girl who has resigned to the fact that she was born to be married to someone and thats all she is ever going to do. I am sure small town girls today show a wee bit more ambition , especially since it was shown that she was “oh so talented”. Give me a break. Just because it was made by a director / producer who has seen better days, doesn’t excuse the mere lack of inspiration in contriving a story such as this. This is not how educated indians think anymore, i cannot accept us going back another twenty years , the way this movie takes us there. What the hell is “Mujhe hak hai?” OOOhhh PUHLEASE, who talks like that?? This movie is as far away from reality as anything can ever be, i hope noone makes a movie like that wasting so much money and potentially good actors ( esp seema) on something so moronic.

  29. arun says:

    stop comparing this movie to kank and don and dhoom2..those movies were different..and they arent even close 2 vivah..vivah was absolutely flawless..kank sucked soooo badd and well, don and dhoom 2 were ok but its just 1 of those new era movies..i am tired of seeing these movies..vivah is wayyy better

  30. sunny says:

    thanxs Hasan for your help, I have checkd out but was unable to listen to the 2nd cd. but i found another site from which to listen to it from:-however, was unable to find the song. The second cd appears to be made up of classical instrumental music. I was wondering whether you knew the name of the song. The reason why I want it-is because my firend loved the film and that particular song. Im trying to find the name and singer of it- buy the cd for her as an engagement present.

  31. Hasan says:

    Haan yaar sunny, I am trying to find out that song too. Like your friend I also really like that song but still have not been able to find it. I am thinking of sending an email to the people at If I do hear something I will post it here in the near future. Thanks,

  32. sunny says:

    Thanxs Hasan, yeah i agree with you and my friend, its such a nice song. Thanx again for your help and i hope they reply back to your email

  33. Devender Singh Bisht says:

    i like this movie this is very good movie. after a very long time…true reflection of sub continent culture and values. Amrita Rao acting is supervb. She look georgious, beautiful in this movie. I LOVE YOU AMRITA RAO(AMRI) I am always saw your every film. I like u. I want to friendship with u do u.
    take care
    best wishes for your new release
    your’s only your’s
    Devender Singh Bisht (Dev)

  34. VIKI MEHTA says:



  35. Babur Kaleem says:

    i am weeping after watching this movie.nobody could stop me from weepin except my fiancee.too true looking movie.same like my life movie running.i will watch this on my wedding first night with my beloved wife.AMIN

  36. bhaskar says:

    RANG DE BASANTI IS THE BEST, if u dont like it, ur not an Indian,

    “jo khoon ab na khola woh khoon nahi paani hai”

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  37. Suhana says:

    Hey thanks for the reviews, they really sum up Vivah. It is my favourite film of 2006. I loved Shahid and Amrita in the film. I think they look soooooooooo cute together. I personally feel that them two make a brilliant pair, although they are my second favourite pair beause Sharukh and kajol are my first. Anyway, this film was, or rather is one of the best of Shahid and Amrita. It was great. I have like watched it a million times but just can’t get enough of it! And did you guys know that if you gon on to the Rajshri website, you can download Vivah?

  38. sanam says:

    i thing vivah flim is wonderful movie its feeling its amtional every think is wonderful in this movie fantastics couple and fantastic songs i have no words to say about this movie plz if u like my 1 word than contact me at number 6304766

  39. sanam says:

    i like it very much

  40. Heena says:

    vivah was so emotional movie i could not even have my eyes off my TV.
    good job to Shahid and Amrita Rao and every1 else
    i love you shahid u r the best

  41. taran says:

    vivah is a suprb maovie with a great reflection of indian is a movie with an ultimate climex.One thing more that i liked in this movie is that it don’t have any negative character

  42. choti says:

    i love dont have time to watch movie but now i need to i think

  43. This movie is the best movie of Indian cinema. I watched this movie > 100 times. i never “bore” during watching even i am feeling better.

    This is emosanal movie. all characters are good.

    if u want watch this movie pls brought DVD.

    Thats all

  44. Komla Joshi says:

    Hi Dude.

    This is my best movie. if u did not watched this pls watch it.

    All characters are very good & i cant say anything about this movie.

    All the best

  45. Hi Guys,

    I like all characters of this movie. i dont like any movie but after watching this movie i am feeling well.

    I have seen this movie many times.
    i would like thanks to Directers,Producers & all “VIVAH” team.

    Mujhe hak hai this is my favourate song.


    Have a nice time….

  46. ANSUMAN RAY says:

    tell me where is the place som sarover in the film VIVAH

  47. Farrukh Malik says:

    best movie of all time …………loved it and i can watch it thousand time

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